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Let us walk through one of the best FOREX broker i.e. NAGA Trading Account.

For a secure plus profitable trading experience, a good trading account is a prerequisite for every trader in the market.NAGA’s founder Benjamin Bilski started this company back in the year 2015.

NAGA trading Broker is a publicly-traded company with total employee strength ranging from 50 to 100 in numbers.

It is regulated by CySEC, which is a regulatory body for the financial industry ensuring financial traders and investor’s protection in the securities market.

The stock broker is headquartered in Cyprus, Europe, and is highly reputable among professional traders.

NAGA Trading Account and Benefits

NAGA trading account offers a variety of services to choose from.

Naga Trading AccountThis broker offer various types of trading accounts from which a trader can choose depending on his own skills and requirements.

A trader can go through the type of account and check whether the features provided are compatible with his needs.

A novice trader can choose the basic demo account and get accustomed to the trading platform and make profits.

It is very important to choose a suitable account after checking the charges and minimum balance requirements to keep the account on.

It is so that after paying the overall charges you can still make profits on your trades.

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    NAGA Trading Account Charges

    Trading Account Charges
    Account TypeDemo accountStandard accountSTP accountIslamic account
    Initial DepositNANoNANA
    SpreadFloatingIts FloatingFloatingFloating
    Leverage30:1its 30:130:130:1

    Depending on the type of account a trader chooses for trading on NAGA’s broker, the expenses vary.

    A trader needs to be mindful of the type of account he finds suitable for trading.

    Monitoring on the services used up depending on the type of account used for FOREX trading is essential on the overall front.

    Because you need to make sure that you are making enough profits after paying up the expenses to keep the current trading account running.

    The table above includes the charges a trader incurs depending on the choice of account.

    It starts from not requiring any minimum or initial deposit after choosing an account.

    All accounts provided by NAGA brokers have floating spread as in constant changing price difference between the ask and bid prices.

    There is no commission charged on placing the trade orders.

    Even the leverage allowed is in the ratio 30:1 which when utilized properly affects the trade positively.

    Furthermore, charges mentioned by NAGA brokers for the trading account are transparent and hence no invisible extra charges are incurred by the traders.

    Types of NAGA Trading Account

    Types of Trading Account
    Trading Desk TypeNDD
    Min Deposit$ 250
    Maximum Leverage30;1
    Mini AccountYes
    Premium AccountYes
    Islamic AccountYes
    Segregated AccountYes
    Managed AccountYes
    Institutional AccountYes
    Suitable for beginnersYes
    Suitable for professionalsYes
    Suitable for scalpingYes
    Suitable for daily tradingYes
    Suitable for Weekly tradingYes
    Suitable for swing tradingYes

    We are done discussing the charges, let’s get to know about the different types of trading accounts available on NAGA.

    Needs differ based on the type of trader and their trading styles.

    Hence, a variety of options should be available to cater to the needs of traders of all kinds.

    Brokers make trading easy and accessible, and NAGA offers various options to fulfill the needs of every trader be it new to the field novice or age-old professional.

    NAGA Account Opening and Trading Process

    Let us walk through the entire process of getting started with a trading account.

    Starting from how to open a trading account to the last process of setting it up, everything in between can be found under this heading.

    Open NAGA Trading Account

    The process of opening a trading account is stated below. AsNAGA brokers provide free of a charge Demo account, so we will be using it as a reference:

    • Click on the Open Demo Account.
    • A dialogue box would pop up, asking for you to fill up your details in it. Fill up and submit.
    • As soon as the broker receives your submission, they will contact you.
    • Complete the crucial step of filling out the KYC form.
    • Only after your KYC documents reach the broker, your account would get verified.
    • After verification, you will receive your login credentials via email.

    NAGA Login Process

    • As per your choice, you can now log in from your mobile phone or your computer.
    • Open a browser, if you choose to use the web-based platform, otherwise download the application or software from a genuine medium.

    Download and set up

    • After downloading the software, the first page you will see would be asking for your login credentials.
    • Enter your Login details and click.
    • Take a tour of the entire trading platform and get accustomed to the UI.
    • Try the demo account to start with and monitor the market. Or learn about trading strategies from the educational video section.
    • Done, you are ready to trade.

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    NAGA Trading Account – Features

    Trading Features
    Educational ServicesYes
    Social Trading / Copy TradingYes
    Trading SignalsYes
    Email AlertsYes
    Guaranteed Stop LossYes
    Guaranteed Limit OrdersYes
    Guaranteed Fills / LiquidityYes
    OCO OrdersNo
    Trailing SP/TPNo
    Automated TradingYes
    API TradingYes
    VPS ServicesYes
    Trading From ChartYes
    Interest On MarginYes
    Offers HedgingYes
    Offers PromotionsYes
    One-Click TradingYes
    Expert AdvisorsYes
    Other Trading FeaturesYes

    Let’s get you to understand why a NAGA trading account is the best choice.

    The features provided are designed in order to suit different types of trading styles.

    Thus, all types of traders can benefit from using the trading account of NAGA.

    Below is a table listing the various features of the NAGA trading account:

    You might find the above table useful to gain insights about the features provided by NAGA online trading in a brief.

    Starting with the educational services provided along with the NAGA online trading account to the trading signals being provided.

    It does not provide OCO Orders and Trailing SP/TP, otherwise, it provides all other features like email alerts, guaranteed stop loss, and limit orders.

    Other profitable features provided by this online trading account are that it provides VPS services, margin interest, in addition to this they even offer Hedging to manage risk.

    The best feature would be the one-click trading and Expert advisory provided for fast and safe trading. What more a trader can wish for from an online trading account.

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    NAGA Trading Account – Conclusion

    In this article, we have tried to cover everything regarding NAGA online trading accounts starting from Types of accounts with the payment requirements to all the various features it provides.

    For every trader out there, the NAGA trading account is one of the best options to choose for trading money and booking profits.

    If you have any doubts, compare this broker with others available in the market, and you would know which suits you better.

    NAGA Online Trading – FAQs

    Here is the list of Faqs related to the NAGA Online Trading:

    What are the Commission Charges in NAGA?

    NAGA trading account does not charge any commission fee for any type of account that it offers.

    Additionally, there are no hidden charges incurred by the traders.

    Does NAGA provide Demo account Trading?

    Yes, NAGA online trading account provides a free-of-charge demo account for new traders to get started with.

    It also provides trading tips and expert advisory.

    Is trading Free at NAGA?

    No, trading is not free of charge.

    For the type of account a trader chooses for trading according to their trading style, payments are required to keep the account running.

    The online trading accounts differ on levels according to the range of features the trader wants to avail.

    Does NAGA provide Spot Metals Trading?

    Yes, NAGA provides Spot metals trading options to its users.

    Traders can choose from a variety of precious metals to trade with and start booking profits.

    What are Spot Metals Trading Charges at NAGA?

    The spot metals trading charges at Nags are based on the type of account a trader chooses.

    Does NAGA provide Stock Trading?

    Yes, the NAGA broker provides stock trading for all aspiring traders.

    Traders can trade in stocks using the same NAGA online trading account by paying additional charges, which includes the brokerage as well.

    What is Spread at NAGA?

    At NAGA, the Spread charges are floating charges.

    Floating spread is constantly changing value between Ask and Bid prices.

    Is NAGA safe for trading?

    NAGA is regulated by CySEC, and thus trading is extremely safe and secure.

    NAGA online trading is reputable among Forex traders, and when asked it is one of the top choices for trading.

    Does NAGA provide Trading Tips?

    Yes, expert advice and trading tips are provided by the NAGA brokers.

    These experts advise novice traders in getting through with trades and booking profits.

    Overall, NAGA provides features suitable for all types of traders that make it remain a top choice for aspiring traders.

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