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Know everything about HotForex Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here. The idea of trading always comes with a vision of generating a huge amount of money.

But smart investors, rather than building a dream chart about wealth, prefer conducting a thorough analysis of the market before stepping in.

After all, the more you learn, the more you make from trading!

However, a decade ago, traders had to lose a significant amount for the sake of learning and experience-gatherings.

But today, starting a career in trading hasn’t just turned risk-free but very easy. Such as the HotForex Demo Account that enables you first to grasp the nitty-gritty of trading absolutely free.

The HotForex Virtual Trading Platform forms the best virtual trading experience for its traders.

Similarly, traders get skilled hands in how to analyze the market, buy and sell assets. Let’s learn more about this demo account by HotForex.

HotForex Demo Account

HotForex Demo Account is one of the highly effective ways to learn more about trading.

HotForex Demo Account or Virtual Trading PlatformIf you have no experience in trading, don’t worry, the demo account is for your rescue.

You learn how to do detailed market research using tools, indicators, and other essential features. Without losing a single coin, you learn more about trading.

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of HotForex Virtual Trading.

If we talk about HotForex broker, this Mauritius-based brokerage firm has been operational in the financial sector since 2010.

Since its inception, the broker has been helping traders to learn and evolve altogether in the financial market.

You can also move to a real trading account and trade for an actual amount on one tap. Beyond a surprise, there’s a lot to add to this discussion on the demo account by HotForex.

Therefore, below we share more information on it.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    HotForex Demo Account Features

    Like a real trading account, a demo account must be equipped with all the essential features.

    It is a critical subject because a realistic-looking demo account builds experienced traders from scratch.

    Let’s see if the HotForex Demo Account meets the parameters based on which a demo account is classified among the best.

    Below we have compiled a list of a few features that HotForex provides in its demo account.

    Unlimited usage

    Demo account by HotForex offers unlimited access to users.

    You can practice trade endlessly on this virtual trading account.

    The broker asks you for no charges or security fees to submit. Similarly, traders gather experience first and enter the real market with confidence.

    Real Market Prices

    Hot Forex, in its virtual account, offers a simulation of real-market prices. You learn how to predict market prices, target setting, etc.

    There’s no need to feel worried about losses. Just focus on learning.

    Tools & Indicators

    While using a demo account, you often see the absence of vital tools and features that you get in the real trading account.

    But if you are using an HF demo account, there’s nothing to feel frustrated about. The broker gives you access to every single tool that you often see in a real trading account only.

    Virtual Currency

    You also receive $5000 virtual currency in the demo account, delivering a real trading experience.

    Access to MT4 & MT5

    HotForex Virtual Trading Platform leaves no stone unturned when it comes to giving a real trading experience.

    The demo account also offers an exclusive simulation of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms that users can select based on their choices.

    HotForex Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual MoneyUSD 5000

    Charges linked with a demo account usage have always been pretty much horrifying.

    But luckily, HotForex Demo Account has no such terrifying commission or account opening charges that terrify users.

    If you want to use an HF demo account, simply give basic sign-up details to the broker and get started. Moreover, the broker never asks you for any additional submission fees.

    The demo account is absolutely free to access.

    Neither a security deposit nor AMC is levied since the demo account has only been provided for education and general usage.

    There’s no real money transaction involved when you are trading in a Demo account. So any time, you can feel confident over your decision of joining the HF demo account.

    How to open HotForex Demo Account?

    Opening a HotForex Demo Account is very easy.

    Things you need to consider while opening a demo account at HotForex have been aligned in the basic steps below.

    • First, give your G-mail id to the broker and set a strong password since you will be using the same log-in address for a live trading account in the future.
    • Second, verify your email address from your Google account inbox.
    • Third, choose between a demo account or a live trading account (You will be required to submit more documents if you choose a live trading account.)
    • Proceed with a demo account to get a helpful guide and tutorials first.
    • Start your training!

    Once you have done signing in to a HotForex Virtual Trading account, make sure you do not skip even a minor step of tutorials. Read what the automated tutorials explain on your screen.

    Note down every point in your diary separately. Perhaps you may not find these tutorials at the stages onwards.

    If you are using a demo account via smartphone, follow similar steps and get the best learning experience in no time.

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    Advantages of HotForex Virtual Trading Platform

    After knowing about the features and step-by-step tutorials on getting started with the HotForex Virtual Trading Platform, it’s time to wrap up some chief benefits you receive on using the HF demo account.

    The major ones we found have been outlined in this discussion above.

    • Trade any asset in the virtual environment
    • Real-time market reports
    • Tools, Charts, and Indicators available
    • Switch to real account on one tap
    • MT4 and MT5 simulation
    • Test Trading Strategies endlessly
    • Virtual currency support is tremendous
    • Refillable virtual currency makes learning hassle-free
    • Gain practical trading experience free of cost

    HotForex Demo Account – Conclusion

    Ultimately, now you can feel confident about getting started your trading journey with HotForex.

    There’s no need to bring a big buck for investment if you just want to pile up some experience first. Simply start using a HotForex Demo Account, and gather more insight into the trading world.

    Learn how the market works and set a target using refillable virtual currency.

    The broker does offer features and powerful tools in an extensive range in the demo account.

    Similarly, you become confident about your strategies and start getting skilled hands at trading.

    Moreover, if ever you wish to join a live trading account (which comes at a certain cost), you can. But if you wish to use a demo account again, the broker allows you for it.

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    HotForex Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs of the HotForex virtual trading account:

    Does HotForex Provide Demo A/C?

    It can be overwhelming when you enter a trading platform and don’t find a demo account for assistance.

    But if you are using HotForex, you can feel proud of your decision of selecting it.

    HotForex offers a well-built demo account to its users. No matter if you are an existing user or new, you can use a demo account and gather the best trading experience.

    How To Set-Up a HotForex Demo Account?

    Demo account setup is extremely easy at HotForex. It only takes a valid email id and a strong password to get ready with and kick-start the best training session at HotForex.

    Simply enter your email id, verify your Google account and start trading at HotForex. You can also enter the live market for trading with one tap once you are done with training.

    Is HotForex Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes, the HotForex virtual trading platform is free. Simply give your email id and enter the demo account for free.

    Tutorials and other lessons you receive inside the HotForex demo account are also free. Similarly, you don’t pay even a single penny out of your pocket if you use a demo account.

    What Are The Fees of a HotForex Demo Account?

    The Hot Forex demo account has no such account opening fee to terrify beginners.

    The broker neither requests fee submission during the registration process nor forces you to buy further plans.

    The broker offers a virtual trading account for learning purposes only to which you can use for free for a lifetime.

    Is Amc Levied On HotForex Virtual Trading Platform?

    Not, HotForex doesn’t levy trading AMC on account opening.

    However, the broker may levy account maintenance charges on a real trading account but not in the demo account.

    Thus you can feel utterly stress-free from charges and keep going with your decision of using the Hot Forex virtual trading platform.

    Is HotForex Demo Account Best?

    The HotForex demo account is free to access. At zero cost, you get a full package in the demo account; this includes helpful tutorials, tools, charts, and indicators.

    You also receive a realistic experience with virtual currency and real-time market reports inside the demo account.

    Ultimately, the HotForex demo account deserves to be known as the best demo account.

    What Documents Are Required for a HotForex Demo Account?

    Submitting some legal documents online is mandatory if you are applying for a live trading account at HotForex.

    But if you just want to use a demo account by HotForex, there are no document criteria to be followed. Simply give your email address, set a strong password, and enter your demo account for free.

    Is Pan Required For Opening a Hotforex Account?

    Pan is mandatory for account opening. Not only HotForex, but every broker may ask you to submit a photocopy and some details of your pan card manually.

    However, there’s no need to submit pan details and other legal documents if you use a demo account, which is free to use.

    Does HotForex Charges Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No, the HotForex online brokerage service provider doesn’t ask you for even a single coin as a fee for opening a demo account. Anybody can access the demo account for free.

    How Much Virtual Money do You Get In a HotForex Demo Account?

    Hot Forex offers $5000 virtual currency in its demo account.

    Users can use this currency endlessly. Moreover, the virtual currency is also refillable so that when all amounts are used up, you could retrieve all the funds back in your virtual wallet.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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