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In this article, we will be discussing the Best Position Trading App in India. We will be shortlisting ten such application and trading software which are best suited for position trading.

Position Trading requires good trading software and application. As you need to monitor the trend of the market often if not always. So, a handy mobile trading application is required. 

Along with that, trading terminal and other software for a smooth trading experience. 

We will first see the Ranking of Apps, then requirements of the position trading application.

Post that, we have benefits and then we will see which broker’s application and trading software fulfil those criteria.

So, let us start with the position trading app and its features.

Best Position Trading App in India – Top 10 Position Trading Apps

Now, let us see those ten apps which provide these features and benefits for position trading.

We have first on our list Angel Broking App followed by Zerodha Kite App and IIFL Markets App. 

These three are the best and top trading applications for position trading. These provide all the features that you read above.

Then come to the Upstox, Sharekhan, and ICICI Direct app, which are also fairly good and they also provide an abundance of features for position trading.

Finally, there are Motilal Oswal, Axis Direct, Kotak, and HDFC Securities app which are good for position trading. 

They provide little fewer features but you can manage and do position trading well using these apps as well.

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    Now let us see these apps individually and check their features and why they are suitable for position trading.

    Angel Broking App – Best Position Trading App in India

    Best Position Trading App in India - Top 10 Position Trading AppsFirst, we have the Angel Broking application which is ranked as the top position trading app. 

    The reason for being the best is providing the best of everything, whether it is technical analysis tools or fundamental research resources. 

    Then multiple charts, indicators, and everything you need for position trading. 

    As you may know, Angel broking is one of the topmost brokerage houses and thus you can expect a glitch-free trading experience. 

    They provide great security and encryption measured for securing your funds and transaction as well.

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    Zerodha Kite App – Top Position Trading App in India

    The next up is the Zerodha Kite app. You may know that Kite is one of the best trading apps in all sense at present in the Indian trading sphere. 

    Kite has innumerable features, high-level encryption, security measures, resources, and tools for all types of analysis. This app provides the best ground for position trading. 

    You can also use the mobile version to keep updated about the market all the time. Kite is also one of the most advanced trading apps in the market at present.

    IIFL Markets App – Top 10 Position Trading App in India

    IIFL Market app is highly advanced, customizable, and very user-friendly. This app has features that are required by the position traders. 

    It has multiple technical charts with integrated technical indicators. This will help you understand the support and resistance of the market, the trend in the market, and everything else.

    IIFL Markets app also has various fundamental research resources. It is known for its research and advisory and thus they have great resources for your analysis. 

    You would need the same for picking the right stock for position trading.

    Upstox Pro App – Best Position Trading Apps

    Upstox as you may know is having the best trading platforms if compared based on technological advancement. 

    It is indeed a tech-first brokerage house (discount broker) that provides ultimate trading software for position trading. 

    The mobile application is also highly advanced and has most of the features that are required by you for position trading. 

    For instance, it has charts, technical indicators, and such options in the mobile trading application also. 

    So, you can freely buy and hold and monitor your stock-holding for position trading using the Upstox Pro app.

    Sharekhan App – Top Position Trading Apps

    Sharekhan is a known stockbroker with multiple trading software options. You need to choose the one you want to use for position trading or you can use all of them. 

    They have a trading terminal, a trading web-based platform, and also a mobile application. They provide multiple stocks and asset classes to take a position in. 

    You can use technical tools like indicators, support, and resistance feature. This will help you analyze the market trend, and plan your entry and exit from the market.

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    ICICI Direct App – Top 10 Position Trading Apps

    ICICI Direct App is a great application too for position trading. It has an abundance of features like a customizable market watch, live streaming, fundamental reports. 

    There are research reports, technical analysis tools, and others. You can use the app or the terminal for buying the stocks you have picked up for trading. 

    Then you can monitor the same on your mobile application. Using the technical indicators you can find the right time to enter the market which is crucial in position trading. 

    It is also important to exit the market at the right time which you can also do using the technical analysis tools.

    MO Trader App – Best Position Trading Applications

    Motilal Oswal is a well-known trader with multiple trading and investment services and products. Their trading software is one of the most sought after in the market. 

    These applications and software are pretty good when it comes to position trading.

    There are features including charts, indicators, financial news, live streaming, research reports, and many others. 

    So, you do both fundamental and technical analysis using the app of Motilal Oswal or MO trader App.

    Axis Direct App – Top Position Trading Applications

    Axis Direct offers an application for your smartphone which can be used for position trading. 

    As you have seen above, in position trading, you need technical analysis tools for predicting the trend. 

    Here the app has moving average indicators which is the most used indicator in position trading. 

    Axis Direct App offers many other features which include a customizable market watch as well.  

    You can place the stocks you want to monitor and add or remove them anytime. Then the app has a good interface as well.

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    Kotak Stock Trader App – Top 10 Position Trading Applications

    In the 9th position, we have Kotak Stock Trader App. Position traders can really like this app because it has multiple tools and resources for technical as well as fundamental analysis. 

    You need both for position trading, isn’t it? So, you can use the moving average strategy, support resistance, and many other such facilities using this app.

    HDFC Securities App – Best Position Trading App in India

    Finally, we have HDFC Securities App which is also an efficient application for position trading. It has features like different technical indicators, moving average is one of them. 

    Then the app has charts with real-time updates. Then you use the market watch to monitor the stocks you have taken position. 

    Since, position traders requires these features, they can trade easily on this platform.

    What are Position Trading App?

    Position trading is quite different from day trading and also from investment. Thus, the apps required for position trading also need to match the criteria. 

    Trading software provided by the brokers is not always suitable for position trading. 

    Supposedly, if trading software has no financial research reports or such option which are required for fundamental analysis, then it can be difficult for the position trader to trade. 

    We will explain why it can be difficult in the later section of the article.

    So, we have shortlisted ten such application which is meant for position trading. We have shortlisted based on such features and criteria and those are mentioned in the section next to this.

    Features of Best Position Trading Apps in India

    For position trading, you require certain features in your trading system/application which are –

    Fundamental Analysis resources

    So, to start with, we have fundamental analysis resources.

    By this we mean the trading platform must have a financial report, statements, and other information related to the stocks that you want to trade.

    There must be proper research articles and stock market news archive. It is important because for stock picking you need to use fundamental analysis.

    Technical analytical tools

    The next step and the most vital one in position trading is technical analysis. You would need Technical analysis for predicting market trends and their reversal.

    For this, you need various technical analysis tools like technical indicators and others.

    Customizable Interface and Market Watch

    The trading application you are using must be very user-friendly and also customizable. You need to customize your market watch as per the need of your position trading.

    Technical Charts

    Now, this is one of the most important features of position trading. Though it comes under technical analysis, it requires a special mention.

    You need various types of charts to analyze the market trend, price movement of the stocks, and other things that are necessary for the market.

    Moving Average

    In position trading, you need to use a moving average to predict the market trend. Your trading software must have a moving average technical indicator.

    Support and Resistance

    Another vital thing or strategy to be used in position trading is support and resistance. You need to use the technical charts and indicators for finding out these two levels.

    So, there are various features that your trading application must have to provide the best possible environment for position trading.

    Now let us see the benefits of using the suitable application for position trading –

    • If you have proper trading software for position trading, you can monitor the market from anywhere. You do not need to sit in front of the desktop to monitor it every time.
    • The technical analysis tools will help you to gauge the market and choose and make your moves.

    Best Position Trading App in India – Conclusion

    So, to conclude, we can say, at present, these ten trading apps are most suitable for position trading. 

    You can trade, analyze, take a position, and sell when required by using the different features of these applications. 

    You need to choose the one which fits your requirement right. We hope the article above can help you choose the right one wisely.

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