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Looking for a platform to start trading? Look nowhere else as InvestMarkets brings one to you that is sure to multiply your finances.

InvestMarkets Demo account is one of the most trusted entryways into a global market. The users here can get hands-on experience of the forex trading process.

Using a demo account on this platform involves risk-free trading. It gives its users the freedom to plan new strategies, practice their tactics without a penny.

It eliminates the risk of incurring losses due to inadequate experience. InvestMarkets demo account allows its customers to get used to the platform’s interface.

It helps in understanding the functioning and is a luring option for new traders.

InvestMarkets Demo Account

A demo account is usually a free account type that is available to try and test out the stockbroker’s services.

InvestMarkets Demo Account or Virtual Trading PlatformIt is wholly virtual and does not need any amount of funds to start trading.

The demo account offers digital currency/ simulated money which the traders can use.

Such an account is capable of providing a real-life experience and is a great tool for beginners.

Everything in this account is like any real account but with fake money. InvestMarkets does not charge any fees for this account type.

It makes this a worthwhile option for anyone looking to learn trading from scratch.

Another catch here is that a user can access both the WebTrader as well as MT4 platform with their demo account. It makes understanding each other a lot easier.

So, leave all your worries about losing money while experimenting on InvestMarkets. Learn how to buy assets, make trades, and invest money, and much more without any risk involved.

It is best advised to open a demo account and devise trading strategies that earn high profits. Think no more and get started today with InvestMarkets.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    InvestMarkets Demo Account Features

    Now that we have acquainted ourselves with the demo account on InvestMarkets, let us also look at some of its features.

    Once opted for, the user is sure to be completely satisfied with the feature-rich platform. These features cater to all sorts of needs a trader can have on the trading platform.

    Along with that, keep in mind that a demo account is much like a real account. Thus, all its features are the same as that of a real account except for the funds involved.

    Below let us now look at some of the major highlights of the InvestMarkets demo account:

    • Opening a demo account is the same as opening a live trading account on InvestMarkets. A user can access the forex platform, carry out transactions, and keep an eye on the market’s situation.
    • The platform is user-friendly. It also provides many educational sources and materials to assist the new traders. The stockbroker also offers online support and entertains all queries.
    • A trader can work out various trading strategies and use different analysis tools.
    • The platform provides simulated funds and does not need any initial deposit. Such a feature is not available in a trading account. But the user cannot withdraw any profits earned while using the demo account.
    • Demo account on InvestMarkets allows access to both MT4 and WebTrader platforms. Traders can use and gain relevant experience with both platforms.
    • There are a lot of assets to invest in. It includes stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, and many others. This offers an all-rounded experience of transacting in assets.
    • The account is quite reliable, provides transparency, and ensures the security of trades. It makes the InvestMarkets demo account a preferable option for traders at different levels.

    InvestMarkets Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual MoneyUSD 5000

    In this section, we will learn about the charges associated with a demo account. To trade on forex, creating an account is mandatory.

    Opening an account usually deducts a fee/ charge and requires an initial deposit to trade. Not only that, but a live trading account also charges commission and spread charges as well.

    All these deductions make a demo account a better option for new investors who do not have the know-how.

    Other related charges include inactivity fees, broker’s charges, transaction costs. Another fee is payable on withdrawal after the user exhausts the free limit. In totality, trading ensures high returns but also leads to certain expenses.

    But here comes the good part, a demo account does not need any such payments. Along with that, a fixed amount is already deposited in the account.

    It is fake money and is spendable by traders to invest or buy assets. A user can not use this money for purposes other than trading for practice.

    InvestMarkets offers a demo account with a spendable amount of up to virtual $100,000. It does not mandate any initial payment to open a demo account.

    How to open InvestMarkets Demo Account?

    The entire process of opening a demo account with InvestMarkets is quite simple.

    For the user’s convenience, we have provided a way to open a demo account right from this page itself.

    Keep following the steps mentioned below and have a demo account opened in a matter of a few minutes. So, let us get started and understand how it goes.

    • To begin with, you need to locate the “Open an account” option that must be visible at the bottom of your screen. Locate it by scrolling below and click on it.
    • As and when you click on the option, a pop-up form will appear on the screen. You can also access this form from the stockbroker’s website as well.
    • Fill the form with correct information and details. You will have to enter your name, phone number, and email.
    • Accept the terms and conditions associated with the account. After checking the box and accepting it, submit the form.
    • Upon submitting, personnel from the company will get back to you in no time.
    • In a similar way, E-KYC is also carried out. Provide genuine identity and house details.
    • Finally, you will receive an email that will include your demo account number. It will also have an auto-generated password and an embedded link to access a personal area.
    • After verification, you are all set to use your demo account to try out trades and activities on the platform.

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    Advantages of InvestMarkets Virtual Trading Platform

    If you are a new trader or an experienced professional, trying out the platform and all its features is a must. Before actually investing your funds in assets, it is only wise to get familiar with a new interface. That is what a demo account does for you.

    Here we will have a quick look at what all major advantages are there of using a demo account type.

    • Having the same interface, features and assets makes it an almost real experience for the user.
    • It takes out the risk of losses or hasty decisions so there is no chance for you to lose any money.
    • Many resources and tools are available, making it convenient for the user.
    • A user can try or test out a new strategy and analyze the outcome before investing their money in the market.
    • Features like market analysis, daily live charts help in understanding the market better.
    • It is a great way for beginners to explore and gain confidence in their tactics, strategies.

    Keeping in mind the above-mentioned benefits, have a demo account opened today.

    InvestMarkets Demo Account – Conclusion

    Now that you know all that there is about the demo accounts, get started with your trading journey.

    We have provided you with an in-depth analysis of charges, features, and benefits of the same.

    The bottom line is that it is always better to try and test before dealing with real money. Not only does a demo account provide a big deposit amount, but it also is free of costs.

    To make the most out of trading on forex, one must definitely use this free opportunity.

    So, start trading using a demo account today. Once equipped with all the necessary knowledge and exposure, open a live account.

    InvestMarkets is one of the best in the market and is sure to bring you the best.

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    InvestMarkets Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the InvestMarkets virtual trading account:

    Does InvestMarkets provide a demo account?

    Yes, InvestMarkets provides a demo account along with other types of trading accounts.

    It is free of cost and targets new traders by providing them great growth opportunities.

    A demo account offers the same features and tools and also provides simulated money to trade.

    With a similar interface and tools, it is a good choice for beginners to practice.

    How to set up an InvestMarkets demo account?

    Opening a demo account on InvestMarkets is an easy process. Go to the official website and click on ‘open an account or click on the same option given at the bottom of this page.

    Fill the form and submit all details necessary. Once done, go through the KYC process and verify details. You will receive the account’s credentials via email.

    Is InvestMarkets virtual trading platform free?

    Yes, the InvestMarkets demo account is free of cost.

    The other account types include payment of charges, commission, and spreads.

    But the demo account does not charge anything from its users.

    A demo account user can perform everything that is accessible by a live trading account user. This is another added advantage available to users.

    What are the fees of the InvestMarkets demo account?

    There is no fee involved with a demo account on InvestMarkets.

    All the trading tools, options, and services available are free of any charge.

    There is no least deposit rule and anyone can get a demo account opened.

    It allows availing all features of a trading account without incurring any expenses.

    Is AMC levied on the InvestMarkets trading platform?

    No, InvestMarkets does not charge any AMC on its demo account. For a demo account, one need not pay any sort of charge.

    It does not ask for an opening fee or any maintenance fee either.

    A user can open an account by filling out a form and can start trading with ease. For other account types, an inactivity charge is deductible.

    Is the InvestMarkets demo account the best?

    Yes, the InvestMarkets demo account is one of the topmost stockbrokers in the industry.

    It provides a wide range of assets, minimal charges, and competitive leverage. The demo account includes live charts, market analysis, daily updates, and a lot more.

    All these features assist a trader in understanding the actual forex framework. With everything best in one place, InvestMarkets holds a name for itself in the market.

    What documents are required for an InvestMarkets demo account?

    While opening an account, a user must provide some documents.

    It can include government-oriented documents, identity proof, address proof, ID cards.

    It would be helpful to keep these documents handy while opening a demo account on the platform.

    Is PAN required for opening an InvestMarkets account?

    Yes, the broker requires you to provide residence, identity proofs. At the time of opening an account, the broker may ask for necessary documents. Keep your PAN card ready to go through the KYC and verification process in a smooth way.

    Does InvestMarkets charge demo account opening fees?

    No, InvestMarkets does not charge any opening fee for a demo account.

    There aren’t any types of charges involved with a demo account.

    It is free of cost and does not need any payments. A user can log in and practice trading.

    How much virtual money do you get in an InvestMarkets demo account?

    The platform provides a wholesome amount of $100,000 virtual funds to carry out trades.

    Such an amount is enough to buy many assets and understand the working of the platform.

    You can learn to carry out many transactions at a time and explore the world of forex trading with any risk.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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