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Find out everything about EverFX App here. Trading apps have made trading very easy and convenient.

These days, all the trading platforms are coming up with their mobile apps to help the users do trading from any place anywhere with ease.

Here, in this review, we are also going to put some light on the EverFX mobile app and present to you some significant aspects such as its trading features, advantages, setup process, owning process, and much more.

Read the article carefully and measure up to other competitive apps to make an apt decision for investing your funds.

About EverFX App

EverFX is an online trading company owned by Georgios Karoullas, ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd. that has launched its mobile trading app named EverFX signals.

EverFX AppIt is a legitimate trading platform regulated by CySEC, CIMA, and FSA. It was founded in 2016 and is a Cyprus-based company.

Also, it is a user-friendly app that comes with lightweight and advanced trading features adaptable with various devices and offers more than 130 trading instruments of 6 special asset classes.

With the EverFX app, you can trade in more than 1000 currencies, Indices, Stocks, and commodities. The EverFX trading App has a modern look and feels with easy-to-use features.

It is available to download at the app stores of various devices for free of charge.

At the EverFX mobile app, you can get charting and graphical tools to get a detailed market analysis to perform better trading practices and get desired results.

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    EverFX Mobile App – Top Features

    Below is the list of features related to the EverFX mobile trading app:

    OCO Orders 

    OCO Orders refer to canceling one order for the other order. Under this trading feature, the trader can set the pair of restricted orders to instruct the canceling of one order while performing the other.

    Trailing SL/TP

    Trailing SL stands for Trailing Stop Loss that allows the traders to locate an explicit limit of the unstable prices from the current market price to stop the order to ascertain minimum losses.

    Similarly, Trailing TP stands for Trailing Take Profit and under this feature, the trader can set a specific limit to sell out the stock when the price of the stock reaches a particular place to ensure that the expected profits are realized.

    Educational Services

    EverFX is a mobile app that offers an excellent medium of training for both new traders and experts through providing educational materials.

    EverFX provides a whole range of educational material to its traders including learning courses, trading vocabulary, audio-visual tutorials, etc.

    It also offers trend blogs on trading from professionals along with market news and PDFs.

    API Trading

    EverFX mobile app offers API Trading that allows the users to associate the brokerage account to the screening software unwaveringly to show real prices.

    VPS Services

    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

    It is a form of web hosting designed according to the requirements of the investors.

    It is a beneficial trading feature for the investors trading in forex as it provides a virtual computer that functions separately like a real computer and hence provides security and flexibility to the traders.

    Trading From Chart

    With this feature, the traders get the information displayed on their screens about when to enter and exit a position.

    There are different types of trading charts available such as bar charts, market profiles, candlesticks, line charts, etc.

    Offers Hedging

    It is an effective tool that helps traders in using the financial instrument expediently to minimize the risk of unfavorable price movements.

    Trading central

    It is an essential trading feature that the EverFX mobile app provides to its users.

    The Trading Central feature provides the traders a wide range of technical indicators that are usable with the assortment of tradable assets such as indices, Forex, shares, commodities, ETFs, and bonds.

    It is useful for the traders who are determining their intraday trading strategies and decisions.

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    How to Set-up EverFX Trading App?

    EverFX trading platform has come up with a mobile app with user-friendly features and the latest feel and look.

    EverFX App is available for all devices and offers smooth functionality with its adaptable features. it is accessible with devices such as iOS, Android, and Windows PC.

    The users can also access the EverFX platform on a web browser where they can trade with EverFX without having to download the app or software.

    To set up the EverFX trading App, there are few steps involved, such as-

    • The very first step involves downloading the mobile app from the app store of the particular device. For example, for Android devices, you can download the app from the Google play store, and for iOS devices, you can download the app from Apple’s app store. The app is free to download and does not involve any kind of charges to be paid for it.
    • Now set up the app by agreeing to the terms and conditions, and privacy policy of the EverFX broker.
    • Create an account with EverFX to connect with the broker and access the app.
    • The process of account opening may take 1 to 3 working days to approve your account.
    • Once the trading account is approved, the broker will inform you through email and send your confirmation along with the password and log-in credentials.
    • Now, you can log in to the trading account and change the password too, if you want. You are also required to set your account as per your preference to get a personalized trading experience.
    • Choose the mode deposit out of the range of deposit options the EverFX app provides you. After choosing the payment mode, deposit the minimum deposit required along with other charges, if any. Also, choose the investment plans to start executing your trades.

    How to own EverFX Mobile Trading App?

    You can own the EverFX mobile trading app easily by following a few steps.

    To own the EverFX mobile app, you have to sign up for the app to get registered as a member and get your log-in credentials and password to access the trading account, and look around for your activities any time you want. The steps involved are-

    • To log in to the account, click on the Signup button to create a new account.
    • As soon as you click, a form will appear asking you to submit your essential information such as name, address, phone number, email address, age, experience, etc. while submitting it, you may also get drop-down boxes, asking for your preferred trading instruments. Submit the information by clicking on the submit button.
    • After submitting the general information, now you present some of your important documents to the broker, to ensure your financial background and your identity. The documents required to open the account are- Passport, residential proof, PAN card, photographs, identity card, bank statements, etc.
    • After submitting all the information you will get your account opened and owned.

    Advantages of EverFX Mobile App

    EverFX has come up with some of the benefits along with its mobile app to attract clients for performing better trading practices.

    Some of the benefits of the EverFX mobile trading app are-

    • It provides 24×7 customer support with an efficient team of trading experts. It provides multilingual customer support in four different languages such as Arabic, English, Italian, and Spanish.
    • EverFX mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices to help the user choose their preferred device to use the mobile app.
    • It also provides Newsroom and market analysis.
    • EverFX also offers an economic calendar to help the traders keep note of the important trading activity days.
    • The users also get Live chat support for quick assistance and get their queries resolved in a moment.
    • EverFX mobile app provides webinars from time to time to help both the new traders and the professional traders.
    • The EverFX mobile app also allows detailed market analysis through charting and graphical tools.

    EverFX App – Conclusion

    EverFX is a renowned online trading platform that has come up with an advanced mobile app to offer more flexibility and security to its traders.

    There are a lot of trading features that users can use while accessing the app and execute their trade very smoothly and efficiently.

    It also provides multilingual customer support to provide quick assistance to the users as and when required. Customer support is available in four languages including Spanish, Italian, English, and Arabian.

    The EverFX Signal is a lightweight app that can be downloaded on devices within a few moments. Overall it has got 4 stars online.

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    FAQs on EverFX Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the EverFX mobile trading app:

    What is the EverFX mobile app called?

    The EverFX mobile app is called EverFX Signals App.

    It is available at the app stores of Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from these app stores by searching the EverFX Signals app.

    Does EverFX provide an iOS App?

    Yes, EverFX provides an iOS app. You can download the app from Apple’s app store for free.

    Is EverFX App Free to use?

    You can download the app for free. There is no cost involved in downloading the app but to use the app, there are some specific brokerage charges that you may have to pay while accessing the account.

    You can deposit the fund by using the range of money depositing options.

    How to download EverFX App?

    To download the app, visit the app store of the device and search for the EverFX Signals mobile trading app.

    Click on the download button and the app will be installed on your device within a few minutes.

    What features does EverFX App have?

    EverFX offers a variety of trading features including educational services, hedging, trading central, API Trading, VPS service, Trailing SL/TP, OCO orders, Trading from Chart, and many others.

    It also provides multilingual customer support 24×7 in four languages including Arabic, English, Italian, and Spanish.

    Can I trade in Shares via EverFX App?

    No, EverFX does not provide trading in shares.

    Is EverFX Android App good?

    Yes, EverFX has designed a light-weighted and modern look mobile app that is compatible with Android devices along with other devices.

    It has advanced features that are adaptable with android devices and you can download the app for android devices at the Google play store.

    Does EverFX App have EKYC Feature?

    EKYC feature requires the prospective account holder to submit the important documents to the broker to authenticate his/her identity and show his/her financial status.

    EverFX involves the EKYC feature at the time of account opening and demands the necessary documents from the prospective account holder.

    Does EverFX App provide Tips?

    EverFX provides a wide range of advanced features to enhance trading practices.

    It also provides technical analysis, expert advice, and live news feed to the traders to trade on global stocks, commodities, forex, and other tradable assets.

    How to Buy Currencies via EverFX App?

    Buying currencies is very simple at EverFX. Choose the desired currency you want to invest in, enter the number of currency and click on the buy button to execute your trade.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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