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Prudent Equity is one of the best advisory firms in the country. In this article, we will have a detailed Prudent Equity Advisory Review along with in-depth understanding of their Subscription Fees, Stock Tips, Daily Calls & more.Stock Broker Complaints

Prudent Equity Customer Ratings & Review

Prudent Equity Customer Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Subscription Fees 6.5/10
Short Term Tips 6.5/10
Long Term Tips 7.0/10
Intraday Calls 7.3/10
Services 6.8/10
Overall 6.8/10
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

About Prudent Equity

prudent equityPrudent Equity is one of the advisory firms in India. This firm unlike most of the other firms is an independent research and advisory firm based in Gurgaon. This advisory firm mainly aims its research toward small and medium scale companies.

This firm usually focuses on long-term investments. The main advantage of this company is that the company is run by Mr. Siddhart Oberoi who is registered in SEBI as an analyst himself.

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    Prudent Equity Subscription Fees

    The following table shows the current subscriptions that are available to the clients-

    Subscription Fees
    Duration Fees
    1 Year INR 21,500 + GST
    2 year INR 38,000 + GST

    Once a user takes any of the above subscription fee, he/she starts getting emails & sms related to all types of recommendations. check below for more details.

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    Types of Stock Tips or Stock Recommendations:

    Prudent equity provides stock tips for multiple types of investments, find the details below:

    Stock Recommendations

    The firm advice on the stocks to buy and what returns are to be expected to keep in mind the market conditions and stock exchange indices.

    Value Picks

    Prudent Equity advices on the buying and selling price of different stocks+ based on the value of returns and calls.

    Long-Term Recommendations

    The firm does in-depth fundamental research & gives recommendations about the returns from long-term investment.

    Cash Stocks

    The firm advice on the buy and sell price of the stocks. It also states the returns to be expected over a certain period.

    Intraday Calls

    Mostly, it advises on intraday calls, options calls, future calls, etc.

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    Prudent Equity Services

    The various services which this company provides are:

    • The firm is best known for the services and recommendations it provides to its clients about any stocks and investments.
    • The advisory firm has also been found to provide excellent and accurate tips and advises to its clients.
    • The company helps the clients to choose those stocks and invest in them which will earn them greater returns.
    • The recommendation house provides and offers its clients with valuable information regarding the long-term picks. The company helps in picking those stocks which will be useful and beneficial in the long run.
    • The experienced research team of the firm helps those clients who are interested in dealing with Microcaps and portfolio restructuring.

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    Prudent Equity Client Testimonials

    “I am amazed how consistently Prudent Equity has performed each year.” by – Puneet Roy, Bangalore

    “All your calls are blockbuster We owe you very much.” by – Rakesh Mehra, New Delhi

    “Thank you very much for lifting my family and me from financial hardships.” by – Rajesh Mahalsar, Gurgaon

    Prudent Equity Summary

    Prudent equity is a top class advisory firm which provides services to investors on how and where to invest properly. The main aim of the firm is to keep the clients safe from market-related risks.

    The firm consists of an experienced research team which is always keeping a watch on the market trends. Till date, clients have been found to be satisfied with the services.

    Prudent Equity Pros & Cons

    Pros & Cons of the Advisory Firm is listed below:

    Prudent Equity Pros:

    Some of the advantages of being a client of this company are as follows-

    • The firm has been successful in providing good and effective services, and clients hardly complain about such recommendations or services.
    • The firm’s top priority is a customer and so has been successful in providing good customer support facility.
    • The firm has a good and experienced research team who provides excellent tips and methods regarding investments and the stock

    Prudent Equity Cons:

    However, the firm has also some drawbacks which are listed below. They are-

    • Short-term investors or traders may not find this company suitable to satisfy their requirements as the company does not provide any advisory services or recommendations to short-term
    • There is no option of a free Therefore, the clients do not have an opportunity to assess the company’s performance personally.
    • The plans provided by the firm are quite restricted and limited to specific type of services.

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