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Check out various details of Vantage FX Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here. Vantage FX is a forex broker from Sydney, Australia.

Even though the company started its journey with the forex market today, CFD is also one of the vital parts of its trading. The company was established in 2009.

The traders don’t need to stress when trading here as the broker is well regulated by authorities, including  ASIC. The broker gives a lot of priority to the trader’s well-being.

If traders want to see how the forex broker works, they can open a Vantage FX demo account without any second thoughts. It is pretty easy to open a demo account.

All traders need to do is follow some basic steps.

The demo account works as a gateway for traders to learn the forex market and trade in brief.

The best part is that there isn’t any trading risk here. Additionally, traders can learn a lot about trading. It’s simple and effective, besides offering a plethora of perks.

Vantage FX Demo Account

Ideally, the Vantage FX demo account is a free account available.

Vantage FX Demo Account or Virtual Trading PlatformThe demo account is mainly vital for beginners. No doubt, even professional traders can access it in no time.

The only reason it is apt for beginners is that they can learn to trade in a risk-free environment without incurring any losses.

The demo account is also known as the Practice account. The Vantage FX demo account allows traders to groom their trading skills besides confidence.

The traders don’t need to pay any charges. The account is free.

The best part is that the Vantage FX demo account is available for an unlimited period of time.

It means traders can practice as long as they want. Vantage FX is one of the leading online brokers featuring a user-friendly platform.

The virtual account offers stimulated money, which means traders can use fake money. All services available here are of the real account.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    Vantage FX Demo Account Features

    The Vantage FX Demo account offers a plethora of features where traders can learn to trade in the forex market using virtual money.

    The bill allows traders to experiment with their trading strategies and check if they are successful.

    By using the various features available, traders can learn how to trade for real without risking any money. Some of the features available include:

    • Traders can find almost all essential aspects of trading, like monitoring the forex market. They can also keep track of their order.
    • Additionally, market analysis tools and research products are also available under Vantage FX virtual trading. Traders can get familiar with these tools and follow up with trading.
    • The demo account also features MT4 and MT5, which are two trading terminals available under a forex
    • The best part is that Vantage FX virtual trading is not reliable but also user-friendly.
    • They can also check the multiple order types available.

    Above all, traders can access the various features through the trading platform. The parts are also likely to depend on the offerings available regarding the assets, spreads, financial instruments, etc.

    Vantage FX Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 5000

    The best part about the demo account is that there aren’t any charges applicable. But if traders want to trade on the live performance, they need to pay some bills.

    Some costs that traders need to pay include commission and spread charges.

    The charges applicable tend to be dependent on order quantity or asset.

    Besides that, the traders also need to spend some minimum account maintenance besides account opening charges. In addition, traders are obliged to pay fees for fund medium charges.

    Some mediums, including bank wire, tend to be chargeable.

    The best part is all the mediums are quick and secure.

    The broker offers $20000 virtual currency to spend them as per their comfort.

    Above all, this is one of the best ways where traders can prepare themselves for everything that the market is bound to throw at them.

    They don’t need to risk their hard-earned money at all.

    How to open a Vantage FX Demo Account?

    It is pretty easy and quick to open the Vantage FX demo account.

    All traders need to do is follow some basic steps. Next, the traders need to follow the steps online to access the Vantage FX demo trading platform.

    • Firstly traders need to visit the broker’s official website. On the landing page, they can click on the demo account option.
    • When they click on the demo account option, traders will see a popup form. They need to fill the form and submit it online.
    • The broker will connect with the trader once they submit the form. The traders also need to comply with the KYC process, which is virtually done.
    • EKYC is ideally all about verifying the trader’s identity details. They need to submit some copies of their identity and residence amid the company.
    • Finally, they are likely to get a call from the broker to complete the further process. The account will then be verified.
    • On verification, traders will get their account credentials besides another account.
    • Traders can use the same to start their trading process.

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    Advantages of Vantage FX Virtual Trading Platform

    The traders can easily access the trading platform once they open a trading account.

    Besides the trading account, the traders must have a demo account.

    When traders sign up for the demo account, they can avail a plethora of perks.

    It allows traders to get a real trading experience with virtual money.

    Traders can gain some experience without any risk.

    They can also test their marketing strategies here and learn which assets work the best for them.

    Additionally, traders are also free to check their past performance and understand where they go wrong.

    The account is likely to be the foundation for traders to improve their strategy and be market-ready.

    Vantage FX Demo Account – Conclusion

    The Vantage FX tends to be a perfect example of what a demo account must be.

    The report is not only completely free but also easy to use.

    By using the account, traders can get accustomed to the broker, which means they can get ready to start trading. The bill has everything that traders need to know about.

    The traders can become familiar with the various trading tools and indicators that they can use to automate trades.

    They can also learn how to read the markets. It is pretty easy to open the demo account here; all traders need is a valid email id and phone number to complete the verification process.

    Traders can upgrade to the live trading account once they feel they are market-ready.

    If traders have any troubles logging in to the demo account, they can connect with the customer support team.

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    Vantage FX Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Vantage FX trading account:

    Does Vantage FX provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, Vantage FX offers a demo account with some types of accounts that traders hold.

    Ideally, the demo account is available for both MT4 and MT5 trading terminals.

    Traders can choose any account as per their budget and needs.

    How to Set up a Vantage FX demo account?

    It is pretty easy to open a Vantage FX demo account.

    All traders need to do is follow some basic steps and submit the mandatory documents.

    When traders choose the demo account option, they will see a popup form that they need to fill and submit.

    Once they complete the EKYC process, they will get their account login credentials.

    Is Vantage FX Virtual Trading Account Free?

    When it comes to opening an account with the broker, there aren’t any charges applicable, but traders need to maintain the minimum balance account.

    Traders not only have to pay this at the start but also keep it all the while.

    The minimum amount tends to vary from account to account, so traders need to choose any account as per the budget.

    What are the fees of the Vantage FX Demo Account?

    There aren’t any charges applicable for the demo account.

    On the flip side, if traders choose a trading account, they need to pay some charges, including spreads, commission, or other charges.

    All these charges are floating, so traders need to consider them while opening an account.

    Is AMC levied on Vantage FX Virtual Trading Platform?

    There is no AMC levied on the virtual trading platform.

    It is mainly because the Vantage FX virtual trading platform is free to use.

    But if traders choose a live trading account, they must pay the AMC charges too.

    Is Vantage FX Trading Game best?

    Yes, of course, the vantage FX trading platform is fantastic without any second thoughts.

    It is mainly because the platform offers a demo account to the new traders or beginners, which allows them to be market-ready.

    Moreover, when traders use the demo account, they can access various features.

    Additionally, the platform is reliable and offers plenty of assets to its traders.

    What Documents are required for a Vantage FX Demo Account?

    The traders need to complete the Vantage FX demo account verification process to start trading here.

    They need to submit the documents which prove their identity and residence proof.

    Traders can also offer their credit card or bank account statement while opening an account here. The identity proof must be government-approved.

    Is PAN required for Opening  Vantage FX Virtual Account?

    Yes, the trader’s PAN CARD tends to play a crucial role in opening the vantage FX virtual account.

    This is because the traders need to offer a PAN Card to verify their financial status besides identity proof.

    Hence traders can also use the PAN card when traders ask them to prove their identity.

    Does Vantage FX Charge Demo Account Opening Fee?

    When it comes to opening a demo account, traders don’t need to pay any demo account opening fees.

    But if they trade with real money, they need to align with several charges.

    Besides that, they also need to ensure that their account has a minimum account balance.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in a Vantage FX Demo Account?

    Ideally, the trader offers $20000 as virtual money to trade in the Vantage FX Demo account. But the amount can vary from account to account.

    Additionally, the traders can use this virtual money to change here and learn how their strategies work here. Finally, they can learn how the market works.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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