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We will cover each of the Best Position Trading Broker in India individually, look into their benefits and features offered for position trading.

We know that there are traders and then there are investors. The former buy and sell stocks daily while the latter buy and retain till the price reaches his desired level. 

However, there are stock market people who fall between these two categories. They are traders but Position Traders. 

You might be wondering what is that, isn’t it? So, in this article, you will get to know about position trading and its features and benefits.

And we will take you through the top ten brokers in the country who provide position trading facilities to their clients. 

This, we hope can help you find the best position broker in the country for your requirement.

Best Position Trading Broker in India – List Top 10 Position Trading Brokers

So, let us now see the top ten of these brokers and the benefits of position trading with them. 

Rank Top 10 Position Trading Brokers
1 Angel Broking
3 Zerodha
4 Sharekhan
5 Motilal Oswal
6 Upstox
7 HDFC Securities
8 ICICI Direct
9 Axis Direct
10 5Paisa

So, to start with we have Angel Broking, the largest stockbroker in the country that provides the most hassle-free position trading set up. Then comes IIFL and then there is Zerodha. 

Both are exceptional when it comes to position trading facilities. Sharekhan is placed at the fourth position for this service and then there is Motilal Oswal and others follow.

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    Let us see how these brokers facilitate the position traders with their products and services. 

    Angel Broking – Best Position Trading Broker in India

    Best Position Trading Broker in India - Top 10 Position Trading BrokersBeing the largest brokerage house in the country, it has one of the most effective setups for position trading.

    It has trading resources whether it is for fundamental research or technical. You get it all within the trading platforms they offer.

    They have registered with multiple exchanges so you can trade and take a position in the different markets as well and try different asset classes. 

    They charge a reasonable brokerage fee which is also a plus for the position traders as they are holding the shares for the long-term. 

    Angel Broking is also known for its effective security and safety of transactions and great Demat and trading services. 

    IIFL – Top Position Trading Broker in India

    IIFL is undoubtedly one of the most reputed brokerage houses in the country. 

    It is known for its research and advisory and thus you can expect to have great resources for your fundamental analysis from the trading platforms of this firm. 

    You need the same for picking up the stock/s you want to take a position in. Apart from these, IIFL provides effective technical analysis tools as well. 

    Then it provides various investment options to trade and takes position. You do not also need to worry about the charges towards brokerage as they charge very reasonably. 

    Zerodha – Top 10 Position Trading Broker in India

    Zerodha being the largest discount brokerage house in the country is known for its highly efficient and reasonable trading setup. 

    This is apt for position trading and when the brokerage charges are so low, you can optimize your profit the most. 

    So, with Zerodha, you can easily hold on to the stocks you picked and bought without thinking about the brokerage charges. 

    They also provide very advanced trading software on which you can get ample technical tools and financial resources for fundamental research. 

    Sharekhan – Best Position Trading Brokers

    Sharekhan is known for its efficient trading and Demat services. It is one of the most experienced brokerage houses in the country. 

    They focuse on research and analysis as well which can help you find the right stocks for position trading. 

    It has one of the best trading software which lets you use the technical analysis tools for predicting and analyzing the market trend and other aspects of the position trading. 

    So, with Sharekhan you can do a very efficient position trading, and that too within your budget. 

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    Motilal Oswal – Top Position Trading Brokers

    Motilal Oswal is a brand in the stock market with huge experience. It has one of the best trading platforms where you can efficiently and easily do position trading. 

    It has ample resources for you to do your research and analysis. Motilal Oswal charges quite reasonably as well that helps you to make more profit. 

    It is regarded as one of the best for position trading because of these facts such as trading software with various technical charts, indictors, reasonable charges, and others. 

    Upstox – Top 10 Position Trading Brokers

    Upstox is known for its tech-first approach which you would need for your position trading. In this type of trading, as you read above, technical analysis plays a great role. 

    With the various applications, trading platforms of Upstox, you can easily do all the research and analysis. 

    You have to pay very nominal charges for buying and holding the stocks as Upstox is a discount brokerage house. 

    HDFC Securities – Best Positional Trading Brokers

    HFDC Securities are at the 7th position in our list because of their various benefits for position trading. 

    It has a good trading platform, with lots of charts, technical analysis tools, resources for fundamental analysis and to top it all, various pocket-friendly brokerage plans. 

    It is one of the reputed financial organization which provides great services to the clients and focus on efficient and secure financial environment. 

    ICICI Direct – Top Positional Trading Brokers

    ICICI Direct is one of the premier brokerage houses which is providing position trading facilities. It is having various brokerage plans for trading. 

    You can select the one you think is better for your position trading strategies. There are multiple asset classes that you can explore on this platform. 

    There are various analytic tools to support your research for picking stocks.

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    Axis Direct – Top 10 Positional Trading Brokers

    Axis Direct is known for its efficient services at a low cost. It provides an abundance of opportunities and facilities to the position traders. 

    It has trading applications and software which are apt for position trading. You can figure out which stock to pick with their fundamental analysis tools and resources. 

    5Paisa – Best Position Trading Broker in India

    Finally, we have 5Paisa which is another discount brokerage house on this list. It is here because of its low brokerage charges and the facilities it provides to the position traders. 

    The advanced trading platforms with a lot of technical analysis tools and resources to pick and hold the stocks for the right time. 

    What is Position Trading? Who is a Position trading broker?

    Position Trading is a trading strategy where the traders buy and hold stocks for several weeks to months for the price to rise. 

    This is different from both investing and intraday trading. The difference with intraday trading is visible, but the line between position trading and investment is very thin. 

    The main difference is time again. Only long-term investors hold stocks for a period more than position traders do. 

    So, position trading is simply buying and holding stocks for a longer period. Then sell when the price increases as per the desired level of the trader. 

    Here the trader does not focus on the short-term fluctuations of the market. He or she is interested in the long-term prediction of the stock. 

    However, both technical and fundamental analysis helps here and we will see how in the section of the article. 

    So, position trading brokers, to simply put, are the brokerage houses that provide position trading options to the clients. 

    Here in this article, we have shortlisted ten of them who provide the facility in its best format. 

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    Features of Top Position Trading Brokers in India

    So, as we mentioned, in position trading, both fundamental and technical analysis is required because – 

    • Fundamental Analysis will help you to choose the right stocks. By right stock, we mean picking the stocks for buying which can yield a good and higher return in the future. This can be done by fundamental analysis only. 
    • Technical analysis will help you understand the trend of the market and the stock price movement. If there is any signal for a trend reversal, then position traders generally withdraw from the market. However, if it is not a short-lived trend reversal and a genuine one. 

    So, in position trading, both are required and you must have a trading platform that offers the best of both worlds. 

    Let us see the basic features of position trading in India

    • Firstly, position trading is a trading strategy that is the exact opposite of day trading. So, do not expect the day trading strategies to work for you in this segment of trading. 
    • The main motive or lookout of the position traders is trend development. By trend development we mean, price movement for a prolonged period which forms a trend. This is the main lookout for holding the stocks that are whether to stay or close the position according to the price movement. 
    • It put more weightage on the momentum style trading
    • The risk-reward factor plays a great role as well. They are taking more risk to earn higher profits. 
    • It is a bull-market strategy. This means when the market is rising or the stock price is increasing, position trading works best in that situation. In a bearish market, position trading doesn’t yield much profit. 

    Benefits of Position Trading

    The benefits of position trading are as follows – 

    • Your stress level is lesser than day traders. As you do not have to look for an entry-exit frequently. Since they take a position and hold on to them, they have time to lessen the pain of sudden spikes and falls in the market. 
    • Secondly, the position traders can get immune to the short-term market movements or fall in the market. They have room for witnessing the stock price to rise. 
    • Finally, they have also time for planning their exit from the market. They can exit when the time suits them. It is mainly on the price, that needs to be as per their anticipation or requirement. 

    Best Position Trading Broker in India – Conclusion

    In the end, we can say, position trading is worth your investment and time as it can help you earn a good return from the market. 

    However, you need the right brokerage house for the same. 

    Since, in position trading, everything matters from brokerage charges to the technical charts and tools and you need to find the best one for you. 

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