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Well known stock broker, who found the deserved place in the stock broking industry with it’s at par Sub Broker business plans is Comfort Securities. People associated with the company, through its Comfort Securities Franchise arm have found profitable investments their way.

We shall guide you in all ways possible through this article, educating you about the Comfort Securities Sub Broker and ways in which you would deem to be benefited. Also, the course of action you need to take, along with the necessary allocation to be done from your end has been included in this article.

Comfort Securities franchise offers

Comfort Securities Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Comfort Securities Franchise Ratings
Revenue Sharing Model 2.1 / 5
Security Deposit 2.2 / 5
Experience 2.5 / 5
Offers 2.4 / 5
Mobile Apps & Trading Platforms 2.6 / 5
Overall Ratings 2.3 / 5
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

About Comfort Securities Franchise

Coimbatore Capital Franchise

If you wish to invest with the company’s Comfort Securities Sub Broker model, you need to firstly know every other details of it. The basic information of the company and Comfort Securities Franchise is that, it was set up in the year 1994 and is a private organization.

The founder of the company is Ramesh Vinayak Vaze, who went on to establish its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Being a full service stock broker that it is, it offers wide range of financial services and products. Concerning the sub brokers, or the franchisees, the SB code activation time is 30 days, and payout time 35 days.

Become a Sub Broker of  Comfort Securities

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    Types of Comfort Securities Partnership Association

    Aspire to become a Comfort Securities Sub Broker through its available business model. However, only one Comfort Securities Franchise model is available for application and it is:

    • Sub broker

    Comfort Securities Sub Brokers or Comfort Securities Authorized Person

    You have access to a readily made business model through Comfort Securities Sub Broker provision. The Comfort Securities Partner is the one who operates or carries the operational process of the company. If you become a sub broker, you will be given a share in dealership, where you can directly sell company’s products.

    Benefits associated with Comfort Securities Sub Broker

    • A defined revenue sharing model, equal to or more than half share is provided to the franchisees.
    • Security deposit is low, and also flexible, making it easy for you to invest in whatsoever figure you want.
    • Support is provided to a great extent, which makes dealing and starting business easy and seamless.
    • You have the right to sell the company’s official and reserved products and services through your business, and will also receive money for it.

    Comfort Securities Partner Revenue Sharing or Comfort Securities Sub Broker Commission

    Excelling in business and standing firm in competition has a direct impact through the Comfort Securities Franchise Revenue Sharing model. Comfort Securities Sub Broker Commission plays a crucial role, as it determines how much you will make out of your business.

    As this company provides only a single franchise model, which is sub broker, hence we provide only a single percentage range. 50% – 80% is the percentage range designated for the sub broker revenue sharing model.

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Comfort Securities’s Share
    Sub Broker 50% – 80% 20% – 50%

    Start your Broking Business with Comfort Securities

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      Comfort Securities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Investment made in the business keeps it going, and also gets it started. A similar amount of investment is to be provided to the company, referred to as Comfort Securities Franchise Cost. Comfort Securities Sub Broker Investment for the only provided sub broker model is a range in between Rs.50,000 – Rs.200,000.

      The security deposit is directly connected to the revenue sharing model. This means, if you provide a higher share of deposit, you will be rewarded with a higher revenue agreed percentage.

      Security deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.200,000

      Comfort Securities Franchise Infrastructure Requirement

      Comfort Securities Partner Requirement is like the fundaments of running a new and accessible business. The Comfort Securities Sub Broker Infra Requirement, as set by the company is given below.

      • Access to trading terminals, to provide assistance to the clients is necessary
      • The company also has a requirement of providing research services, if you want to be their franchisee
      • Office space is the next most essential thing, and you need to have a minimum area of 150 Sq Ft.

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      Comfort Securities Sub Broker Offers

      To keep the sub broker equally ex cited about the partnership, Comfort Securities Sub Broker Offers are included. The Comfort Securities Franchise Offers are more than what general stock broking companies provide to their sub brokers.

      • Flexible revenue sharing ratio is like the common offer, which lets you share the percentage you want
      • You can start the brokership with a first and initial deposit of 10k.

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      Comfort Securities Franchise or Comfort Securities Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Such a business idea and means of carrying business is not compatible for everyone. In order to fetch out the concerned individuals, the company has set some Comfort Securities Sub Broker Eligibility criteria’s. If you stand by all the Comfort Securities Franchise Eligibility criteria’s you will be considered as one of their sub brokers.

      • Have a keen determination to excel, and know of all the basics of the stock market scenario. You need to know well, of the company’s products and service, the least if not for all.
      • Stock market industry can get pretty complicated though, hence, a few years of extensive experience in the likewise industry would be preferred.
      • No individual below the qualification of intermediary would be allowed. However, the graduation degree holders will be considered first.
      • NSIM certificate is the benchmark of providing financial services and advises. Holding one is essential as SEBI calls out for it in its set of norms.

      How to become a Comfort Securities Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      You are free to search for the process of applying for the brokership. However, we have simplified the process right here in this page, to Become Comfort Securities Franchise holder.

      1. Hit up the “Become Sub Broker” located at the end of this section, highlighted in green.
      2. A quick pop up will follow up, and you need to provide in all the details as asked in it.
      3. When you submit the form, a new form will immediately show up, which is to be filled as well.
      4. Then, you would be asked to provide further details regarding your identity, qualification and financial aspects.
      5. Just when the application reaches the company and they verify of it, they will give you a call. A brief conversation will be held and all the terms of the contract will be discussed for the next process. The company will guide you precisely.

      Documents required to become Comfort Securities Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      • PAN Card
      • Academic Certificates for verifying educational qualification of the applicant
      • Investment proof for the applicant
      • Proof of complete payment of the security deposit by the applicant
      • SEBI Registration certificate held by the applicant
      • Birth certificate of the applicant
      • Cancelled cheque of applicant’s concerning bank
      • Passport sized images of the applicant
      • GST Registration held by the applicant

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      Why Partner with Comfort Securities?

      Reliable stock broking company is essential for investment. It is the Comfort Securities Franchise Benefits people look out for, and we have the major ones you must consider. Here are some of them, from the vast number of benefits.

      • They are one of the most trusted stock brokers, who have expanded their business overseas. Their client base ranges from HNWIs, retail customers, mutual fund houses, financial institutions, corporate client etc.
      • Since their emergence in the year 1994, they have acquired a lot of experience. This experience lets them grow in definite terms, and will help you set up a perfect business threshold.
      • Impeccable support will come your way when you actually sign up for their sub broker model.
      • They have membership from all the renowned stock exchanges BSE, NSE, MCX-SX.

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      Comfort Securities Franchise or Sub Broker – Conclusion

      It would be a great idea to implement the aspiration of owning a business through Comfort Securities Franchise. They have your back, and provide just the services you are in search of. Looking forward for a promising career, you can choose to go for the Comfort Securities Sub Broker business model.

      Start your Broking Business with Comfort Securities

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