Zerodha Products & Services Review & Analysis

Lets go through a detailed review of Zerodha products & services:

This discount broker offers quite a handful range of products and services. In fact, the product profile would be sufficient enough to serve any investor and meet any of his/her investment goals.

They also offer all the services that would be relevant and necessary for these investing in these products.


Zerodha Products Review

Zerodha facilitates investment in equity, currency, commodity and derivatives i.e. futures and options. This brokerage house is registered with National Stock Exchange (NSE) as well as Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). With respect to the commodity product, it is registered with Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX).

Zerodha Services Review

Zerodha provides trading and DEMAT services. It also offers educational services to its customers. It has published certain modules which covers all the basic as well as advanced concept of trading. These modules are available at no cost on the website of Zerodha. There are 9 modules in all. Then comes the FAQ kind of an interface, wherein, the customers can post their questions and the other customers can post their responses.

The third type of training service is where a Zerodha customer can follow another customer of Zerodha and follow his/her trading strategies. For this, Zerodha seeks a prior permission from its most profitable customers to confirm if they are willing to feature as their star performers and if they are willing to disclose their strategies and educate the other fellow customers.

At Zerodha, the customers have an access to multiple utilities for easing their trade activities. These utilities are discussed below:

Zerodha Brokerage calculator:

This utility gives a real time calculation of brokerage that would be payable on the proposed order. The calculator not only considers the brokerage but also computes the other statutory and additional charges as discussed in our Brokerage section.

Margin calculator:

This utility is relevant while dealing in the derivatives market i.e. for F&O. This helps in computing the margin and the other statutory charges that the investor will have to shell out while taking the proposed position.

Zerodha offers the following add on services to its customer base:

Zerodha stoploss order

This feature facilitates a user to enter into system the maximum loss that one is ready to bear with respect to a specific scrip held. In this case, the investor can be rest assured that the loss will not exceed the specified limit as the system will automatically dispose off the scrip once the market price falls at the triggered set price.

Zerodha Bracket order

It is said that Zerodha is the first broking firm to facilitate bracket order for retail along with the feature of Trailing stop loss for equity as well as derivative market. The Bracket order feature allows an investor to place a conditional order i.e. it gives a bracket of highest price and a lowest price and along with each price is the action that needs to be taken when the market price of the scrip reaches the specified limit. Now, if the market price reaches the highest specified price, the order that was assigned to that price will be placed in the system and the order with the lowest price will be cancelled.

Cover order

This simply refers to a case where any regular order is accompanied with stop loss order. This feature is typically relevant and very useful for intraday traders.

So, these are the various positive points for zerodha products & services.

Zerodha Products & Services Reviews  & Retings

Zerodha Products & Services Review

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