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Zerodha Customer Care is known for its quick response. Since they have a huge volume of clients, Zerodha always had to be on their front foot to help their clients with any issues.

The Stock Broker has had a fair deal of complaints in the recent past & most of them are because of their poor technology, but they have handled all the queries quite well via their brilliant client support team.

In this article, we are going to discuss Zerodha Customer Support, the contact number they offer for support, email ids, Zerodha Customer Care Timings & more.

Customer Care

About Zerodha Customer Care

Zerodha Customer CareZerodha Helpdesk provides various types of support. They are providing any kind of customer grievances, account opening issues, trading-related issues, account debt-related issues & many more.

The Discount Broker also offers a varied number of channels via which you can easily connect with Zerodha customer care & get your issues resolved.

Some of the channels which are being used for Client Support are – Email Support, Customer Care Numbers, and Social Media Platforms like Facebook & Twitter are also used to resolve client queries. One can also write to the compliance officer directly & get their issues resolved.

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    How to connect with Zerodha Customer Care?

    Zerodha Customer Care offers multiple ways to connect with them. Let’s discuss this in detail here.

    Zerodha Customer Care Number

    The Stock Broker offers a customer care number to all its registered clients for any type of trading-related queries. Zerodha Customer Care Number is 080-40402020.

    You can connect with Zerodha customer support representatives by calling this number & you can share your queries to get them resolved.

    Zerodha Customer Care Email ID

    The broking company provides multiple channels to connect with them which also include email support. Zerodha Customer Care Email ID is support@zerodha.com.

    If you are a Zerodha client, you can connect with Zerodha via email using this email id & they will respond back to you within 2 working days.

    Other ways to connect with Zerodha Helpdesk

    Other than the above 2, the discount broker also provides other ways to support their customer. Social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook are used extensively by Zerodha to resolve client queries.

    These platforms help users to get their queries resolved on a real-time basis if the query is small & can be easily resolved.

    Zerodha Customer Support Timings start at 9 Am in the morning & end at 6 pm in the evening.

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    Zerodha Customer Support Details

    Customer Support Details
    Email ID support@zerodha.com
    Contact Number 080-40402020
    Chat Number NA
    Chat Bot Name NA
    Facebook Page Zerodha Facebook Link
    Twitter Handle Zerodha Twitter Link
    Compliance Email ID complaints@zerodha.com
    Compliance Officer NA
    Timings 9 am – 6 am

    Zerodha is the largest stock broker in India in terms of the number of clients owned by them. So, on daily basis, they get a huge amount of client queries & these queries are of different types.

    Zerodha Customer Care team are quite agile to resolve all these queries as soon as possible. They have been provided with queries resolving TAT (turnaround time) & for small issues, they are delivering quite well.

    The above table gives you detailed information about the various channels the Zerodha customer support team provides to their clients. You can connect with Zerodha via any of the above mediums, anytime.

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    Zerodha Customer Care – Conclusion

    Zerodha being the largest stock broker in India are able to help its clients with its amazing customer servicing team. You can get your issues resolved fast with Zerodha client support.

    They provide multiple ways of support, you can use any one or all of them to get your queries resolved at the earliest.

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