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Stockaxis is one of the well known SEBI Registered Advisory firm based out of Mumbai. In this article, we will have a detailed Stockaxis Review along with in-depth understanding of their Subscription fees, advisory services, stock recommendations & more.Stock Broker Complaints

Stockaxis Customer Ratings & Review

Stockaxis Customer Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Subscription Fees 7.1/10
Short Term Tips 6.9/10
Long Term Tips 7.4/10
Intraday Calls 7.6/10
Services 7.2/10
Overall 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★☆

About Stockaxis

stockaxisStockaxis is an investment advisory company which advice’s people on the stock market. Stockaxis is a Mumbai based SEBI registered advisory firm.

It provides recommendations on investments and stock market to individuals and corporate houses. It has a team of professionals who study the market and its trends.

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    Stockaxis Subscription Fees

    Let us look into the subscription fees charged by this advisory firm over different segments.

    Plan Name 3Months 6Months 1Year
    Multi Bagger Stocks Rs.20000 Rs.30000 Rs.40000
    Wealth Builder Rs.20000 Rs.30000 Rs.40000
    Premium Plus Stocks Rs.20000 Rs.30000 Rs.40000
    Blue Chip Stocks NA NA Rs.20000

    These are few examples of the fees charged by the firm for their advisory services.

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    Types of Stock Tips or Stock Recommendations

    The types of recommendations provided by the company are-

    • The firm advised the clients on what type of stocks the investments are to be made.
    • Advisory firm advice the clients regarding the plan to choose to meet their requirements.
    • The firm advice the clients about different market trends and how to earn higher returns.

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    Stockaxis Services

    The advisory company has six different types of plans for the clients. The client can select the plan according to his requirements and investments. The firm also has a mobile app of its own to provide the services. The different types of services provided by the firm areas following:

    Multi-bagger Stocks:

    In this plan clients have to invest for around a period of 18 to 24 months. For each year the client gets information about 8 to 10 researched stocks.

    Wealth Builder:

    Under this plan, the clients get an idea about the strong listed companies which have options mid-term investments for a period of 6 to 9 months.

    Premium Plus Stocks:

    High net worth individuals are usually suggested to apply for this plan. For a period of 3 to 6 months, the HNIs can get 1 to 2 tips each month.This plan is also good for specific retail investors who look for low term investments.

    Momentum Stocks:

    This plan is suggested to those people who look for quick profits by making short-term But since the calls made are quick-term, so associated risks are also high. Clients opting for this plan are advised to enter and exit the market based on its trends.

    Blue Chip Stocks:

    Blue Chip stocks are those companies which are listed and have a large cap and sound infrastructure built over the years. The investments are regarded as safe, and the returns are comparatively low.

    All-in-One Plan:

    This plan is for those people who want to opt for all the benefits available from the services provided by this advisory firm.

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    Stockaxis Client Testimonials

    Prasad Shinoy, New Delhi -“Hundred percent trustable advisors”.

    Shankar Kumar, Patna -“I thank you all for wonderful sticks given during my subscription period. Long live StockAxis. To StockAxis hidden gems from Dalal Street.”

    Prasad M Nadgouda, Hyderbad -“I appreciate your services, truly professional, am satisfied with the research rendered by you.”

    Stockaxis Summary

    The research advisory firm is well known in the field of stock market. The firm has been found to be providing accurate and effective tips based on market research. The firm has good customer support service.

    Stockaxis Pros & Cons

    Here are list of pros & cons of Stockaxis:


    The main advantages of the Stockaxis firm are as follows:

    • The firm is well known for its reasonable pricing.
    • Advisory firm has a mobile app of its own for attending the queries of the clients and members.
    • The firm has been found to claim a good and effective customer support service.


    Some of the disadvantages of the firm are:

    • The firm has not yet come up with any structure regarding monthly plans.
    • The firm still needs to come up with new plans to suit the needs of the clients.

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