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Alice Blue Trade School is an initiative by the stock brokerage firm Alice Blue to educate the trades and the interested people who want to learn about trading and invest in the market.

The trade school concept is making its place in the market as many investors want to learn about the market from the actual investors and the market participants.

Alice Blue brings the best of the market information from the experienced professional traders and the analysts and serves them to the clients for their benefits.

Let us take a dig into the finer details of this platform which would help you in widening your knowledge of the market.

Alice Blue Online Offers

About Alice Blue Trade School

Alice Blue Trade School is a trading institutional service offered by Alice Blue where there are various market information and knowledge readily available for you.

There are trading strategies by analysts, described and elaborated in detail so that you can apply them for your trading purpose. The Alice Blue Trade School also comes up with various webinars where there are trading analysts, technical analysts, traders who speaks of their experience and about various stock market phenomena.

You as a member (client) of the Alice Blue stock brokerage house can join these webinars and gather knowledge about the market. In this webinars, the speakers discuss different stock market concepts.

Alice Blue’s initiative is one of the best in the market at present as there are not many trading institutional services offered by the stock brokerage firms and especially where they conduct the webinars.

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    Alice Blue Trade School Features

    The features of the Alice Blue Trade School are –

    Scheduled Webinars

    The main feature of the Alice Blue Trade School is their webinars. These webinars are arranged by the stock brokerage house and the speakers are their main technical analysts and the managers and the other financial professionals.

    webinars are for discussing various market concepts, phenomena, and different strategies and also market-related news and others. The webinars are conducted at specific intervals and there is ample knowledge that you can gather from this webinars.

    There are live question and answer sessions also which are arranged right after the webinars and you can question the speaker if you have any doubts.

    Trading Strategies

    There is ANT IQ which is a unique offering by Alice Blue ANT services. Here you will find different trading strategies, from Fibonacci series to different options strategies and you can also develop your own strategies taking the inputs from here.

    In this section of Trade school, you can learn about these strategies and there is a detailed analysis of the strategies given. You can find the link for the strategies on the https://aliceblueonline.com/trade-school page only.

    You can click on the strategies and then read about all the new and archived strategies. These strategies are created by the technical analysts and the professionals working under the ANT process. There are all the popular strategies as well as the new strategies.

    Market News

    There is a section where you will find all kind of market news, market-related information, updates and various stock market articles to enhance your knowledge. There are daily news, monthly and weekly reviews of stocks and all the economy-related news that influence the market.

    You may be thinking that all this news you can find on any other website so what is the special about this Trade school ‘Market Talk’ Segment.

    The salient feature of this segment is that there are many inside and detailed news about the market and also the traders share their opinions on the market which you can find here.

    Simple Technology

    If you are thinking that the Alice Blue Trade School is a very high-end technology-based platform, then you are not right. It is a simple yet very useful platform with simple user-friendly interface. You can find all the resources in one place.

    And can find the details of the schedule of the webinars, details of the speakers, then links for the market news segment and for the strategies at one place. You need to just open the site mentioned above and you can find all the resources there.

    No Extra Charges

    There are no extra charges that you need to pay for the webinars, strategies and not even for reading the ‘Market Talk’ Segment.

    All these services are absolutely free for the clients. You just need to be Alice Blue’s client and you have access for all these segments.

    All the webinars are free of cost and the customers of the stock brokerage firm can join the webinars just by registering and there is no registration fee as well.

    How to Set-up Alice Blue Trade School?

    The setup process of Alice Blue Trade School is simple –

    1. For using the Trade School resources of Alice Blue you have to open a Demat and trading account with the stock brokerage house. For doing so you have to follow the steps mentioned in the later section of this article.
    2. Once you have the Demat and trading account you can visit the website and there you will find the details of the upcoming webinars. The schedule webinars are always updated and you have to click on the webinar you have to attend and you can register for the same. After you register for a certain webinar, you will receive an email which will contain the registration link.
    3. For joining the webinars you have to click on the registration link sent to your email. For the users who are joining the webinars for the first time, make sure you visit the site 10 minutes prior to the time of the webinar as the time will be required to complete your set up process. From the next time onwards, you can just click on the link and you will enter the webinar.
    4. You can also use the app called ‘GoToMeeting App’ which is available on the App Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft Store as well. You can log in and then click on the invitation link (registration link) on your email and then you can join the webinar from your mobile device as well.

    How to Own Alice Blue Trade School?

    For getting access to the Alice Blue Trade School Platform you have to open Demat and trading account with the stockbroking house. For the same you have to –

    1. Click on the Open Demat account button here on this article
    2. Once you click on the same, there will be a pop-up form.
    3. Fill the form and submit
    4. You will receive a call from the Alice Blue executives who will help you with the remaining procedure.
    5. You need to upload the documents for the verification purpose
    6. Then your documents will be verified and then you will receive your login details and you can visit the above-mentioned site and use the Trade School and enhance your stock market knowledge.

    Advantages of Alice Blue Trade School

    There are multiple advantages of using this platform –

    • This platform is having an abundance of stock market knowledge resources. There are market news, updates, company information.
    • Regular webinars which are conducted on this platform which you can join and gain knowledge about the market and trading and that too free of cost
    • There are various trading strategies discussed on this platform which you can use for your trading
    • The system requirements for the platform is very nominal and you can join the webinars from any browsers which have javascript enabled on it.
    • You can see the complete schedule of the webinars on the website and you just have to visit the Alice Blue Trade School Website.
    • There are eminent technical analysts and traders and market participants who are the speakers at the webinars organized by the Alice Blue on their Trade School Platform.

    Alice Blue Trade School Conclusion

    If you are looking for a platform that has all kind of stock market-related resources then Alice Blue Trade School is the one.

    Here you can learn about new trading strategies, update yourself about all the market news and even the inside news to excel in your trading.

    There are great speakers who conduct the webinars and you have the liberty to ask them your doubts as well.

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