In this article, you will read about Best Momentum Trading Broker in India. Momentum trading is one of the frequently used strategies in the Indian stock market.

We will discuss its features and other aspects. Then you will read about the top ten brokers in India who provide Momentum trading facility. 

We will elaborately discuss the features and facilities of these brokers regarding momentum trading. We will also rank them according to the quality of service they provide in this field. 

All in all, you can get a fair idea of the best Momentum Trading brokers in India from this article.

Best Momentum Trading Broker in India – Lis of Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers

So, now as you know about momentum trading and its features and benefits, let us see the brokers who provide this facility.

We have Angel Broking, IIFL, and Zerodha at the top three positions respectively. They provide innumerable services and trading facilities for momentum trading. 

Following them, there are Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, and Upstox which are also quite good when it comes to momentum trading. 

Finally, we have HDFC Securities, ICICI Direct, Axis Direct, and 5Paisa for momentum trading and they are also quite good with their services pertaining to this kind of trading. 

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    Now let us see which broker provides which facility and how you can benefit from them for momentum trading. 

    Angel Broking – Best Momentum Trading Broker in India

    Best Momentum Trading Broker in India - Top 10 Momentum Trading BrokersAngel Broking as you may know is the largest brokerage house in the country at present. It provides a momentum trading facility to its clients. 

    It has multiple asset categories to trade in and thus you can select your underlying asset as per your choice.

    Then it has multiple advanced level trading software that can help you in momentum trading. 

    For instance, you need a good trading terminal to monitor the volume of the underlying asset for momentum trading. 

    It provides its services at a very reasonable cost which also benefits the momentum traders.

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    IIFL Securities – Top Momentum Trading Broker in India

    IIFL is a renowned brokerage house that you may know. It provides multiple trading facilities, out of which momentum trading is one. 

    For momentum trading, you need to select your asset very wisely. IIFL can help you with that as IIFL’s research and advisory services are globally popular and acknowledged. 

    You need to define your asset selection criteria for a better choice of the asset. It can be done with adequate volume, a higher degree of volatility, and others. 

    You can set these criteria for choosing the right asset with IIFL. 

    Zerodha – Top 10 Momentum Trading Broker in India

    In the third position, we have India’s largest discount brokerage house – Zerodha.

    It provides a top-notch trading system where you can set different criteria for selecting your asset for momentum trading. 

    They also has different risk management tools which are also very important for momentum trading. 

    It has ample technical tools and charts for analyzing the market and finding the best entry-exit levels. 

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    Sharekhan – Best Momentum Broker in India

    Sharekhan is in the fourth position which provides multiple facilities for momentum trading. 

    It has one of the best risk management strategies, rules, and tools for mitigating most of the risks involved in momentum trading. 

    You can easily use these tools for reducing the risk of momentum trading.

    Apart from that, it provides  various technical analysis tools as well which you need to use for understanding the volatility, volume, and other factors of momentum trading. 

    Motilal Oswal – Top Momentum Broker in India

    Motilal Oswal is known for its services in the momentum trading sector. It provides a great platform for momentum trading via various resources and facilities. 

    It also has great risk management tools and technical charts, indicators. You can easily find out the adequate volume, volatility for your selection of assets. 

    You can monitor the market easily with their applications. They provide multiple brokerage plans as well and you can choose the one which suits your pocket. 

    Upstox – Top 10 Momentum Broker in India 

    Upstox being a discount brokerage house also has great facilities for momentum trading.

    First and foremost it has advanced trading software, then it has very cheap brokerage charges and other facilities. 

    You can easily find out, monitor, and trade on the Upstox platform. For reducing the risk involved in momentum trading, you have risk management tools as well.

    HDFC Securities – Best Momentum Trading Brokers

    HDFC Securities is a full-time brokerage house with different services and products. You can choose multiple assets for momentum trading here. 

    The trading platforms have most of the required tools and services required for momentum trading like risk management tools, charts, technical indicators, and others. 

    The broker provides a different scheme for the brokerage as per the investment requirement.

    ICICI Direct – Top Momentum Trading Brokers

    ICICI direct is one of the largest private brokerage houses in the country. It is known for its multiple financial services and momentum trading as well. 

    ICICI Direct has great means for momentum trading such as multiple assets/ investment options for selecting the right underlying asset. 

    It also charges a reasonable brokerage fee. It has a different advanced trading platform as well. 

    Axis Direct – Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers

    Axis Direct is placed at 9th position in our list as it provides good facilities for momentum trading if not all. 

    It also has different assets out of which you can choose your underlying asset for momentum trading. 

    It provides brokerage schemes that you can choose according to your budget of investment.

    5Paisa – Best Momentum Trading Broker in India

    5Paisa is a discount brokerage house with various advanced facilities especially when it comes to the trading software for momentum trading. 

    It can help you do momentum trading at very cheap brokerage rates which is one of the biggest advantages. On top of that, it also provides multiple choices in underlying assets.

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    What is Momentum Trading?

    Momentum trading is a trading strategy to find out entry and exit from the market using the strength of the underlying asset. 

    The traders use the same for taking a position in the market and exiting it when necessary. The basic idea behind this strategy is if the price is moving upward, it will increase further, and vice versa. 

    To put it in simple words, traders using this strategy believe and look for stocks whose momentum is high. 

    If the momentum is on the higher end then whether the price moves upward or downward, it will continue to do so for a prolonged period.

    There are two types of momentum trading – 

    • Absolute momentum trading 
    • Relative Momentum Trading

    Features of Momentum trading

    The three things which are the main aspects of momentum trading are – 

    Volatility – Volatility is very important in momentum trading. It is which describes the potential profits of the trades. It also helps you understand the potential loss. 

    Volume – Volume means the number of units of the underlying asset being bought and sold for a period. If the volume is high, the momentum is higher and vice versa. 

    Time frame – Finally we have a time frame that defines the strength of the momentum as well. 

    Benefits of Momentum Trading

    There are certain benefits of momentum trading which are – 

    • If the traders can take a position within the right time frame, momentum trading can earn you great profits. 
    • While volatility plays against the investors and traders in a different scenario, here in momentum trading it is a boon. You can churn out profits using the volatility. With adequate volatility in the market, you can make higher profits. 

    Best Momentum Trading Broker – Conclusion

    To conclude, we can say, each of the brokers is having great services available for momentum trading. They are having advanced tools, resources for finding the right asset. 

    Then, they also have multiple trading platforms with advanced technology and reasonable brokerage charges as well. 

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