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Find out everything about Darwinex Trading Account here. Darwinex is a forex broker known for its different types of trading accounts.

If you also want to know more about its various trading accounts and what all each Darwinex trading account offers, then you have landed on the right page.

In this article, we will discuss everything about Darwinex online trading including its trading account, charges, opening and trading process, its various features, and much more.

Examine each aspect carefully to get a better understanding of each trading account and to measure its suitability as per your requirements.

Darwinex Trading Account and Benefits

Darwinex’s online trading platform is known for the advanced technology it provides to its traders to enhance their trading skills and achieve desirable results.

Darwinex Trading AccountIt is a forex broker company that operates online and provides various types of trading accounts to its traders such as live account, investor account, VIP account, and Platinum account.

Darwinex offers its regulatory cover to its traders for the charges of 15 percent.

It has spread its wings to over 80 countries including Australia, India, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and many other prominent countries.

Darwinex has designed all four trading accounts keeping in mind the budget and investment plans of different types of investors. It offers tight spreads for each of its accounts.

The spreads are floating and vary for each of the accounts and the size of the trade.

It also provides commission at competitive rates with low trading fees. Darwinex also does not involve any deposit fees or withdrawal fees.

You can also use its demo account for free to get a better understanding of advanced trading traits.

The broker will also provide virtual money to let you trade freely in the real forex market without the fear of monetary loss.

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    Darwinex Trading Account Charges

    Trading Account Charges
    Account Type Live trading account Investor account Platinum Account VIP Account
    Initial Deposit £500 £500 $50,000 $20,000
    Spread Floating Floating its Floating Floating
    Commission Yes Yes Charged Yes
    Leverage 1:30 its 1:30 1:30 1:30

    The initial deposit amount for the live account is £ 500. It also involves spread charges that vary from 0.3 pips to 0.7 pips.

    For gold the spread is from 0.21 pips and for crude oil, it is from 0.03 pips. It involves commission charges of 2.5 currency units per one contract.

    The initial deposit amount for the Investor account is £ 500.

    The commission charges applicable for investor account is 1.2% commission per annum on equity invested and 20 percent performance fee, in case of making profits using Darwin.

    The initial deposit amount for a Platinum account is £ 50,000.

    The index commissions are charged from 0.275 to 2.75 currency units and for stocks, the commission is charged at 0.02 USD per contract.

    The initial deposit amount for the VIP account is £ 20,000. VIP accounts involve variable spread that depends on the size of the trade.

    Swap rates are also applicable on these trading accounts for overnight open positions.

    Types of Darwinex Trading Account

    Types of Trading Account
    Trading Desk Type NDD
    Min Deposit  $500
    Maximum Leverage 1;30
    Mini Account No
    Premium Account No
    Islamic Account Yes
    Segregated Account No
    Managed Account Yes
    Institutional Account No
    Suitable for beginners Yes
    Suitable for professionals No
    Suitable for scalping No
    Suitable for daily trading No
    Suitable for Weekly trading No
    Suitable for swing trading No

    Darwinex is a forex and spreads betting broker that offers a range of trading accounts such as Live Account, Investor Account, Platinum Account, VIP Account, and Demo Account.

    Live Account- The live trading account offers self-directed trading on MetaTrader with the leverage of 30:1. The spreads are from 0.3 pips for EUR/USD and 0.7 pips for FTSE 100.

    Investor Account – The investor account is meant mainly for copy-trade investors of Darwin. It offers the leverage of 30:1.

    It involves commission charges and has floating spreads.

    Platinum Account- Platinum account comes with the leverage of up to 30:1. It offers floating spreads and charges commission also.

    The commission charges vary depending upon the size of the trade and types of trading account.

    VIP Account- VIP account offers the leverage of up to 30:1 and comes with a floating spread. It also involves commission charges that vary depending upon the volume of the tradable assets.

    Demo Account- Darwinex also provides a demo account for both the new traders and the professional ones to assist them to understand the technical aspects of the Darwinex trading accounts.

    The trades can use the demo account for free without investing their real funds. The broker also provides the traders a sum of virtual money to trade in the real market.

    Darwinex Account Opening and Trading Process

    In this division, we will explain to you the entire process of opening the Darwinex trading accounts and the process of trading.

    Opening of Trading Account

    • Navigate to the Darwinex website and click on the option professional accounts. You will get four types of trading accounts including Live Account, Investing Account, Platinum Account, and VIP account. Choose one account as per your preference.
    • Now click on the option “Create Account”.
    • A form will appear, fill the form with all the necessary details required and submit it.
    • Once you submit the form, you will be moved to the next step that is the Registration process.
    • After Registration, the broker will ask you to perform EKYC. In this step, you are required to submit scanned copies of your important documents such as Passport, identity card, PAN card, Residential proof, Bank Statements, etc.
    • Once the broker verifies the documents and approves your application, your account will be opened within 1 to 2 working days.

    Trading Process

    To start the trading process, download the app or software from Android, or iOS Devices. You can also download the software for Windows PC.

    After installing the app or software, use the login credentials provided by the broker while opening your trading account.

    After logging in, set up the account and customize it as per your requirements.

    Now, you can choose the fund deposit option to deposit the funds required to access the trading account.

    After depositing funds, you can access all the trading features and tools to execute your trades.

    Choose the preferred instruments you want to trade in, enter the volume you want to sell or buy and click on the buy or sell button to implement your trade.

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    Darwinex Trading Account – Features

    Trading Features
    Educational Services Yes
    Social Trading / Copy Trading Yes
    Trading Signals Yes
    Email Alerts No
    Guaranteed Stop Loss Yes
    Guaranteed Limit Orders No
    Guaranteed Fills / Liquidity No
    OCO Orders No
    Trailing SP/TP Yes
    Automated Trading No
    API Trading Yes
    VPS Services Yes
    Trading From Chart No
    Interest On Margin No
    Offers Hedging No
    Offers Promotions No
    One-Click Trading No
    Expert Advisors No
    Other Trading Features No

    Darwinex’s online trading platform offers a range of the latest and updated trading features along with many perks for its traders. The main features it provides are –

    Demo Account- Darwinex offers a free demo account that users can access to take a tour of the account before switching to the real trading account.

    The demo account helps in examining the various features and tools it offers.

    The broker also gives virtual money to the traders to practice trading in the actual forex marketing without risking their real funds.

    Educational Services

    Darwinex also offers a complete package of educational services including Audio-visual tutorials, trading glossary, webinars, learning courses, and much more to help the traders keep updated with the latest trading trends and understand the upcoming advancements coming in the trading industry.

    Social Trading / Copy Trading

    The account holder can get connected with a social forum of traders and imitate their activities with Social trading.

    Copy-trading helps in imitating a particular professional trader and reflects his/her activities on the user’s account.

    Trading Signals

    The trader can use various key factors like volume surge and earning reports to create trading signals to buy or sell a particular security.

    Guaranteed Stop Loss

    This feature provides a guarantee of shutting the trade at a particular price of the market strength.

    Trailing SL/TP

    The trader can set a definite proportion of loss you can incur on trade by Trailing SL feature whereas Trailing TP is a trading feature that allows the trader to set a definite rate to close the trade if the market rises to ensure the realization of profits.

    API Trading

    This feature launches an online correlation between a data provider and an end-user to implement automated trading strategies.

    Apart from these features, there are some other significant trading features Darwinex offers such as Charting indicators/studies, charting multiple time frames, 30 and Alerts, etc.

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    Darwinex Trading Account – Conclusion

    It can be concluded as Darwinex offers a variety of trading accounts to its traders to choose one as per their preference.

    Each of the Darwinex trading accounts is designed to cater to different needs and requirements of the traders and also involves different charges.

    A variety of trading accounts makes this trading platform suitable for both new traders and seasoned experts as some of the accounts have low trading fees whereas some of the accounts with higher fees have more offerings apt for expert traders.

    Read the review carefully to check each aspect of the various trading accounts to choose one for your investment purpose that results in yielding maximum profits.

    Darwinex Online Trading – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Darwinex online trading:

    Does Darwinex provide Online Trading?

    Darwinex is an online trading platform that offers many trading accounts along with a Live Trading account to perform trading activities online.

    With a Live Account, you can Take advantage of the fluctuating prices of the trading instruments and make instant decisions.

    It is a beneficial way of trading for active traders where they can get live prices.

    What are the Commission Charges in Darwinex?

    Darwinex involves different commission charges for each of its accounts.

    The commission charges vary depending upon the type of account, the type of financial instrument you are trading in, and the size of the trade.

    Does Darwinex provide Demo account Trading?

    Yes, Darwinex offers a demo account to its traders to help them to look around the account and check its various advanced features and trading tools.

    The demo account is designed to assist both the traders who are new into this field and the seasoned experts.

    Is trading Free at Darwinex?

    No, trading at Darwinex is not free. There are different types of charges involved in executing a trade.

    However, Darwinex has kept its trading fees nominal as compared to other competitive trading platforms.

    Does Darwinex provide Spot Metals Trading?

    Yes, Darwinex provides Spot Metals Trading in Gold and silver.

    What are Spot Metals Trading Charges at Darwinex?

    For Silver Spot trading, the spread is 0.01 pips with a 10 % margin, and for gold spot, the spread varies from 0.14 pips to 0.20 pips with a 5 % margin.

    Does Darwinex provide Stock Trading?

    No Darwinex does not provide Stock trading.

     What is Spread at Darwinex?

    Darwinex offers a floating spread for each of its trading accounts. The spread is variable in each of the accounts and depends majorly on the type of the financial instrument and the size of the trade.

    Is Darwinex safe for trading?

    Darwinex is a London-based company founded in 2012. It is a safe company as it is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) UK (FRN: 586466) and provides Secure Sockets layer (SSL) encryption-based internet security protocol to ensure validation, and data integrity in Internet connections along with two-factor authentication.

    Does Darwinex provide Trading Tips?

    Darwinex provides a range of trading tools and features to help the traders.

    It also provides 30 Charting indicators/studies charting multiple time frames, and Alerts- a basic field to assist the traders better with the most updated data and help them in achieving the desired results.

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