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Have you ever thought of trading on a popular chatting platform like Whatsapp? Obviously the idea was strange until the Kotak securities enlightened traders with the Kotak Securities Chat & Trade Trading Features.

It is a revolutionary concept no doubt with outstanding features. You don’t have to do anything only visit the Kotak security store to get it done.

Thus to know more on this make sure to go through the below content in detail to have a detail idea on the features and the about the Chat and trade facility of the Kotak securities.

Kotak Securities Offers


About Kotak Securities Chat & Trade

Do you want to experience trading through chatting? If so then Whatsapp is the best platform to do so. In that regard, it is time to welcome the new and innovative concept of the Kotak securities which is the Kotak Securities Chat & Trade.

It was devised to offer an easy trading facility to the traders. The basic concept behind this is that here the traders get the chance to trade through conversing on Whatsapp platform.

It is one of the primary broking firms in India which introduced the concept in the BFSI domain. The main agenda of the Kotak Securities Chat & Trade is to grant trades to the customers on whatsapp platform.

The innovative platform allows the traders to continue with the trading in the segments like derivatives and equity through a live market in assistance with a dealer.

Once they are on the platform they can use the Kotak Securities Chat & Trade to carry out activities like transferring funds like the Kotak securities trading app.

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    Top features of Kotak Securities Chat & Trade

    The Kotak Securities Chat & Trade also come with few sets of rewarding excellence so here’s are the following that you need to keep a tab on.


    The trader only needs to start the trade through the whatsapp with the help of the mobile number that has been registered with the given whatsapp number.

    No human interference

    The process is quite easy and less time-consuming. This is because the whole authentication is done in assistance with a bot and no human interruption is required.

    Therefore you don’t need to wait for someone to answer and you can get along without killing any of your valuable time.

    A single registration process

    Remember as you start to use the chat and trade feature of the Kotak securities you only need to go through a onetime process of registration. Therefore you can say that it is not an elaborate process.

    The authentication process is easy

    You should also note that the process of authentication is also quite easy. This is because you don’t have to wait for long. It only requires two-step.

    In the first step, you have to answer three questions out of the eight questions. And in the second step, you have to follow the accessibility code for login.

    Various genres of trading

    Once you start to trade on the whatsapp platform you will see that it opens the door to trade on various platforms like fund transferring, maintaining value for the portfolio and all other services.

    Recordings of the chats maintained

    The company does maintain proper recordings of the chats for trading in an unedited version so that one cannot tamper later.

    Therefore you can see that it is as secure as the Kotak Securities mobile app.

    How to set up Kotak Securities Chat & Trade?

    It is also quite easy to set up only you need to follow certain steps to use that.

    1. You need to start with the chat on the number
    2. Then just type the code of the client in a format of the hashtag. For example #acdef
    3. Next, you have to go through the authentication process where you have to answer the three important questions for the purpose of security.
    4. A login accessibility code will be generated as you type the right answers. Here also you need to provide the answer in a hashtag pattern ie #2222.

    How to Own Kotak Securities Chat & Trade?

    The usage of the chat and trade is seriously easy only you have to do the activation in a proper way. Then once you are done you can access it easily via following steps.

    1. As you get the availability code after the authentication makes sure to rout your chat platform with the dealer you are mapped with.
    2. In case if the dedicated dealer shows busy then get in touch with the customer service.
    3. If you are routed with the dealer from the customer service pool then obviously you will get the trade accessibility code.
    4. Once you are done just input the code in the hashtag pattern once again.
    5. Finally, the authentication of the trade is completed successfully.
    6. Thus, you are ready to place your first order by means of the dealer. In the meantime, you will receive the confirmation from the dealer with the execution of the order.

    Advantages of Kotak Securities Chat & Trade

    Some of the best advantages of Chat and trade trading features are the following:

    • It is a hassle-free to use.
    • You don’t require any interruption from human beings.
    • It won’t kill much of your time as it follows a one-time registration process and the authentication process is also not too prolonged as well.
    • Can trade in different trading domains without any inhibition.
    • It is one the first most broking company to come forward with such a worthy proposition of trading through a chat platform.

    Conclusion of Kotak Securities Chat & Trade

    The Chat and trade of the Kotak securities are one of the trending concepts. This is because they are first one in the line to come with such a solution.

    Therefore it is worth saying that the chat and trade feature of the Kotak securities is very easy to function and flexible to use.

    Thus, in the above-said article, you came to know about the installation and the process of using it. At the same time, you also learned about the privileges that you are bound to enjoy from this.

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