In this article, you will be reading about the Best Momentum Trading App in India which we have selected for this particular trading strategy.

Momentum trading has been becoming a popular trading strategy amongst Indian traders. It is because it helps them earn good profit from the market. 

Best Momentum Trading Apps in India - Top 10 Momentum Trading AppsThe trading strategy is also quite simple to execute. So, traders are taking this up for trading in stocks and other assets. 

Momentum trading, as the name suggests, works on the price momentum of the underlying asset.

So, to tap the price movement, monitor it, you need a solid trading platform, isn’t it? 

Out selection of the application depends on the number and quality of facilities/features it provides. 

We will discuss in this article, the advanced technology, features, and other aspects of these apps. 

We will then see which app has the highest number of features required for momentum trading and accordingly our ranks are given.

Best Momentum Trading App in India – List of Top 10 Momentum Trading Apps

Here, we can now see which are the best apps in the market for momentum trading.

First, we have the application and trading platforms of Angel Broking. This broker being the best in the market provide the best possible services on their application for momentum traders. 

Then we have the Kite app of Zerodha and IIFL Market app in the second and third positions. These three apps are the most suitable ones for momentum trading. 

Then comes the Upstox Pro App, Sharekhan App, and ICICI Direct, Axis direct, and others which also have multiple features and facilities to assist the momentum traders in their trades.

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    Now, lets have a deep dive into these Top Momentum Trading Apps.

    Angel Broking App – Best Momentum Trading App in India

    Angel Broking provides multiple trading software including a trading terminal, Angel broking App, browser-based application for momentum trading. 

    You can use all the technical analysis tools, features mentioned above with the Angel broking app. 

    You can use the moving averages, stochastic oscillators, and all the other tools we mentioned above. This app provides the best possible platform for momentum trading.

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    Zerodha Kite App – Top Momentum Trading App in India

    Zerodha Kite is one of the best trading software in the market as of now. It has highly advanced trading features. It has one of the most powerful interfaces as well. 

    This app helps you to enter and exit the market at the right time by using the oscillators, indicators available in it. Kite app has multiple tools and features for momentum trading.

    IIFL Markets App – Top 10 Momentum Trading App in India

    IIFL Market app is the mobile trading platform offered by IIFL. It also has a trading terminal and another platform for momentum trading. 

    However, the mobile trading app that is IIFL Markets app is enough for momentum trading. 

    It has all the features you require for momentum trading and that we have mentioned above. It has different charts with multiple indicators. 

    Upstox Pro App – Best Momentum Trading Apps

    Upstox Pro App is one of the favorite amongst the momentum traders in the present market scenario. 

    It has different tools which include the momentum indicator – the most vital tools for this strategy. Then it has moving averages-based indicators, RSI, and others. 

    The app is superfast and at the same time glitch-free. It provides a very smooth experience for the traders.

    It has live streaming features, real-time price integration on the charts, and others. 

    Sharekhan App – Top Momentum Trading Apps

    The trading application provided by the famous brokerage house for momentum trading – Sharekhan is one of the best in the market. 

    It comes with various features that not only include basic technical analysis tools. It includes advanced analytical tools for analyzing the markets and the underlying asset’s price movement strength. 

    This app is very easy to use, there are hardly any glitches and server issues. The security level of encryption is also up to the mark. 

    ICICI Direct App – Top 10 Momentum Trading Apps

    ICICI Direct is known for its trading software and ICICI Direct app is one of the best software for momentum trading in India. 

    It has multiple features that are required for momentum trading such as stochastic oscillators, a Relative strength index to measure the strength of the trend and others. 

    MO Trader App – Best Momentum Trading Applications

    Motilal Oswal has come up with their MO Trader app for momentum trading. It has different features out of the ones we have mentioned above that are mandatory for momentum trading. 

    They have moving averages for indicating the entry and exit from the market, oscillators, and many other features.

    It also has a trading terminal, a web-based platform for momentum trading as well. 

    Axis Direct App – Top Momentum Trading Applications

    Axis Direct app is in the eighth position in our list because of the ample features and facilities it provides for momentum trading. 

    They have different charts in which you can use the indicators, oscillators to find out the right entry-exit levels. It has a user-friendly interface as well. 

    Kotak Stock Trader App – Top 10 Momentum Trading Applications

    In the 9th position, we have Kotak Stock Trader App. This app is regarded as one of the best software for momentum trading because it has different features that you use for momentum trading. 

    This type of trading require technical analysis tools, you have almost all of them in this app that we have listed above.

    From the MACD to the Candlesticks, this app has it all. 

    HDFC Securities App – Best Momentum Trading App in India

    Finally, we have the HDFC Securities app which is also a great platform for momentum traders. It has live streaming of the stock prices, charts with integrated real-time prices. 

    You can use the different indicators and tools for analysis on these charts to find out the entry-exit points in the market.

    Know about Momentum Trading App & its Workings

    Momentum Trading involves a lot of technical analysis and thus you need strong and advanced trading software and application. 

    Momentum Trading apps are designed with such features to help you understand the price trends in the market by analyzing the volatility, volume, and time frame. 

    These three are the most important factor to look for when doing momentum trading. 

    These apps work around the concepts of technical analysis tools. For instance, they use the moving averages indicators, charts, and others.

    We will be discussing the features in detail in the section below.

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    Features for Best Momentum Trading Apps

    The momentum trading app that you must choose should have the following features – 

    Relative Strength Index (RSI)

    It is a momentum-based technical indicator. It provides signals for buying and selling the asset and has an oscillator that moves from 0 to 100.

    The points are plotted on a chart for understanding the buy and sell signals. 

    Stochastic Oscillator

    In momentum trading, you need this oscillator as well. This is to understand the situation of the asset in the market.

    It shows overbought if the oscillator moves above 80 and oversold if the line of the oscillator is below 20.

    This calculation is completely based on a high and low price range for a particular period along with the last closing price of the asset.

    Momentum Indicator

    If you are doing momentum trading, the most important feature on your trading application should be this indicator.

    This tells the trader about the market condition – overbought or oversold.

    This helps in understanding the potential price direction and trend and most importantly the strength of the price movement. 

    Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

    It is another crucial feature or tool that should be in the trading application you are using.

    This uses two moving averages – Faster and Slower EMAs along with a signal line. It is used for analyzing the price momentum as well as predict a trend reversal. 

    Commodity Channel Index

    This indicator uses closing, high and low prices of the asset (last traded price) for finding the moving averages.

    This MA helps in finding the mean deviation of the average price. This in turn help in understanding the market condition – overbought or oversold.

    If the CCI has crossed the mark of 100, then it is overbought and oversold when CCI is lesser than 100. 

    Candle Stick Strategy

    Candle Stick strategy make use of the candlesticks (bars) patterns. These are also known as candlestick momentum which helps in detecting the positions for entering and exiting the market. 

    Pullback Strategy

    Your trading software should also have a pullback strategy. This strategy helps in entering the market when the market pullback from a primary trend. 

    Momentum Breakouts

    Momentum breakouts find the break in the trend to enter the market. 

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    Best Momentum Trading App – Conclusion

    To conclude, we can say, for momentum trading you must choose the trading app very wisely. It should have as many features as possible for benefiting you in momentum trading. 

    In momentum trading, technical analysis tools are very important as everything depends on the analysis of the price trend and its strength. 

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