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In this article, you will read about Best Scalping Broker in India, whose scalping trading facility is top notch and most sought after.

There are multiple strategies and ways to trade in the stock market and one of them is Scalping. There are many brokerage houses in the country which provide this facility to their clients. 

We will be discussing the top ten brokerage houses with the best scalping facility. We will be pointing out the advantages of trading with each of them when it comes to scalping. 

So, let us first see these top 10 brokerage houses which are famous for their scalping facility.

Best Scalping Broker in India – List of Top 10 Scalping Brokers

Scalping is a process of trading where small and frequent trades are executed. Scalping makes a profit from small changes in the price of the stock. 

So, the trader places multiple orders when he or she witnesses or anticipates a change in the market and if it gets executed, profit can be generated. 

Here the exit strategy needs to be very strict to reduce the chances of losing money in scalping.

Now let us see which is the top scalping broker in the country and the title undoubtedly goes to the country’s largest brokerage house Angel Broking. 

In the second position, there is another stock market giant Motilal Oswal whose scalping facility is too much popular.

The third place is taken by IIFL and then Zerodha is there in the fourth position. 

All these brokers along with the others which will discuss in the latter part of the article provide quality scalping trading facilities to the clients.

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    Let us now see what facilities they provide individually to the clients regarding scalping trading. 

    Angel Broking – Best Scalping Broker in India

    Best Scalping Broker in India - Top 10 Scalping BrokersAngel Broking is the largest brokerage house in the country with one of the highest number of clients in the active trading and investment market. 

    It provides a scalping facility to the client who wants to opt for the same.

    It is regarded as the best scalping broker in the country because it provides less risk in trading. 

    Scalping strategies help the traders to reduce their risk and optimize the profits. There are strict exit points for reducing your losses. 

    There is next to nil market risk. One can use the stop-loss as well for minimizing the risk further. It helps in making a profit from small changes in the price of the stocks. 

    Motilal Oswal – Top 10 Scalping Broking in India

    The second position is taken by Motilal Oswal. It is one of the biggest stockbrokers in the country by every means. 

    It also has a huge client base out of which many are interested in scalping trading.

    Motilal Oswal provides one of the best platforms for scalping trading as they have multiple strategies to apply to make the scalping trading profitable. 

    When you use a scalping strategy on the Motilal Oswal platform, you do not have to think about the market direction. It is a non-directional strategy. 

    So, whether the market is bullish or bearish, you can use a scalping strategy in both markets and make a profit out of it. You can benefit from when the market tops and also when it crashes. 

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    IIFL Securities – Top Scalping Broker in India

    In the third position, IIFL is another great broker for scalpers. Scalpers are the traders who use the scalping strategy. 

    So, scalpers get multiple benefits by scalping on IIFL platforms as the brokerage house provides great research resources for analyzing the price movement. 

    You can use the automation to set your scalping strategy on the trading platform and then you need not worry anymore. 

    The strategy will automatically get implemented and if the strategy fits right into the market, you can make a profit. Scalping strategies are very easy in themselves and easier to automate. 

    Zerodha – Best Scalp Trading Broker in India

    The fourth position is taken by Zerodha, the largest discount brokerage house in the country with the highest number of active clientele. 

    Zerodha has set the benchmark in most of the sectors of the stock market and in scalping trading too. 

    Clients like the scalping facility of Zerodha quite a bit because of its highly advanced trading platforms where the strategies can be automated easily. 

    Yes, you can set the scalping strategies right into the trading system and wait for it to get executed. 

    Further, Zerodha provides cheap brokerage offers so trading multiple times won’t be an issue with Zerodha. 

    Upstox – Top Scalp Trading Broker in India

    Upstox is the fifth-best scalping brokerage house in the country. Being the most technically advanced broker in the country, it is an obvious choice by the scalping traders. 

    The main reason is the strategies of scalping can be well synchronized in the trading platform. 

    The trading platforms are highly advanced, and thus, you can easily feed the scalping strategy you want to apply to the market.

    This reduces the risk of the trade, also the time taken to apply the strategy optimizing the profits. 

    Since the scalping profit comes from small price moves, the brokerage also needs to be small, isn’t it? That is what Upstox do, charges a minimal brokerage from scalpers. 

    Sharekhan – Top 10 Scalp Trading Broker in India

    Sharekhan is a brand in the stock market. It has one of the widest arenas in the country and an abundant range of services. Scalping is a part of Sharekhan’s services. 

    With scalping on the Sharekhan platform, you can make a profit from the slow market as well. Yes, it is possible even if there is a minute change in the market. 

    As you can multiply the profit as many times as your scalp. When the market is slow, scalpers still can churn profit by placing multiple bids. 

    With Sharekhan you can learn a lot about scalping from their knowledge bank. They charge reasonably for the scalping facility from the clients. 

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    ICICI Direct – Best Scalping Brokers

    In the seventh position, there is ICICI Direct as the best scalping broker in the country. It is a good scalping broker due to its wide range of investment options. 

    It offers great brokerage as well which is affordable. In ICICI Direct, when you apply scalping strategy, you can expect to make a profit 80% of the time. 

    As here you are capitalizing on the short-term price movement, most of the time, the prediction is correct. 

    On top of that, you get great trading platforms to automate your scalping strategy. 

    Axis Direct – Top Scalping Brokers

    Axis Direct is the eighth-best scalping broker in the country. It is known for its simple and easy to use scalping strategy which can also be automated on the trading platform. 

    Here, you do not need a huge capital to start scalping. You can start scalping with minimal capital. You can make a profit from most of the trades. 

    There are multiple investment options and the brokerage house provides great research facilities. This can help you in understanding the market as well. 

    5Paisa – Top 10 Scalping Brokers

    5Paisa offers scalping trading being a discount brokerage house as well. It offers great facilities starting from the trading platforms to the brokerage charges for scalping. 

    You can automate your scalping strategy on the trading platform of 5Paisa. You also do not have to worry about the limit of trades on 5Paisa. 

    There is an abundance of trade limits available for scalpers. You can invest a small amount and start scalping with 5Paisa.

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    HDFC Securities – Best Scalping Broker in India

    HDFC Securities is the tenth best brokerage house known for scalping facilities in India. It provides reasonable brokerage plans for scalping. 

    It also helps the scalpers to automate their strategies on the trading platform. This can maximize the profit of the traders. The trade limit is huge with HDFC Securities for scalpers. 

    There are various research tools to use to make your strategy full-proof. You can start with a nominal capital and make a profit from most of the trades. 

    Best Scalping Brokers in India – Conclusion

    To conclude, we observed, that scalping is quite popular with Indian traders and the most sought-after brokers for scalping are Angel Broking, Motilal Oswal, Zerodha, and others as mentioned above. 

    The best thing about scalping is that you do not need a huge capital to start. You can make a profit from the slow, falling market as well. You can automate your scalping strategy and start trading.

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