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Zerodha Varsity is a knowledge bank or broking guide introduced by zerodha which provides all kinds of information to anyone who wishes to learn about stock market.


About Zerodha Varsity

Zerodha Varsity is the commodious guide for an individual who is entering in the Indian stock market and has knowledge of it. Zerodha Varsity is powered by good tools, high-quality content and written in a lucid manner so that anyone can access it without any financial obligation.

Zerodha VarsityMainly in India, there are only 2% people invest in stock market, the reason behind is lack of knowledge and there are no other useful resources available in the educational system that gives proper guide towards stock marketing.

So, in 2010 Zerodha launched varsity all-purpose stock market educational model that provides profitable information regarding Indian stock market in a simple language.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional or a student and want to learn about the stock market from fundamental to advanced level, then follow Zerodha Varsity because here you find everything related to the Indian stock market. Apart from the education modules, another benefit of this initiative is it free of cost.

Hence, with the varsity, you can easily overcome your trading fear, invest in the right place, become knowledgeable and play safe.

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    Preview of  Zerodha Varsity modules

    • Introduction to stock market: This module shares all the knowledge about what is stock market and how to invest in it.
    • Fundamental Analysis: This module gives you remarkable knowledge about how to read profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements.
    • Technical Analysis: This course share all advanced tools and mechanics you need to use while trading and investing.
    • Options Trading: This module gives you information about all specific tips and tricks of options trading like buying and selling option call, call ratio back spread, delta, gamma, theta and so on
    • Trading Systems
    • Options Theory for Professional
    • Risk Management and Trading Psychology: This module talks about some of the basic and advanced concepts regarding risk, expected return, value at risk, trading basics, and portfolio optimization.
    • Market and Taxation: This module is very beneficial for the individual who is doing trading at primary level and hard to understand market shares and taxation.
    • Currency, commodities and Government Securities: This module vanished all your confusion regarding USD INR pair, currency pricing, cross currency pairs, and commodity basis.
    • Futures Trading: If somebody wants to learn how to trade at derivatives level, then this course is for you. Once you go through this module you will have all advance and fundamental knowledge of futures trading.

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    Features of Zerodha Varsity

    Online Trading Education Portal:  Varsity all education learning modules are available online. Which means you can access all high-quality content whenever you like.

    Platform independent: Varsity is the platform independent, which means it can run on any platform effortlessly. No matters, whether you are using Android or IOS, it is easily accessible.

    Well structured: There are several main topics, which we call modules. Each module contains various subtopics. Here you will find all the main topics and their subtopics that are arranged very systematically so that users can easily find their topics and subtopics without any confusion.

    Very Engaging Content: To make Varsity engaging, writers give many real-time examples of the Indian market in simple language. Along with that, every aspect of learning gives you direction what to do next in Indian stock marketing.

    Interactive QA session: This is one of the effective features of varsity because it allows users to interact with each and share their queries or doubts and get worthy solutions. Here, Your doubt will be resolved with no time.

    Free of cost: Unlike other online portals, Zerodha varsity comes absolutely free. Must be recommended for newbies and professionals who want incredible knowledge and tricks of stock markets.

    How to access Zerodha Varsity?

    Want to learn Indian stock marketing concept from the initial level to advanced level. And don’t know to use it, then you are in the right place. Here we have listed all the steps that help you to sign up successfully.

    Step 1: Go www.Zerodhavarsity.com page, you will see the screen that asks you to sign up a free account. You need a valid email address and phone number. Click on sign-up which takes you to fill the form.

    Step 2: Now, fill the form that asks you to enter the name, a valid email address, phone number and agree on the terms and policy. Once, you completed your form, then click on “sign-up now” button.

    Step 3: After that, wait for configuration mail. Check your email Id, here you will get configuration email. Once you get configuration email just click on that. Now, you will be ready to log into Zerodha varsity.

    Step 4: Next, you will see many modules, click on the module that you want to learn. You are completely free to select any module whenever you like to read.

    Step 5: Important note: Create password unique and strong and never share with anyone.

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    How to own Zerodha Varsity?

    This remarkable online stock marketing education platform is absolutely free for everyone. No hidden charges, no premium alerts, you can learn about Indian stock marketing throughout the year on any platform hassle-free.

    Advantages of Zerodha Varsity

    • All modules that are available in varsity is free to learn. There is no requirement of DEMAT or trading to account to access this service.
    • All modules are short concise and easy to understand.
    • One of the best advantages of varsity is that all modules are updated on the regular basis with the most current information.
    • Real-time examples and illustration make content readable and engaging.
    • Varsity modules are available in the pdf format as well.
    • A very reliable source of knowledge and learning.
    • Written by the experienced traders and investors.
    • Quality of content is very good, begins from basics ends on an advanced level.

    Disadvantages of Zerodha Varsity

    • There are no multimedia facilities like the podcast, audio profile, and videos.
    • Content is very lengthy and the user looses his/her interest after a point in time.
    • Time-consuming and flow charts are confusing.

    Conclusion of Zerodha Varsity

    In the real trading world, you never become successful with the help of guessing tip and tricks. You need to improve your fundamentals and advanced level concepts of the Indian stock market in order to achieve great success.

    There are so many ways where you can easily get the knowledge of Indian stock market. Zerodha Varsity is the only online portal where you will get content depending on current market scenario.

    The complete 10 modules with multiple subtopics are free and can be accessed from anywhere using any device.

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