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Get to know everything about FXPrimus Commission or Brokerage Charges here.

Trading is a brilliant idea, but commission and hidden charges associated with it can keep eating up profits you dream of.

High brokerage can act as a stumbling block, restricting you from multiplying your net worth.

If recently, you have got some positive reviews on FXPrimus, and now you are all set to start trading at Fx Primus.

Hold on! Because the FXPrimus Charges is an utterly different topic that must be discussed carefully.

By this article, we will try to reach every commission type that FXPrimus charges from its users. So without further ado, let’s understand the platform better.

FXPrimus Commission or Brokerage Charges

A broker charges a significant amount as a commission from its users for conducting buying and selling activities on their trading platform.

FXPrimus Commission or Brokerage ChargesHowever, most brokers’ income is built on trading charges or spreads.

But the FXPrimus Commission is the combination of trading charges and spreads. The broker makes commission for itself by charges on trading and Spreads value.

However, commission fees can also vary because it is solely decided by the account type and asset you choose for trading.

Trading commissions are applicable when traders buy, modify or cancel their orders.

Besides trading charges, the second income source for FXPrimus is spread, for which the broker offers two different spread options.

To simply put, when selecting a trading account at FX primus, users are asked to choose between ECN and Variable account.

Both account types have different spreads values. Let’s learn more on trading charges types at FXPrimus next in this discussion.

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    Types of FXPrimus Commission Plans

    Types of Commission Plans
    Account TypeFXPrimusECN Premium FXPrimus
    Initial Deposit$100$500

    FXPrimus offers Variable and ECN accounts in the mainstream. However, substitutes of the given accounts with similar features are also available, but these are the popular ones.

    If you want to make an affordable decision on FXPrimus Commission, a Variable account can be the best fit.

    FXPrimus Variable account is the most popular option among beginners because there are no trading fees.

    But it’s worth noting that market conditions are more dominant in Variable accounts, where spreads start from as low as 1.4 pips.

    On the other hand, the ECN account has the tightest Spreads, which starts from 0.1 pips.

    If we talk about FXPrimus Charges, it is 10 USD per lot.

    However, charges begin to decline once you reach 250 lots’ monthly trading volume.

    Apart from that, there’s no direct FXPrimus Brokerage we see in our review that can frustrate you.

    However, penalties are imposed on users who don’t comply with trading rules which is reasonable.

    Such as swap fees, overnight fees, and other charges that are applied depends upon the trading situation and condition.

    Besides this trading account, Micro and VIP ECN accounts can be seen with modest differences. Just like the Variable account, no trading commission is charged in the Micro account.

    On the other hand, the VIP ECN account has a trading fee of 5 USD.

    FXPrimus Account Opening Process

    After getting fully sorted over by the FXPrimus Commission, you may proceed with the account opening process. For that, you need to follow the basic steps as defined below.

    • At the initial step, you need to submit your log-in details. (e.g., submit a valid email address and create a strong password.)
    • Now, go to the trading account option in the upper menu and select account type.
    • Here you need to select between the demo account and the live trading account.
    • Select between Micro, Variable, ECN, and ECN VIP account if you are going with a live trading account
    • Submit minimum deposit amount of $100 and starting trading

    If due to any reason, your account isn’t approved, you won’t be able to start trading at FX Primus. For that, you can anytime take help from FXPrimus 24×5 customer support services.

    Perhaps you might not have considered FXPrimus Brokerage paid initially, or you haven’t submitted the minimum deposit amount.

    But if your account has been approved, you still need to consider reviewing FXPrimus Fees before launching your first trade.

    Besides trading fees, you should also bring Leverage into this revision because this attractive thing can magnify your losses if you aren’t aware of the major drawbacks associated with it.

    FXPrimus Payment or Withdrawal Methods

    Transaction Options
    Deposit OptionsBitcoin Payments, Credit Card, emerchantpay, Mastercard, MoneyGram, Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill, Visa, Wire Transfer
    Withdrawal OptionsBitcoin Payments, Credit Card, emerchantpay, Mastercard, MoneyGram, Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill, Visa, Wire Transfer

    FXPrimus Commission is a matter of concern during the checkout process. Transactions may comprise trading charges that can give expenses on trading an unexpected rise.

    So that you don’t have to tackle these hidden charges, Fx Primus provides you multiple payment gateways.

    These include:- Bitcoin Payments, Credit Card, Mastercard, e-merchant pay, MoneyGram, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and Wire Transfer.

    However, withdrawals and payments can be made from a similar payment option. Few of the above-listed payment methods comprise transaction charges.

    So make sure you review them carefully. Besides FXPrimus Fees, transaction charges can also bring an unwanted drop in profits value.

    The deposit amount is kept at $100, and it’s worth noting that no additional charges are associated with it. The broker is a reliable trading platform because CYSEC, VFSC, and FSCA give regulation to FX Primus.

    Similar payment options are available on the FXPrimus mobile trading app, which enhances the user experience. But the limitations of payment methods are applicable to mobile users too.

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    FXPrimus Investment Assets

    Investment Assets
    Currencies TradingYes
    Commodities TradingYes
    Indices TradingYes
    Stocks TradingYes
    Cryptocurrency TradingYes
    ETF’s TradingNo
    Bonds TradingNo
    FUTURES TradingNo
    OPTIONS TradingNo
    Supported CryptocoinsBTC, DSH, ETH, LTC
    Total Tradable Assets100+
    Number Of Currency Pairs10+
    Number Of Cryptocurrencies4
    Number Of StocksNA
    Number Of IndicesNA
    Number Of CommoditiesNA
    Number Of FuturesNA
    Number Of OptionsNA
    Number Of BondsNA
    Number Of ETFsNA

    Trading via FXPrimus online broker comes with certain big benefits. After all, FXPrimus is a multi-asset trading platform, so options, capabilities, and features in the extensive range can be found at FXPrimus.

    Let’s have a look at the type of assets available for trading at FX Primus-

    In the mainstream, FX Primus offers trading in:

    • Forex
    • Indices
    • Crypto-Currencies
    • Stocks
    • Commodities

    In the list of shares and stocks assets, some of the most famous names, e.g., Facebook, Google, and FedEx, can be found.

    However, you can also trade CFDs using the FXPrimus trading platform. But for that, you need to pay special attention to the FXPrimus Commission.

    FXPrimus Fees can be high or low. It depends on which asset you choose for trading. However, the trading commission is kept fixed and transpired with users but spreads value can fluctuate from one trade to another.

    FXPrimus Commission – Conclusion

    In the end, you should have no question left in your mind regarding FXPrimus Charges.

    The broker is very transparent over its trading charges.

    But spreads sometimes become a tricky subject. Especially if you are selecting a Variable account, spreads are more dominant. However, a Variable account comes with a significant benefit because trading is free of charge.

    Alternatively, there is an ENC trading account in which $10 per lot is charged from users.

    But tight spreads from 0.1 pips make it the best alternative to a Variable account. The demo account is also offered to clients for free.

    But please note that the demo account doesn’t quote charges of a live trading account.

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    FXPrimus Charges or Fees – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the FXPrimus commission plans:

    Does FXPrimus Charge Commission?

    Yes, FXPrimus charges a commission on trade. However, not all traders need to be worried about charges and commission because it depends upon the trading account you choose.

    Micro and Variable accounts are exempt from any trading charges, but $10 and $5 per lot are charged in ECN and VIP ECN trading accounts.

    However, the commission charged can decline once you start trading in large quantities.

    How Much Does FXPrimus Charge Brokerage?

    FX Primus charges $10 per lot in an ECN account and $5 per lot in a VIP ECN account.

    But if you are using a Micro or a Variable trading account, no brokerage is charged.

    But it’s worth noting that the broker tries to generate more income through spreads from the account where trading charges are absent.

    What is the Minimum Deposit Required In FXPrimus?

    The minimum deposit amount to open a trading account at FXPrimus is only $100.

    However, users can also submit a high deposit amount. Please note, no charges are levied on depositing money in your trading account.

    Transaction charges will be decided by the type of payment method you choose on the checkout page.

    How Much Leverage Does FXPrimus Provide?

    FXPrimus offers leverage in 1:3 to retail users and 1:200 to its professional clients.

    The maximum leverage you are eligible to use is largely decided by your investment history and account type.

    However, it is sometimes difficult to get the highest leverage facility. So make sure you are tying with your investment capital most of the time.

    How Much Is Spread At FXPrimus?

    Spreads at the FXPrimus trading platform start from 0.1 pips and 0.4 pips, or maybe higher. Spreads value is predominantly decided by the account type.

    Such as the Variable account has fluctuating spreads. On the other hand, ECN account tight spreads starting from 0.1 pips only.

    What Type Of Commission Plans Are Available In FXPrimus?

    In general, FX Primus has no specific commission plan that sounds like big torture on traders.

    The broker only charges $10 and $5 per lot and which also varies, depends upon your selected trading account.

    Apart from that, penalties and minimum deposit amount conditions are mandatory for all.

    Does FXPrimus Provide Cryptocurrency For Investment?

    Yes. FX Primus provides crypto-currency for investment. Simply log in to the FXPrimus trading platform using the registered email address, go to the asset section and find the crypto asset in the list.

    Click on it and trade your desired digital asset on the go.

    You can also make payment via Bitcoin to purchase your asset.

    Is FXPrimus A Legit Forex Broker?

    Yes, FX Primus is a legit forex broker because CYSEC, VFSC, and FSCA give regulation to the FXPrimus platform making it a trusted source for both beginners and professional traders.

    Can I Invest In FXPrimus for $5?

    Yes, you can invest in FXPrimus for a mere $5 only.

    But before that, you need to submit an initial deposit amount of $100. Else, you aren’t allowed to trade at FX Primus.

    Are There Any Hidden Charges Available With FXPrimus?

    No. Besides trading charges, penalties, no other hidden costs are available with FXPrimus, which is a highly great thing.

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