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Know everything about Fortrade App here. Mobile trading apps have brought a new culture of trading. Tackling market challenges is now easier than ever before.

You can trade a wide range of assets in a minimal time frame since every essential feature will be within reach of your fingertips.

Such as the Fortrade mobile app – a convenient solution built for mobile traders. The app is powered by ForTrade, one of the leading online trading platforms.

What’s unique about this trading app? Features, benefits, and account set-up; let’s discuss everything about it in this article.

About Fortrade App

Fortrade Mobile App is a fully functional trading platform that comes with vast capabilities.

ForTrade AppFrom seamless user experience to features in a wide range, this mobile trading solution is built to cater to the diverse needs of traders.

The broker gives this mobile app a tag of a one-stop-shop for all aspiring traders willing to invest in the right market via the right trading platform.

The app is best known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface and is SSL trusted. It’s no surprise that you can trust the Fortrade Trading App.

However, the broker itself has been regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

Thus, you can feel pretty confident about your decision to start trading at the Fortrade app.

The app can be accessed on both iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

The overall features and functions of this trading app are focused on serving a brilliant user experience.

Regardless of wherever you are, on which device you are, the app is structured to meet your every trading requirement.

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    Fortrade Mobile App – Top Features

    Here are some significant features of the ForTrade mobile app that you must know before getting started.

    Demo account

    Fortrade Mobile App offers a practice/virtual trading account to its user with virtual currency of $10,000.

    The demo account delivers a real-looking simulation of the real trading world, ensuring you could capture the best practical trading experience.

    User-Friendly Interface

    The overall interface of the mobile app is relatively easy to use and highly informative.

    Specific stock, market, indicators, and buying/selling buttons are within reach.

    You can sign-up for a live or demo account with a few simple clicks.

    Advanced Order Types

    “Take profit” and “Stop-loss” and many other risk-management features are readily available on Trading App.

    The app ensures your losses couldn’t exceed, and profits could be instantly secured at the targeted market price.

    SSL Trusted and Secure

    Fortrade App is SSL trusted, which makes any app a trusted thing for mobile users.

    In addition, the app also utilizes advanced encryption technologies that guarantee the safety of your investment capital.

    Trading Features

    Besides ‘stop loss and take profit,’ the app is loaded with other great trading features ranging from charts, indicators, educational tools, and other great things.

    The broker focuses more on delivering the best user experience through its trading platform, for which an extensive list of trading features are offered.

    Available for All Devices

    You can access Fortrade Mobile Trading App on any device.

    The app can be installed from the google play store and apple app store, respectively.

    You can also use the mobile app on tablets devices.

    Multiple Tradable Instruments

    The mobile trading app offers tradable instruments in an extensive range.

    The app will never run out of options when it comes to finding the best-performing assets.

    You can trade stocks, crypto-currency, indices, and lots of other assets.

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    How to Set up Fortrade Trading App?

    You can set up the Fortrade Mobile App in a few simple steps.

    There’s nothing to worry about complex sign-up and set-up processes since the broker keeps everything effortless to the users.

    First, you need to download the app from the Google play store and Apple app store – it depends upon which device you use for trading.

    Now that you have installed the app on your smartphone, proceed with log-in and the criteria of joining.

    1. Open Fortrade Mobile Trading App and enter the sign-up details.
    2. Select between the demo account and real account (demo account is free and can be accessed without meeting complex documentation criteria).
    3. Proceed with a real account/live trading account if you just want to start trading at the App
    4. Submit documents, including the minimum deposit amount, and here you go!

    Soon, trading features and tradable assets that Fortrade provides for trading would be available on your screen.

    There’s no need to install any additional trading platform because trading facilities can be accessed directly via a mobile app.

    Apart from that, no feature of desktop or web-based trading platforms is left to provide in the mobile app.

    The app has everything a trader needs to keep up with the changing needs of traders, regardless of whether you are a mobile trader or a desktop user.

    How to Use Fortrade Mobile Trading App?

    It hardly takes a few minutes to launch your first trade at Fortrade Mobile App.

    All you need is to pay attention to specific things that every trader must keep in mind before getting started.

    If you want your trading journey at Fortrade Trading App to keep going the way you want, then first explore features, brokerage, and tradable instruments.

    Luckily Fortrade doesn’t charge commission on trade, but in addition, there are some other conditions where you are asked to pay a significant amount as brokerage charges.

    Next, you need to explore the features that the App has, which we have already discussed in this article above.

    Get a brief idea about the features in the mainstream, e.g., charts, indicators, and risk-management tools.

    Once you are done, explore the types of tradable assets that are performing well in the market.

    Ultimately you are ready to launch your first trade at the Fortrade app.

    There’s no need to download a secondary trading platform such as MT4 because the mobile app has all the facilities you receive on a web-based or desktop trading platform.

    Simply enter sign-up details, buy assets, and trade for the desired price.

    Please note, the sign-up details stay the same on all devices and trading platforms offered by the app.

    Advantages of Fortrade Mobile App

    The shift from desktop trading to mobile trading is coming with lots of great benefits.

    The same benefits you receive on joining Fortrade Mobile App are as follows.

    • Intuitive, simple, and easy to user interface
    • 100% secure and SSL encrypted mobile trading app
    • Trade multiple assets through a small screen
    • Get access to a diverse range of trading features
    • The demo account is offered on the mobile app
    • Risk management tools provided
    • Educational sources are also offered
    • No commission on trade
    • The demo account is free and comes with virtual currency
    • Made for both beginners and professionals
    • Easy to download from Google play store and Apple app store

    Fortrade App – Conclusion

    Fortrade Mobile Trading App is undoubtedly one of the best trading solutions built for mobile users.

    You can trade for the desired price, secure profits, and protect yourself from heavy losses.

    Risk management tools and other helpful indicators keep you sorted at each step.

    A demo account has also available within the Fortrade App, which is a great thing. The overall response on this trading app is bent towards positive points.

    There’s nothing to become a matter of hitch except brokerage and charges.

    Even though a broker doesn’t charge commission on trade, being an investor, you must pay attention to the other charges that may impact your profitability.

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    FAQs on Fortrade Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Fortrade mobile trading app:

    What Is Fortrade Mobile App Called?

    Fortrade mobile app is available on google play store and apple app store. All you need is, type “Fortrade” in the search box of the respective app store.

    The app is also available in the category of forex trading app, crypto trading app, stock trading app & more.

    Does Fortrade Provide An Ios App?

    Yes, Fortrade does provide an iOS app that can be installed from the apple app store. The app works on iPad devices.

    In addition, the broker also provides an android app, and if you use an android smartphone, you can download the app from the google play store.

    Is Fortrade App Free To Use?

    You can install the Fortrade app for free. The broker charges no amount for installs.

    However, trade is also exempt from charges.

    But it’s worth noting that the app usage isn’t free entirely.

    At specific points, you are charged on a trade which may even include penalties. The broker asks you to submit the minimum deposit amount initially.

    Altogether, it would be wrong to say that the Fortrade app is free.

    How To Download the Fortrade App?

    You can download the Fortrade app from the google play store (if you are an android user) or apple AppStore (if you are an iPad or iPhone user).

    The app has no charges on installs.

    For the downloads, you only need to visit the respective app store, search for “Fortrade” in the search box, and hit the install button.

    What Features Does Fortrade App Have?

    Fortrade app has trading features in a vast range.

    No feature is absent in this mobile trading app. From indicators, charts, risk management tools, and so on, every essential feature has been provided.

    In addition, the broker even offers educational tools on its trading platform, which is a great thing.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via Fortrade App?

    Yes, one can trade in shares via the app. The broker offers you a list of stocks of some famous companies that you can trade.

    All you have to do is, explore the best-performing stocks, conduct market analysis, set stop loss, and take profit and trade for the desired price.

    Is Fortrade Android App Good?

    Yes, the Fortrade android app works smoothly and delivers a brilliant user experience.

    The interface is easy to use and works flawlessly.

    Every trading tool, features are within reach.

    On fingertips, you can trade for the desired asset at the desired price.

    There’s no need to download any additional trading platform in addition to the Fortrade app to start trading.

    Does Fortrade App Have Ekyc Feature?

    Yes, the Fortrade app asks you to qualify for EKYC.

    You need to submit ID proof, tax-related documents, home address, and bank details to become eligible for a Fortrade live trading account.

    The condition is applicable on both desktop and smartphone devices, no matter if you are using an app or web-based trading platform.

    Does Fortrade App Provide Tips?

    Yes, the Fortrade app shares trading tips with its users in its educational services.

    But it’s worth noting that the broker doesn’t share any trading tips during the live market.

    Your trading expertise will solely decide when to place an order and practice related trading activities.

    How To Buy Currencies Via Fortrade App?

    If you want to buy currencies via the Fortrade app, simply enter the trading account and go into the ‘asset and market’ section.

    Tap on the digital asset or cryptocurrency and start trading.

    Don’t forget that tools, indicators, charts have been provided to conduct market analysis.

    So get your hands on every helpful feature that the app has that turns your crypto-trading into a success.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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