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Find out everything about Vantage FX Commission or Brokerage Charges here.

Vantage FX is one of the leading brokers in Australia. The forex broker has a plethora of things to offer in general, especially to the clients.

Hence without any second thoughts, it is one of the best brokers available in the market.

However, the traders must explore the Vantage FX commission charges if they wish to invest here. Firstly the traders need to understand the Vantage FX charges before making any trading decision.

If traders fail to learn about the commission or leads, they will find it challenging to make accurate returns.

However, it is pretty safe to say that Vantage FX Brokerage charges are pretty low in general.

It means the charges applicable here are pretty standard as compared to other brokers in the forex market.

Vantage FX Commission or Brokerage Charges

Vantage FX commission is one of the most vital things that traders need to consider if they are planning to invest here.

Vantage FX Commission or BrokerageIt includes almost all the charges that traders need to pay to the stockbroker generally at various intervals.

Ideally, the commission is the first thing that traders need to consider when investing here. It is ideally one small amount that the broker charges with one specific account.

The share account that the trader offers tends to have some commission charges with it.

Besides the vantage FX commission, the traders also need to consider some other applicable charges.

These charges mainly include minimum account balance, spread charges, and others. The online brokerages are pretty low here as compared to typical brokerage.

The commission or brokerage charges tend to vary from account to account, so traders need to explore the same.

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    Types of Vantage FX Commission Plans

    Types of Commission Plans
    Account Type Standard STP RAW ECN PRO ECN
    Initial Deposit $200 $500 $20,000
    Spread 1.4 pips 0.0 pips 0.0 pips
    Commission $0 $3 $2
    Leverage 500:1 its 500:1 500:1

    Ideally, the Vantage FX commission plans mainly depend on the trading account. The trading charges here tend to be market-competitive.

    Besides offering automated trading, the broker also claims to provide high-frequency trading. The brokers also need to pay some spread charges on the currency pairs applicable.

    Mostly there aren’t any spreads applicable on any of the accounts except the Standard STP, where traders need to pay 1.4 pips as spreads.

    The traders don’t need to stress that the charges applicable here are in line with other traders. Ideally, commission tends to form a considerable part of almost all accounts except the Standard STP account.

    On the flip side, if traders choose RAW ECN or PRO ECN, the traders need to pay a commission of $3 and $2, respectively.

    Unlike the spreads, the commission doesn’t rely on the underlying exchange.

    Above all, before trading here, traders need to consider the Vantage FX brokerage. Large-size traders can benefit from the discounts.

    Vantage FX Account Opening Process

    The broker not only offers brokerage or fees but also offers a demo account. If traders wish to start trading, they need to open an account by following some basic steps.

    First, the traders can choose any account that is a demo or live trading account.

    Then, the traders need to pay some Vantage FX charges to continue trading once they start trading.

    • The traders need to open a demo account by heading to the official site of the broker.
    • Once traders click on the demo account, they are likely to see a popup form.
    • The traders need to fill the popup form and submit it at their convenience. All traders need to ensure that they fill in the correct details as they are vital for the verification process.
    • The broker will connect with the trader once they submit the form.
    • The traders also need to complete the KYC process and provide the respective documents which will prove their identity besides residential proof.
    • When the broker gets all the documents, it will verify the account on behalf of the trader’s account.
    • Once the verification process is in progress, the traders will give the trader login credentials after taking the account live.
    • The traders can use the login details to start trading instantly.

    Vantage FX Payment or Withdrawal Methods

    Transaction Options
    Deposit Options Bpay, Credit Card, Cryptocurrencies, FasaPay, Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal, Poli, Skrill, Wire Transfer
    Withdrawal Options Credit Card, Wire Transfer

    The traders also need to know about payment or withdrawal methods along with the brokerage or commission charges.

    To make deposits, traders are free to use their debit or credit cards or bank transfers.

    However, if traders want to deposit instantly, they must rely on card payments as they are likely to be processed in just 24*7.

    On the flip side, bank transfers take at least one or two days. In addition, the traders need to pay some minimum fees to trade here, which tend to vary from account to account.

    For instance, if the traders choose a standard STP account, they need to pay a minimum deposit of $200, while for the Raw ECN account, they need to pay a deposit of $500.

    Lastly, for the PRO ECN account, the traders need to pay a deposit of $20000.

    Finally, the traders can use the Credit Card or Wire Transfer for the withdrawal process, and it takes at least three to five days.

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    Vantage FX Investment Assets

    Investment Assets
    Currencies Trading Yes
    Commodities Trading Yes
    Indices Trading Yes
    Stocks Trading No
    Cryptocurrency Trading Yes
    ETF’s Trading No
    Bonds Trading No
    FUTURES Trading Yes
    OPTIONS Trading No
    Supported Cryptocoins bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, ripple
    Total Tradable Assets 306
    Number Of Currency Pairs 44
    Number Of Cryptocurrencies 5
    Number Of Stocks 225
    Number Of Indices 16
    Number Of Commodities 16
    Number Of Futures NA
    Number Of Options NA
    Number Of Bonds NA
    Number Of ETFs NA

    The broker offers a plethora of assets to the traders.

    But to invest in assets, the traders need to pay some Vantage FX brokerage fees.

    The traders need to know that the charges are comparatively low.

    The spreads tend to start from 0.0 pips while they go till 1.4 pips. The commission tends to be around $2 or $3 per lot.

    The platform is vital for almost all traders who wish to learn about market growth and development. They need to grab the right opportunities at the right time.

    The platform also supports several crypto coins, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, ripple.

    They offer at least 306 tradable assets. Besides, traders can also trade commodities or futures.

    The traders need to pay Vantage FX fees to trade in the assets, so they must explore all the assets before choosing one.

    Vantage FX Commission – Conclusion

    After learning about the asset classes, the traders can consider the Vantage FX fees.

    When traders know the commission plans, they can actually stick to their investment plan.

    The traders can sort out their expenses in a way that they can make a profit.

    Paying fees is vital for traders. The traders are free to choose any withdrawal or payment mediums.

    The traders can make a profit depending on their strategy. But to move ahead, the traders need to explore terms and conditions applicable.

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    Vantage FX Charges or Fees – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Vantage FX Brokerage Charges or Fees:

    Does Vantage FX charge commission?

    A commission is ideally a charge which isn’t limited to a specific account but is chargeable in general. This is because the traders don’t need to pay commission for all the accounts.

    So traders need to check the commission applicable when choosing the account. It is mainly because commission charges vary from account to account.

    How much does Vantage FX charge as brokerage?

    The brokerage isn’t separate for all accounts here as traders need to pay it along with commission only.

    Above all, traders don’t need to stress as the broker discloses all the charges at the time of account opening.

    What is the Minimum Deposit required in Vantage FX?

    Minimum deposit requirements charges tend to depend on the account type that traders hold.

    If traders choose a standard account, they need to pay a minimum deposit of $200, while traders choose a Raw ECN account, they need to pay a minimum deposit of $500.

    Lastly, if traders PRO ECN account, they need to pay a minimum deposit of $20000. The traders need to consider their budget and objectives before choosing a fund.

    The amount is likely to change, so traders need to explore all the charges before selecting an account.

    How much leverage does Vantage FX provide?

    Leverage provision is most likely to be the same for almost all the accounts here, i.e., for the standard, PRO ECN, and RAW ECN. The leverage is 500:1.

    The other charges might vary, but leverage tends to be the same only.

    How much is Spread at Vantage FX?

    The spreads are likely to depend on the account type that traders choose.

    At times, there are no spreads applicable for accounts, but traders need to check the charges.

    For instance, at vantage FX, the traders need to pay 1.4 pips spread for the standard version.

    On the flip side, there aren’t any spreads applicable for RAW ECN and PRO ECN accounts.

    The spread charges depend on the underlying exchange, so they are likely to be floating.

    What type of Commission Plans available in Vantage FX?

    There aren’t any specific commission plans for the Vantage FX; instead, they depend on the account that traders choose.

    For example, if traders wish that the broker waives off the commission charges, they can select for Standard version.

    On the flip side, if traders choose better returns, they can choose PRO ECN and RAW ECN accounts where the commission applicable is $2 or $3 per lot.

    Does Vantage FX provide Cryptocurrency for Investment?

    Yes, cryptocurrency trading is available for investment for traders.

    The supported cryptocurrencies for traders include bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, ripple.

    Besides cryptocurrencies, traders can also use Bpay, Credit Card, FasaPay, Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal, Poli, Skrill, and Wire Transfer for transactions.

    Is Vantage FX a legit Forex Broker?

    Yes, Vantage FX is a legit broker without any second thoughts as it is regulated by several authorities, including CIMA.

    Above all, a plethora of traders across the globe trust the broker, so several factors make it a legit broker.

    Can I invest in Vantage FX for $5?

    No, traders cannot invest $5 in the Vantage FX as the minimum deposit amount varies from account to account.

    Therefore, the traders need to consider the budget before choosing any account or making a deposit.

    For instance, if traders are new to trading or have the minimum budget, they can choose a Standard STP account having a deposit amount of $200.

    On the flip side, if traders are experienced, they can use the RAW ECN OR PRO ECN having deposit amounts of $500 and $20000, respectively.

    Are there any hidden charges available with Vantage FX?

    No, there aren’t any hidden charges available with the Vantage FX, as the broker aims to be transparent with the traders.

    So brokers can be stress-free when they choose to trade here.

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