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Many online broker companies provide Demo Accounts for potential investors who want to invest money but do not have trading knowledge.

A demo trading account funded with fake money allows a new trader to execute trades to practice.

After getting some knowledge about online trading, the trader can open a real account to go ahead with actual market trades.

A demo account is offered on actual trading platforms, which gives the trader a feel of a real account.

While practicing on demo accounts, new traders know what to look for when trading intangible assets and securities.

Orbex Demo Account

Orbex offers three trading account types: Starter account, Premium account, and Ultimate account.

Orbex Demo AccountIt provides a demo version of each account type.

It allows new traders to gain knowledge about online trading.

New traders can practice with a demo account without any risk of losses.

Orbex demo account is free and can be loaded with virtual funds up to $5 million.

While trading a demo account, the trader uses real market data with fake money.

In that way, the trader gets a prospect to try new strategies and EAs and can explore new platforms in a risk-free environment.

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    Orbex Demo Account Features

    Orbex demo account provides the trader with a practice account best suited for beginners.

    Beginners will build up experience with trading, and experts can test their trading strategies by exploring new instruments offered by Orbex.

    A demo account they can practice trading in an environment that is risk-free.

    The features of the demo account at Orbex depend on the trading platform selected by the trader and Orbex’s offering regarding the asset classes, financial instruments, spreads, leverage, and so on.

    The trader can log into the demo account after downloading the trading platform.

    Orbex allows its clients to download the trading platform at Desktop- MS Windows, Linux, or Mac OS as well as a mobile- Android smartphone or tablet, iOS iPhone, or iPad.

    The trader will receive the license from the download page for each trading platform selected.

    Orbex provides a fully digital demo account sign-up that is quick and hassle-free. The MetaTrader 4 provided by the Orbex demo account is an easy-to-use trading platform.

    The traders can use free MT4 indicators, tools, and add-ons just like a live account.

    Orbex Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual MoneyNA

    Orbex offers three main trading account types- starter account, premium account, and ultimate account.

    All three accounts have their own fee structures. But the demo version of each account type is free.

    Orbex does not charge any fees for a demo account.

    Beginners can use the demo account without paying any fee and familiarize themselves with a live trading environment.

    Opening a demo account is free, and it is loaded with virtual funds up to $5 million.

    Thus the new trader can build up trading skills by actively participating in trades without getting involved in any financial risk and can learn new trading strategies.

    Advanced traders can also use a demo account to explore what Orbex offers.

    Orbex trading platform offers a demo account for 30 days. After 30 days, the demo account expires. Nevertheless, you can request the broker in advance to extend the duration of the demo account.

    The Orbex trading platform imposes only minor charges. It imposes a minimum deposit of 200 USD at the demo account opening. Except for the minimum deposit, there are no other charges involved.

    How to open Orbex Demo Account?

    Following steps are needed to open a demo account with Orbex:

    Open your desktop or laptop and browse the Orbex website. Click on the Open a Demo Account sign on the top of the Orbex home page.

    Online application form will appear on a new page. Fill out the form with your first and last name, the country you are residing in, phone number, and email address.

    You can apply for a demo account that can be adjusted by changing the account type, virtual deposit amount, and base country.

    As soon as you provide your phone number, a banner will pop up to verify your phone number. After verifying, you will receive a code through SMS that you have to enter next to where your country of residence was inserted.

    After filling out the form and making the necessary selections, you can submit the form by clicking the Submit button.

    You will receive an email containing an activation link at the email address that you have provided.

    Click on the activation link to complete a demo account opening process.

    A new window will open where you have to set a password to log into the My Orbex Client Portal.

    After completing registration, you can download and install MetaTrader 4 and get a license to log into your Orbex demo account.

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    Advantages of Orbex Virtual Trading Platform

    Orbex offers a demo version of all three trading accounts to make prospective clients learn the trading strategy. There are many advantages of Orbex virtual trading platform, such as:

    • Orbex offers a virtual trading platform, MT4, to help the users understand the operations of the Orbex trading account.
    • It does not charge any fee, which means you can open a demo account and trade at a virtual trading platform without paying any charge.
    • It provides virtual funds up to $5 million to let traders employ their trading practices in the real forex market with virtual money.
    • The traders can practice trades at Orbex virtual trading platform with fake money without any financial risk.
    • It helps the new traders build trading skills and learn new trading strategies without the fear of any losses. The demo mode offers accurate quotes from all markets and a virtual portfolio to train under live market conditions.

    Orbex Demo Account – Conclusion

    Demo accounts are the best way to test the platform before using real money.

    It helps you learn new techniques and ensure that you are confident enough before starting with tangible assets and securities.

    So, the MT4 demo account offered by Orbex is free to open, and the new trader can start practicing with virtual money in the no-risk live environment.

    When you opt for the Orbex trading platform, choose a demo account first to explore and understand how the Orbex trading platform works and operations are executed.

    You can use the Orbex demo account for 30 days which is a sufficient time to practice the virtual trading platform.

    After the demo account, you can switch to the professional demo account with boosted confidence.

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    Orbex Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Orbex demo account:

    Does Orbex provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, Orbex offers a virtual trading platform to all the investors who opted for the Orbex trading platform.

    Orbex understands the needs of traders to get practical exposure to online operations in the trading field.

    Through the virtual medium, the traders can employ their trading practices with virtual money without investing their real funds.

    How to Set up an Orbex Demo Account?

    To set up an Orbex demo account:

    1. Browse the Orbex website and click on the “Open a Demo Account” sign on the top of the Orbex home page.
    2. Fill out the form with your first and last name, the country you are residing in, phone number, and email address.
    3. Apply for a demo account and verify your phone number. You will receive a code through SMS that you have to enter.

    Finally, you will receive an email containing an activation link at the email address that you have provided. Click on the activation link to complete a demo account opening process.

    Is Orbex Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    The Orbex virtual trading platform involves very nominal trading fees; it is more like a free demo account.

    On the other hand, the professional trading accounts of Orbex impose some specific charges such as spread, leverage, inactivity fees, brokerage, etc.

    It only imposes a minimum deposit of $ 200 at the time of account opening.

    What are the Fees of the Orbex Demo Account?

    The Orbex demo account is available for free of cost.

    It only imposes a minimum deposit of $ 200 at the time of account opening.

    It is mainly designed to assist the Orbex trading platform users.

    Unlike the professional trading accounts, this demo account does not levy any brokerage or trading fees on its users.

    On the contrary, it provides virtual money to its users to execute their trade in the real forex market.

    Is AMC levied on Orbex Virtual Trading Platform?

    Orbex virtual trading platform does not levy AMC.

    Is the Orbex Demo Account best?

    The new traders who need to know how to execute trades online; find a demo account as the best learning guide to buy and sell financial instruments in the real forex market with virtual money.

    Undoubtedly, the Orbex demo account is the best as it is one of the best learning platforms that offer practical exposure and a better understanding of online trading platform operations.

    It does not involve any financial risk.

    What Documents are required for an Orbex Demo Account?

    Though the Orbex trading platform requires all the essential documents to be submitted by the traders when opening a professional trading account, the virtual trading platform does not require many documents to be submitted by the trader.

    The primary documents required at the Orbex demo account opening are- a PAN card, passport, and Government ID.

    Is PAN required for Opening an Orbex Account?

    PAN is considered one of the most important documents that represent the individual’s identity and financial status.

    Thus, PAN is the mandatory document that you have to submit when opening the Orbex demo account.

    Does Orbex Charge a Demo Account Opening Fee?

    Orbex charges demo account opening fees, but the opening charges are kept very nominal. It only imposes a minimum deposit of $ 200 at the time of account opening.

    Orbex offers virtual money to its users to practice trading in the real forex market. In total, there are very few trading fees involved for the users who have opted for the Orbex virtual trading platform.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in an Orbex Demo Account?

    Orbex demo account offers virtual money worth $5 billion to each of the demo account holders to let them experience the atmosphere of the real forex market. Virtual money is the best way of providing practical learning and knowledge of trading. It allows the traders to understand how to implement the trading strategies and bring out profitable results.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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