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Find out everything about Fortrade Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform.

Early preparation can increase your odds of succeeding in trading. But it’s worth keeping in mind that no one is coming to guide for a robust preparation.

You are the only one who can be the best teacher of your own. For that, you can also seek help from the demo account for an initial push.

Simply tap into a demo account and raise your familiarity with trading activities. And the best thing is, you can find this virtual trading account in your existing trading platform.

Such as, if you are an existing user of Fortrade, you are already eligible to access Fortrade Demo Account.

But what actually does this demo account have to offer to its users? How far can one go with the Fortrade Virtual Trading Platform to test trading moves?

This article has rounded up some of the best reviews on it that you must know.

Fortrade Demo Account

With so many attractive offers hitting the market daily by online brokers, many people enter a trading platform assuming that it can be a money-making machine.

ForTrade Demo AccountBut the reality is pretty different. Trading carries enough potential that it can put a pause on your wealth-craving thirst.

But you can get desired outcomes from trading only when you dive in and experience the real market.

Now you might think it will make a significant investment which is risky because many traders claim that they had made a big loss when they were just learners. But not everyone essentially builds the same story.

Today virtual trading platforms such as Fortrade Demo Account have brought a remarkable transition in how you were used to learning to trade before.

The demo account can be the best explanation of how you can trade and become an expert at trade at the same time.

To simply put, Fortrade Virtual Trading is free to use and allows you to trade in real-market conditions without putting even a single penny at risk.

But in addition to this significant plus point, there’s a lot to add to the list of features that the demo account serves.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    Fortrade Demo Account Features

    Here are all those incredible features of Fortrade Demo Account that insist traders access this virtual account service before any trading facility offered by the broker.

    Easy To Access

    The Fortrade demo account is easy to access.

    You can trade assets in the desired quantity for the desired amount in no time, no matter which device you are on.

    From the desktop, mobile to the tablet screen, you can kick start your virtual trading journey at Fortrade using any device.

    User-Friendly Interface

    The interactive interface ensures smooth trade execution.

    Learning the ins and outs is simple since you receive real-time market insights along with tools and indicators for price action analysis.

    Apart from that, stop loss and take profit are also available.

    Try For Free

    The best thing about the Fortrade Virtual Trading Platform that compels a new user to think about the Fortrade demo account is that it is free.

    You pay for a real trading account and not for a demo account which is a plus point.

    A $10,000 virtual currency offering allows you to learn trading without realizing the need for investment capital.

    Try Without Risk

    You play at zero risks since you don’t submit your personal details and investment capital, which is a great advantage.

    However, your email address will be required for log-in.

    Live Support

    This isn’t just a demo account but a comprehensive learning solution because the broker offers you live support.

    Fortrade Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual MoneyNA

    No wonder you might still have some doubts to clear regarding the Fortrade Demo Account.

    Fortrade is an all-time favorite online trading platform for many traders out there.

    Specifically for a reason as the broker follows a reasonable commission and charges system.

    You can trade multiple assets via this single online trading platform, but for that, you need to maintain a minimum balance in your trading account.

    But luckily, you aren’t bound to pay these charges or maintain a minimum balance in a demo account.

    The demo account is a free service by Fortrade offered to give you practical training on how to trade assets online.

    You can play at lowest to highest risk and learn how to secure profits since you aren’t putting your real money in.

    The demo comes along with $10,000 pre-filled virtual currency, ensuring you receive a real trading experience.

    How to open Fortrade Demo Account?

    Before moving on to the demo account opening process, it’s worth noting that you aren’t required to submit a minimum deposit or documents to access the demo account facility by Fortrade.

    All it takes is your valid email id and a secure password that you will be further using in the process. Now you can open a demo account.

    • First, select the desired trading platform, web, or app (web trading platform can be accessed on all devices, but the app is provided for mobile users alone)
    • Access trading service via website or mobile app
    • In the upper menu, you’ll see the “Open account” option, so click on it
    • Two options, “Real” and “Demo”, will appear on your screen in the drop-down menu
    • Choose Fortrade Demo Account to access virtual trading facility
    • Sign-in to the Fortrade trading platform using the email address and password

    As soon as your log-in details are successfully submitted, your account is proved.

    After that, you can embark on your journey with the Fortrade Virtual Trading platform in no time.

    No wonder the process is straightforward.

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    Advantages of Fortrade Virtual Trading Platform

    Now let’s round up the key benefits of using the Fortrade Virtual Trading Platform.

    Why should you consider it, and what are the most significant advantages attached to it? Let’s unfold.

    • The virtual trading account comes along with a $10,000 pre-filled currency
    • Refillable currency is a plus point
    • Access to trading tools and indicators available
    • Allow you to trade any asset in the demo account
    • No-risk trading platform
    • Access through a simple sign-up
    • No documents are required
    • 100% secure and licensed brokerage firm
    • Live support in the demo account
    • Educational services are also offered alongside
    • Switch to a real trading account on one-click

    Fortrade Demo Account – Conclusion

    Now that you have found some biggest benefits of using the Fortrade Demo Account and got your entire doubts cleared that you might have related to Fortrade services, it’s time to wrap some final opinions on it.

    The Fortrade demo account is easy to access on any device.

    Without worrying about complex document submissions and surplus investment capital, you can enter a demo account and grab the best practical experience online.

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    Fortrade Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Fortrade demo account:

    Does Fortrade Provide Demo A/C?

    Yes, Fortrade provides demo account facilities to its clients. This virtual trading platform is easy to access regardless of which device you use for trading.

    You simply tap into a demo account via the broker’s web or mobile trading platform, and you are all set to launch your first trade and grab a good amount of practical experience online.

    How To Set-Up Fortrade Demo Account?

    Unlike real trading accounts, the set-up process is easy for demo accounts.

    You can access a virtual trading account at no cost and with zero documents requirements.

    Simply choose your preferred device – mobile or laptop and use the web trading and mobile app facility by Fortrade accordingly.

    Choose a demo account from the drop-down menu on the homepage and start trading.

    Is Fortrade Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes. Fortrade virtual trading platform is free. You aren’t needed to submit investment capital, nor do you have to submit a security deposit or pay charges.

    Simply use your email address and sign-up for a demo account at the Fortrade trading platform.

    You can use the same log-in details when embarking on a real trading journey.

    What Are The Fees Of the Fortrade Demo Account?

    Fortrade doesn’t charge any fees from its users who opt for a demo account and not a real trading account. The demo account is a virtual simulation of real-market trading.

    Since the account is offered for practice purposes only, no fees are required to be submitted.

    Is Amc Levied On Fortrade Virtual Trading Platform?

    No. Fortrade doesn’t levy AMC. Account maintenance charges are probably levied on the real trading account but not in the virtual trading account.

    Altogether you can feel stress-free about your virtual trading journey.

    Is Fortrade Demo Account Best?

    Yes, the Fortrade demo account deserves to be recognized among the best trading platforms. The broker helps you learn the basics of trading.

    In addition, once you get better at trading, you accumulate more knowledge on trading using educational material.

    What Documents Are Required For Fortrade Demo Account?

    Not even a single document is required to be submitted if you want to access the demo account. It is a free facility offered by a broker to its clients.

    It is similar to a free public network where anybody can enter and learn to trade, no matter how skilled you are. Hence, you aren’t required to bring any documents.

    Only your email id will provide you access to the Fortrade trading platform.

    Is Pan Required For Opening a Fortrade Account?

    No, a Pan card is not required for account opening.

    Fortrade demo account is free to use, where clients only need to submit some basic log-in details.

    Access is provided right after you successfully enter log-in details.

    Does Fortrade Charges Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No, Fortrade doesn’t charge a demo account opening fee. It is a free facility offered by the broker.

    How Much Virtual Money do you Get in a Fortrade Demo Account?

    Fortrade offers $10,000 virtual currency in its demo account, which has no link with real currency or real market.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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