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Choosing the best trading account is an important decision for every serious trader. However, the broker itself may or may not reveal its trading account’s major ups and downs.

Hence, we are here for your rescue.

If you think that the Fxview is the best choice for your trader’s lifestyle, but still you are a bit concerned about Fxview Trading Account, then hold on!

In this discussion, we will outline everything on the trading account by Fxview.

The best features, benefits of this trading account, charges on trade, and the overall process of joining, we have brought together every essential information right below in this article.

Fxview Trading Account and Benefits

Fxview Trading platform has been operating since 2018. Unlike other trading platforms, Fxview has no decade-old history in the financial market.

FXView Trading AccountThus, some traders might be having some trust issues with the broker.

But before you reach any bad conclusion on Fxview, it’s worth noting that the broker gets a license from top regulators.

FCA, BaFin, ACPR, CONSOB, CNVM, and NF are some famous names on this list.

Even though the broker is new in the industry, it leaves no stone unturned in showcasing its credibility.

You can trust this online trading platform for sure since it is a well-regulated brokerage firm.

The broker offers you a range of trading tools, educational resources, and multiple instruments that creates an intuitive trading platform for users.

Nevertheless, Fxview Trading Account can be both the best and worst for traders. It is because retail users can access limited leverage only.

Clients from the USA can’t trade via Fxview. In addition, spreads are also tight, and more on this, we will discuss next.

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    Fxview Trading Account Charges

    Trading Account Charges
    Account Type RAW ECN Account
    Initial Deposit $1
    Spread Floating
    Commission Yes
    Leverage 1;500

    Before you start using Fxview Trading Account, make sure you review the types of commission that the broker charges on trading.

    In our review of the Fxview, we found that the broker typically charges $1/100k.

    Commission can go higher and lower. It depends upon which asset you choose for trading. Still, as compared to spreads, commissions are low.

    Fxview has competitive spreads, which is also deemed as a primary earning source to the broker.

    In addition, the broker asks its user to submit a minimum deposit amount of $5, which is pretty much less.

    If you are a beginner, no wonder you can find the Fxview Trading account an affordable deal. Except for charges that at some points become annoying a lot. However, a demo account can be accessed at no cost.

    Fxview also offers leverage, maximum 500x. But if you are a retail or a beginner user at Fxview, maximum leverage isn’t offered.

    Types of Fxview Trading Account

    Types of Trading Account
    Trading Desk Type DMA, ECN, No dealing desk, STP
    Min Deposit $5
    Maximum Leverage 1;500
    Mini Account No
    Premium Account No
    Islamic Account No
    Segregated Account Yes
    Managed Account No
    Institutional Account No
    Suitable for beginners Yes
    Suitable for professionals Yes
    Suitable for scalping Yes
    Suitable for daily trading Yes
    Suitable for Weekly trading Yes
    Suitable for swing trading Yes

    Without a doubt, Fxview Online Trading is very transparent on its charges.

    But now comes the essential part of the whole discussion – the account type.

    Unlike other trading platforms, Fxview doesn’t run multiple trading accounts. The broker provides a uniform account facility to all in its RAW ECN Account.

    Both retail and professional users trade assets through a single platform.

    However, there’s no tactic available that could get you high leverage access at Fxview. The broker provides leverage up to 1:500 to its professional users only.

    And it’s worth noting that Fxview itself makes you eligible for maximum leverage once you qualify certain parameters. In addition, beginners can access only 1:30 leverage.

    If you want to trade assets online, Fxview is undoubtedly the best way to go.

    Besides real accounts, the broker also offers a demo account facility with virtual currency inside.

    Simply enter log-in details and practice trading in a virtual environment.

    The broker makes its trading facility available to every user planning to start trading online.

    Fxview Account Opening and Trading Process

    Let’s explore the Fxview Trading Account opening process. If you want to start trading at Fxview, consider log-in details.

    Visit Fxview official website or download the Fxview app on your smartphone.

    Enter and tap on the Live Trading Account provided in the upper section of the menu. You can also select a demo account if you aren’t ready for live trading.

    Submit documents and wait for approval.

    Once your account is approved, submit the minimum deposit amount to access the live market.

    Now you can launch your first trade.

    Don’t worry if the process sounds a bit complex. It is easy to get started with the Fxview because the broker itself guides you on how to open a trading account.

    You can also take help from educational resources and tutorials, ensuring you make a successful trade each time you enter the market.

    But before you get started, consider reviewing trading charges, leverage, and spreads.

    However, the best thing found about the Fxview trading account is that you can start trading on both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

    In addition, a user-friendly and customizable trading platform – ActTrader – is also available.

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    Fxview Trading Account – Features

    Trading Features
    Educational Services No
    Social Trading / Copy Trading No
    Trading Signals No
    Email Alerts Yes
    Guaranteed Stop Loss No
    Guaranteed Limit Orders No
    Guaranteed Fills / Liquidity No
    OCO Orders Yes
    Trailing SP/TP Yes
    Automated Trading No
    API Trading Yes
    VPS Services Yes
    Trading From Chart Yes
    Interest On Margin No
    Offers Hedging Yes
    Offers Promotions No
    One-Click Trading Yes
    Expert Advisors Yes
    Other Trading Features No

    Now that we are confident about the Fxview Online Trading platform, it’s time to catch a glimpse of the trading features that Fxview offers to its users.

    Economic Calendar

    Fxview trading platform wants its users to stay updated with ongoing activities in the real market.

    For this, the broker provides an economic calendar feature that gives a brief insight into the market and the latest financial events.

    Technical Charts

    Intuitive charts are also offered to conduct market analysis.

    One can monitor the market and address the buy/sell points with hidden possibilities of profits.

    Indicators Packages

    To add more convenience and accuracy in technical analysis, Fxview offers indicators in an extensive range.

    From finding the market prices, addressing the volume or trend, you can receive great support from indicators to meet your technical analysis requirements.

    Trader Tool Box

    Additional tools, such as markers, shapes, and other premium tools, are also offered that help you detect the market pattern.

    Moreover, the trader toolbox also comprises customizable features and options.

    Multi-Trading Platform

    You can start trading at Fxview via multi-trading routes.

    Users can trade via MT4, MT5, and ActTrader at Fxview, which is great. However, ActTrader offers a fully customizable and user-friendly experience.

    Available for Multiple Devices

    Fxview trading platform is available on multiple devices.

    From smartphone to iPhone, from android to iOS, the broker makes its trading facility available to every client.

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    Fxview Trading Account – Conclusion

    If you want to trade assets online, find Fxview Trading Account the best place to get started. You can trade multiple assets through this single online trading platform.

    From Forex, Stocks, Commodities to CFD trading, you are exposed to tons of big benefits and features at the Fxview trading account.

    The broker even offers deals and promotions that make the trading environment utterly engaging for beginners and existing users.

    Affiliate programs and other partnership programs are also available that you can join any time.

    However, the broker is licensed by top-tier regulators, making it a trusted source to start trading at.

    Fxview Online Trading – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Fxview online trading account:

    Does Fxview Provide Online Trading?

    Yes, Fxview provides online trading services. You can buy and sell assets online. Meanwhile, no step or procedure is involved that is carried out offline.

    Simply log in to the Fxview trading account via the broker’s official website or app and start trading.

    You can also take help from quick-guide tutorials and educational resources to learn how to trade assets online.

    What Are The Commission Charges In Fxview?

    Commission charges in Fxview typically start from $1/100k.

    However, final charges are more likely to be influenced by asset type and market. If you want to get your hands on CFDs trading, charges are likely to soar.

    But if you are trading stocks or other minor assets, expenses are low.

    Does Fxview Provide Demo Account Trading?

    Yes, Fxview provides a demo account to learn the basics and advanced modules of trading. You learn trading principles in a virtual environment and get better at trading with repetitive practice. Moreover, virtual currency support in the demo account makes the entire training utterly realistic.

    Is Trading Free At Fxview?

    No, trading isn’t free at Fxview. Users are requested to submit a minimum deposit amount of $5. In addition, spreads also start from 0.0 pips.

    However, penalties are also a big concern at the Fxview trading platform if you make errors that later may cost you high.

    Does Fxview Provide Spot Metals Trading?

    No, Fxview doesn’t provide spot metals trading. But you can trade stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices through this single online trading platform.

    What are Spot Metals Trading Charges At Fxview?

    You can trade Spot Metals at Fxview.

    But if we talk about trading charges on other assets, they vary. For each asset, trading charges can go high or low.

    Does Fxview Provide Stock Trading?

    Yes, Fxview provides stock trading. Simply log in to the Fxview trading platform, explore the asset section on the trading interface and tap into the stock section.

    Find the best-performing asset and start trading online.

    What Is Spread At Fxview?

    Fxview offers tight spreads that start from 0.0 pips.

    Is Fxview Safe For Trading?

    Yes, Fxview is one of the safest online trading platforms.

    Some top-tier regulators – e.g., FCA, BaFin, ACPR, CONSOB, CNVM, and NF-give this online trading platform licensing.

    Thousands of users around the world are using Fxview making it the most trusted source to start trading online.

    Does Fxview Provide Trading Tips?

    Yes, Fxview provides trading tips in its educational sources. Apart from that, no trading tips are offered during the live market.

    However, the Fxview demo account is also the best source to get the best learning experience.

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