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Reaching a budgetary decision for trading requires groundwork on priority.

And knowing about a broker’s overall fees and charges against its trading services is the most important in the mainstream.

If you have recently decided to start a trading round with the ROInvesting trading platform and haven’t reviewed the ROInvesting Commission, read on.

Fees and trading charges can dramatically cut profits by a significant number.

Hence, in this article, we cover the brief fees and commission structure that the ROInvesting trading platform charges against its services.

In the end, we will be reaching a fair decision on whether the broker is good enough for your trading goals or not.

ROInvesting Commission or Brokerage Charges

ROInvesting made a breakthrough in the trading sector in 2017.

ROInvesting CommissionEver since then, the company continues to mark new achievements on every footstep. In 2020, the broker earned the best forex broker CFDs title tag.

Again, IAFT Europe rewards ROInvesting for being the best CFD broker.

It’s no surprise that the broker has come a long way, carving a remarkable niche for itself in CFD trading. Within three years, the broker earns a good amount of fame.

But when it comes to the ROInvesting Commission, opinions begin to vary from one person to another.

People are still unclear about the trading fees and commission that the broker charges against its services.

So let’s help obtain a brief insight into the overall commission and brokerage structure.

The primary commission source that gets income to ROInvesting is built-in spreads. In short, the broker makes a commission from the differences between bid and ask prices.

However, it is also for the reasons that ROInvesting is primarily a CFDs broker.

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    Types of ROInvesting Commission Plans

    Types of Commission Plans
    Account Type Silver Account Gold Account Platinum Account
    Initial Deposit $ 100 $ 100 *$ 100
    Spread From 0.7 pips From 0.7 pips *From 0.7 pips
    Commission No Commission No Commission *No Commission
    Leverage 1;30 1;400 1;500

    Let’s discuss types of ROInvesting Charges that are an expense to traders but a source of income to the broker.

    Starting with the initial deposit, which is one of the critical weapons for many brokers to retain the one-time customer for a long span, we see that the ROI has given an equal importance to all traders.

    To simply put, ROInvesting has a total of three trading accounts. Investors can opt between Platinum, Gold, and silver accounts.

    But surprisingly, the initial deposit amount is set to $100 for each new joiner.

    And whether the amount is refundable or not is hard to tell as the broker hasn’t shared much detail on it. Coming to the primary income stream, the broker makes money for itself through the difference between the Bid and Ask price.

    In short, the broker generates income through variable spreads that are charged automatically once you open a position at ROInvesting.

    Since spreads are variable, it is worth noting that it tends to widen in aggressive trading conditions or shrink in normal.

    ROInvesting Commission and spreads are equal for all trading account users except for Leverage.

    Platinum account users access the highest Leverage whilst silver account users access the lowest.

    In addition to all these things, overnight positions holding currency conversions are the few other important areas of ROInvesting Fees that we can’t ignore.

    ROInvesting Account Opening Process

    We have explored the ROInvesting Commission. It’s time to study the exact process of opening a trading account at ROInvesting.

    The account opening process, however, follows a similar pattern for all online trading platforms.

    You give a few essential details to the broker, verify your identity, wait for a few minutes or sometimes a day, and ultimately launch your first trade.

    Such as, if you want to open your first account at ROInvesting, you will be required to go through some essential steps that are as follows –

    • Choose between web trading or mobile trading platform as provided by ROI
    • Enter your email address, phone number, and set a solid password to proceed
    • Verify your given details and submit personal data, including scanned copies of documents as asked by the broker
    • Proceed and wait for approval from ROInvesting
    • Once your account is approved, submit the minimum deposit amount
    • Before you put investment capital in the account, figure out ROInvesting Brokerage.
    • Trade or invest in your desired asset by selecting from the multiple options as offered by the broker to its traders

    Again, it is worth knowing the figures of ROInvesting Fees.

    How much you will be paying after securing a profit from trade, and whether or not the trade would be a budgetary decision, keep it in mind before investing.

    ROInvesting Payment or Withdrawal Methods

    Transaction Options
    Deposit Options Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer
    Withdrawal Options Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer

    Payment and Withdrawal options are some of the easily overlooked parameters when it comes to selecting a broker.

    Sometimes, a poor financial agency that handles the payment activities between a trader and the broker turns out to be a big barrier.

    But fortunately, the broker keeps things sorted for its customers.

    Such as, ROInvesting offers multiple and the most common payment option to traders to process transactions. These payment methods are as follows.

    • For payment, you can use – Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer.
    • For withdrawals, you can use – Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer.

    You can even sync your payment method within the trading platform. In addition to these payment methods, traders can even opt for payments from PayPal.

    The ROInvesting Commission doesn’t come from transactions.

    But ROInvesting Brokerage fees are built-in currency conversion and overnight position holding in day trading.

    So make sure you know these few little things before investing in ROI.

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    ROInvesting Investment Assets

    Investment Assets
    Currencies Trading Yes
    Commodities Trading Yes
    Indices Trading Yes
    Stocks Trading Yes
    Cryptocurrency Trading Yes
    ETF’s Trading No
    Bonds Trading No
    FUTURES Trading No
    OPTIONS Trading No
    Supported Cryptocoins bitcoin, Cardano, dash, ethereum, ethereum-classic, ripple, stellar, verge
    Total Tradable Assets 345
    Number Of Currency Pairs 40
    Number Of Cryptocurrencies 33
    Number Of Stocks 250
    Number Of Indices 15
    Number Of Commodities 17
    Number Of Futures N/A
    Number Of Options N/A
    Number Of Bonds N/A
    Number Of Etfs N/A

    Below we bring together a list of assets tradable and investable at the ROInvesting trading platform.

    What exactly do these assets bring to customers, and the exact figures for ROInvesting Commission per trade are worth considering before moving forward.

    • Forex trading
    • Indexes trading
    • stock market
    • cryptocurrency market
    • commodities trading
    • ETF trading
    • Metal Trading

    You may like to jump straight to the assets for trading. But ROInvesting ensures that the overall features and potential of each asset are available on its platform.

    Thus it makes a good amount of analytical tools and features available to every broker. Similarly, your trading journey goes smoother and better at ROInvesting.

    The broker provides a wide range of analytical tools, charts, and other helpful features, each helping you conduct a thorough technical analysis of the market you are interested in. But make sure that ROInvesting Fees are also a worrisome factor in the mainstream.

    ROInvesting Commission – Conclusion

    You have now obtained a detailed insight into ROInvesting Charges.

    Charges can include fees for every asset and can vary because the broker’s primary income comes from spreads.

    The broker has variable spreads, indicating that you are likely to invite hefty charges in a fluctuating market or stable if the market pattern is steady.

    The trading platform provides you access to multi-market assets. Similarly, this allows traders to well-diversify their portfolio at ROInvesting.

    However, investors should keep one thing in mind. ROInvesting is a CFDs broker, which is deemed the riskiest deal of trading.

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    ROInvesting Charges or Fees – FAQs

    Here are the list of FAQs related to the ROInvesting commission:

    Do ROInvesting Charges Commission?

    Yes. ROInvesting charges commission from customers against numerous trading activities.

    The primary income, with the help of which ROInvesting makes money, spreads. Moreover, penalties and other charges are the secondary income source to the broker.

    How much does ROInvesting Charge for Brokerage?

    ROInvesting has no direct charges on trading.

    The broker makes income from the difference between buying and selling price.

    Also, spreads are variable; hence it is unclear how much you will pay as a brokerage charge to ROI.

    What is the Minimum Deposit Required In ROInvesting?

    The minimum deposit amount required to start trading at ROInvesting is $100.

    The deposit amount is, however, similar for almost every trading account.

    It is worth noting that the broker has a total of three trading accounts in its offers.

    For example – you can choose between gold, platinum, and silver accounts.

    How much Leverage does ROInvesting provide?

    The broker has a total of three trading account varieties, gold, platinum, and silver—users opting for silver account access 1:30 leverage.

    Similarly, gold account users access 1:400 leverage support. The highest Leverage is available for the Platinum user, reported 1:500.

    How much is Spread at ROInvesting?

    ROInvesting offers variable spreads.

    Thus, it will largely depend on the difference between the bid and ask prices.

    What types of Commission Plans are available In ROInvesting?

    ROInvesting has no direct commission plan.

    Spreads and penalties are the primary income source to the broker.

    Moreover, all users submit $100 as a minimum deposit amount to access ROInvesting services.

    Does ROInvesting Provide Cryptocurrency For Investment?

    Yes. ROInvesting offers cryptocurrency for investment. But it is worth noting that digital currency trading is only available via CFDs.

    Is ROInvesting A Legit Forex Broker?

    Yes. ROInvesting is a CySEC regulated broker, making it one of the trusted online trading platforms to trade assets.

    The Cyprus-based firm set its first foot in the market in 2017 and has achieved great success so far.

    Can I Invest In ROInvesting With $5?

    Yes. You can invest $5 in any asset via ROInvesting.

    But it is worth keeping in mind that before you trade an asset for $5, you will be submitting $100 as a minimum deposit amount in your trading account.

    Are There Any Hidden Charges Available With ROInvesting?

    No. There are no hidden charges available with ROInvesting.

    But, since the broker offers variable spreads, charges over trading can vary from one trader to another, in one market to another.

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