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In this article, you will learn everything about NSDL or National Securities Depository Limited. NSDL is one of the largest deposit0ry in the world.

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About NSDL or National Securities Depository Limited

NSDL or National Securities Depository Limited is India’s largest and oldest depository. It was made for holding the stocks, bonds and for holding the securities which are traded in the market.

NSDL or National Securities Depository LimitedThis information is kept in computers. You can compare NSDL with a bank but the banks hold the money of the investors whereas NSDL keeps the stocks, bonds, shares, and other securities classes.

This organization was basically made to get rid of the paper and now everything is online.

Whenever investors buy securities they are automatically credited in the depository and when they are sold, they are debited from the account. Currently, NSDL is the biggest depository in India.

Through NSDL investors are able to check their investment records, and they can change their information according to them just by submitting relevant documents.

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    Benefits of NSDL

    Here, we have listed down few major benefits of NSDL –

    Immediate Transfer and Registration of Securities

    NSDL provides you immediate transfer and registration of securities, which means if you want to sell your security then the buyers will receive it immediately.

    As we confirm the owner of the security, the buyer will move the security. These securities, stocks, bonds, and shares are in electronic forms that’s why the transfer becomes fast and easy.

    Less Paperwork

    The securities, bonds, shares, and other things are in electronic forms so the physical paperwork becomes very less. Accessing and transferring of data becomes easy.

    There is no headache of keeping records in the register and changing them again and again. No peril of losing registers and papers in this. You can access the records in a fraction of the time.

    No bad Deliveries or Cash Benefit Transfer

    When there were no electronic methods, investors were purchasing securities without full knowledge.

    But, when NSDL came, this problem disappeared. Now buyers can read the securities on the website. So now there are no possibilities of bad deliveries.

    As NSDL came in the market, it made so many problems disappear and no-cash benefit transfer is one of them. NSDL allows investors to do no-cash benefits transfer such a bonus.

    So, now there is no need for paperwork and transfer is also fast. You do not need to worry about the security; as NSDL provides a secured payment gateway for transfer.

    Transferring your cash is made easy with NSDL and there is no need to keep records on them.

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    Services provided by NSDL

    Usually when sale is done and securities are transferred, most of them require stamp duty.

    But with NSDL there is no requirement of stamp duty as securities are transferred using electronic methods.

    There are some services which NSDL offers to its participants, and it is also providing three basic services in areas.

    Value-Added Services

    NSDL is providing some services to its participants and value-added services are one of them. Value-added services like hypothecation, pledge lending stocks.

    There are also some online services like SPEED-e and IDeAS, distribution of cash and non-cash benefits, and many other advantages.

    NSDL is also giving a facility that enables brokers to deliver the contract to custodians or managers electronically.

    There is one more facility that NSDL provides, which is STEADY (Security Trading-Information Easy Access and Delivery).

    This facility allows you to send digitally signed information with encryption across the market, through the internet.

    Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) by NSDL

    NSDL consolidated account statement (CAS) proposes the information about the security that investors own.

    It also allows you to keep the records of their investment and it keeps them up-to-date about further investments.

    When investors have all this information, they will be able to get it at any time.

    Reduction of Brokerage and Status Report

    As most of the work of NSDL happens online, transferring securities through depositories will reduce the paperwork and the records can be saved easily in electronic forms.

    If you don’t use NSDL then you need to find a broker and pay brokerage and the resulting charge of brokerage increases in this case.

    Using NSDL these costs can be decreased and it is beneficial for both brokers and investors. The risks also get less due to NSDL.

    Ease in the Change of Investor Details

    Before NSDL, the records are in the registers and if an investor wants to change his/her records such as an address, contact details, or any other details then they need to do some paperwork for this change.

    But on NSDL changing the records is very easy for any investor.

    The investor just needs to inform the depository participant and need to submit the relevant document and the information will get updated on the profile.

    Simplified process of Transmission

    The transmission of the shares held in the Demat form takes place by providing required documents to the depository participants.

    The transmission will show in all the companies where the investor is the owner of securities. NSDL removes all the traditional processes which we used for transmission of the shares.

    As the technology is growing, the traditional methods are vanishing and processes are getting fast due to advancement in technology.

    Most of the processes like uploading data, making a new account on NSDL and many more things are easy now.

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    Simplified Process for the Sale of Securities Held on Behalf of a Minor

    Minors can open both the Demat account as well as the Trading account. The guardians have the legal authority to create, function, and even terminate the account.

    The Guardians in the name of the minor can apply for IPO, OFS, and can even invest in shares and stocks through a broker.

    They can even invest in mutual funds. But they cannot make a payment from accounts other than that of the minor, and even they cannot participate in activities like intraday buying and selling.

    The process of opening a minor account includes initially registering by using their name, email id, and contact details of the guardian along with residential status.

    The second step involves filling the details of the minor and then uploading their documents. After uploading the documents, generate a pdf file and then upload that pdf file for verification.

    After verification, they need to take the print of all the documents and sign wherever required and also include the signature of two witnesses, and then pay the registration amount.

    The guardian of a minor does not need the permission of the court to sell the stocks. They can also choose to invest in securities in the Demat account on behalf of the minor.

    We do not need any prior approval from the court for selling securities held in Demat form purchased on behalf of a minor.

    Safety Measures taken by NSDL

    Here are some of the major safety measures taken by NSDL in order to safeguard consumer interests.

    Periodic Statement and Data Protection

    To give better control to the investors, depository participants need to work on periodic statements.

    NSDL is a very big organization which is providing so many services to the investors and it is dealing with lots of sensitive data.

    If you worry about your data then you should check out the security awareness here. NSDL has an encrypted end to end providing high-level security to your data.

    NSDL keeps checking its hardware, software, and security systems for better security and service.

    This depository has some of the best security systems in the world so you don’t need to worry about your data. It has encryption and other safety measures to protect the data from hackers.

    Computer and communication infrastructure and Backup

    The computer and communication infrastructure of NSDL is very modern and high-tech and secure as well. Software used by NSDL and its business partners is very fast, secure, and updated.

    Communication with investors and other users is very seamless and secure. NSDL is providing you a 24*7 facility of backing up your data. NSDL maintains a disaster backup to ensure the availability of data at any time.

    But, even if you lose your data due to some reason, you can always use the NSDL disaster backup site to retrieve your data as it is.

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    National Securities Depository Limited – Conclusion

    If depository participants want to check debit or credit card entry of the concerned account then they will have to take your permission to access it.

    You can trust on NSDL as it is the most secure, fast, and easy to use website for holding stocks, shares, bonds, and many more things.

    As NSDL is an online platform so checking the status report is easy for investors. The statements of accounts like transaction detail and other reports are easy to check on NSDL.

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