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Find out everything about HotForex Trading Account here.

Trading is always viewed as a well-paid financial practice that, over time, has evolved into a full-time job for many.

However, plunging into the trading world alone doesn’t give you any assurance that you’ll only make money.

A minor mistake, and you are all set to lose more than what you invest! Though, there’s no miracle that keeps the profitability ratio above losses.

But if you are working with a fully responsive trading account, the best results can be expected.

Such as the HotForex Online Trading account, where you are exposed to a wide range of trading features. The broker helps you attract better results from its well-built trading account.

Though you can’t avoid losses still, the features you get inside the trading account by HotForex can limit them for sure. So, in this review, we will talk about the HotForex trading account.

We will discuss everything on the trading account by HotForex so that you can trace the right broker to start trading with.

HotForex Trading Account and Benefits

HotForex trading account, alongside its good range of tradable assets, helps you reserve sky-high profits on the go.

HotForex Trading AccountThe trading account provided by the broker assists you a lot on every trading subject. This also helps the broker in becoming a global player.

From Europe to far-fetched nations in Asia, the broker reserves a reputed spot for itself in the industry.

Thanks to the well-built trading account with enhanced Meta trader offering that provides the best user experience.

Unlike other trading platforms, the broker offers you multiple trading accounts which streamline your trading tasks.

There’s no need to get your mind confused by so many options. All you need to do is ascertain your trading abilities, come up with the right choice and give your trading plans a kick start.

The broker has top-tier regulators – CySEC, DFSA, FCA, FSA(SC), FSCA – on its back. This ensures your trading account is free of threats.

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    HotForex Trading Account Charges

    Trading Account Charges
    Account Type Micro Premium Zero Spread Auto PMM Hfcopy
    Initial Deposit $5 $100 $200 $200 $250 $500
    Spread From 1 pips From 1 pips Starts From 0 pips From 1 pips From 1 pips Starts From 1 pips
    Commission Not Charged Not Charged Free Free Yes Yes
    Leverage 1:1000 1:500 1:500 its 1:500 1:300 1:400

    Before we dive into the depth of the HotForex Trading account, let’s first unwrap the charges involved with trading at the HF trading account.

    Since HotForex brokers offer multiple trading accounts, charges can vary from one to another. The broker sets different charges for different traders.

    But there’s a good thing for newbies with a short budget. The broker enables you to access your personal trading account free of cost.

    To simply put, few accounts are exempt from charges. But it’s worth noting that submitting an initial deposit amount is mandatory in every trading account.

    As you go for a higher Account, costs and further expenses begin to mount up.

    Moreover, the broker does offer a demo account that is free to use. There’s no need to submit documents or minimal deposit to use a demo account.

    If you want to capture the real experience of a trading account without spending a penny, use a demo account. It’s worth launching your first trade on demo accounts in addition to the real one.

    Types of HotForex Trading Account

    Types of Trading Account
    Trading Desk Type DMA, ECN, STP
    Min Deposit $5
    Maximum Leverage 1;1000
    Mini Account Yes
    Premium Account Yes
    Islamic Account Yes
    Segregated Account Yes
    Managed Account Yes
    Institutional Account Yes
    Suitable for beginners Yes
    Suitable for professionals Yes
    Suitable for scalping Yes
    Suitable for daily trading Yes
    Suitable for Weekly trading Yes
    Suitable for swing trading Yes

    As we discussed above, the broker runs multiple trading accounts, which often confuses users. But thanks to the broker, which makes everything relatively easier.

    You don’t struggle that much to trace the best HotForex Online Trading Account that can better cater to your trading needs.

    Simply visit HotForex’s official website and click on the ACCOUNT button.

    On this page, you can find a total of six trading accounts to choose from. To put it simply put, you see Micro accounts, Premium accounts, Zero Spread accounts, Auto, PAMM, and HFCOPY accounts.

    Leverage spreads and minimum deposit amount varies in every trading account.

    In a nutshell, leverage offering starts from 1:300 and goes up to 1:1000.

    Similarly, the minimum deposit amount starts from $5 and goes up to $500, which depends upon which account you choose.

    The broker makes it easier for you with its comparison table that you can tick-mark to trace the difference between two trading accounts on the Hot Forex trading platform.

    HotForex Account Opening and Trading Process

    Opening a trading account is one of the most intricate things to do if you are a novice.

    Usually, newbies make some silly mistakes when opening an account which restricts them from commencing a trade.

    In most instances, you might be able to use a trading platform, but the broker prohibits you from using trading services.

    Therefore, it’s worth paying close attention to the details that we share below to open a HotForex Trading account on the first try.

    1. As usual, begin with your G-mail account. Enter your email id and password or sign-up with a Google account.
    2. Verify your account from the message in your inbox sent by HotForex.
    3. Now, submit your Personal Details, e.g., your name, address, etc.
    4. Submit an original photocopy of your documents (Note: Make sure the details you enter manually and details mentioned inside your documents should be matched, else the account can be rejected or may take a prolonged time for approval.)
    5. Once your account is verified, download MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 on your Mac or Window devices, respectively.
    6. After this, you select between the types of trading accounts you wish to use (as discussed above.)

    Submit the initial deposit amount and fund your account further to start trading. But before you launch your first trade, explore what’s inside your basket.

    Your trading account is equipped with lots of features that we will discuss below.

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    HotForex Trading Account – Features

    Trading Features
    Educational Services Yes
    Social Trading / Copy Trading Yes
    Trading Signals Yes
    Email Alerts Yes
    Guaranteed Stop Loss Yes
    Guaranteed Limit Orders Yes
    Guaranteed Fills / Liquidity Yes
    OCO Orders Yes
    Trailing SP/TP Yes
    Automated Trading Yes
    API Trading Yes
    VPS Services Yes
    Trading From Chart Yes
    Interest On Margin Yes
    Offers Hedging Yes
    Offers Promotions Yes
    One-Click Trading Yes
    Expert Advisors Yes
    Other Trading Features No

    Beyond question, the HotForex Online Trading platform is loaded with tons of great tools and features that help you multiply profits on the go.

    In light of this fact, below, we outline them in detail to get an idea about HF trading account helpfulness. So let’s have a look-

    Educational Services

    If you want to get the most out of your trading, grabbing education is the decisive move in which HF trading account supports you.

    In the educational section, the broker serves a variety of helpful tips, tricks, and helpful guides that spark excellence in your trading ability.

    Copy Trading

    The Copy-trading feature is a highly useful thing to the new traders.

    If you have no past experience in trading, copy other traders’ positions, explore their strategies and achieve your target.

    Risk-Management Tools

    Stop-loss and Take Profit helps you make a safe move on the trading routes.

    When the market price soars, you can hit your target and exit the market before the price drops.

    If you make a wrong move and struggle to secure your investment, don’t worry; put stop-loss and exit the market at minimum loss.


    The broker even offers you promotion features that help you in generating more from your trading account.


    You get charts and indicators inside the trading account, which helps you create a precise pattern about the market.

    You can forecast prices and market trends and get the most out of your intraday trading.

    Automated Trading

    With the support of limit orders and other valuable features, you can take your trading on automation.

    There’s no need to monitor your portfolio.

    Simply use automated trading features given inside the trading account and let the broker handle everything for you.

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    HotForex Trading Account – Conclusion

    In the end, it is no longer that difficult to understand that a HotForex Trading account is made to win hearts.

    With some genuinely brilliant features and helpful tools, you will be able to make your trading relatively more gainful at HotForex.

    Moreover, the broker serves multiple trading accounts on its trading platform. So that beginners, experts, and middle-level traders can access the right trading environment.

    The broker offers attractive leverage and spread. You also get both Meta trader four and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms, which further benefit the traders.

    No surprise, an HF trading account can meet your trading goals.

    HotForex Online Trading – FAQs

    Here is the list of the FAQs related to the HotForex Online trading account:

    Does HotForex Provide Online Trading?

    HotForex is an online trading platform where a user can trade almost any tradable asset on the go.

    The trading account can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

    The trading and the overall process to start trading is online. There’s no need to submit any doc or details offline.

    What are the Commission Charges In HotForex?

    Commission charges in HotForex vary because it largely depends upon which trading account you access.

    To simply put, HotForex offers a total of 6 trading accounts. Each account has its own set of features and limitations.

    Similarly, the charges on every account vary. Therefore, it depends upon the user which Trading Account they wish to choose.

    Does HotForex Provide Demo Account Trading?

    Yes, HotForex provides a demo account for free.

    The best thing is, you get virtual currency inside, which makes your trial on the demo version genuinely realistic.

    This virtual account mimics the Real Account, which gives you a clear idea of how the market actually moves in the real world.

    With the support of a quick guide, you also raise your knowledge in HotForex trading account features.

    Is Trading Free At HotForex?

    Unlike other trading platforms, HotForex sets unique charges and fee structures to cater to the needs of every type of trader.

    For instance, the broker seems to care about the needs of both new and expert traders.

    If you have more investment capital, spend a bit extra and access more benefits; if you are a beginner, access some advantageous features, mostly at no cost.

    Does HotForex Provide Spot Metals Trading?

    Yes, the HotForex trading platform offers CFDs trading on spot metals.

    From US crude oil to UK Brent oil, you can find many tradable assets at one of the best trading platforms of this age.

    Once you become a registered user with HotForex, you receive a notification on your registered email address that guides you and informs you about the assets you are interested in.

    What are Spot Metals Trading Charges At HotForex?

    Charges on trading Spot Metals at HotForex largely depend upon which account type you choose. For more information, you can visit HotForex’s official website.

    Do Hot Forex Provide Stock Trading?

    Yes, HotForex is a multi-asset trading platform where you can trade stocks as well.

    The broker offers you hundreds of stocks and shares related to some of the best-performing and famous companies in the market.

    What Is Spread At HotForex?

    Spreads at HotForex start from zero that also varies. It depends upon which trading account you choose on the HotForex trading platform.

    Is HotForex Safe For Trading?

    HotForex offers a fully secured brokerage solution to traders.

    Some of the famous regulators, CySEC, DFSA, FCA, FSA(SC), and FSCA, monitor the trading activities at HotForex.

    Thus, you can feel fully assured about your investments at HotForex.

    Does HotForex Provide Trading Tips?

    HotForex shares some incredible tips on trading in its educational services, which delivers the best results to the new users.

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