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Fast Money Advisory is one of the leading advisory company based out of Bangalore. In this Article, we will have a detailed Fast Money Advisory review along with their Subscription Fees, Stock Tips, Daily Calls & more.

Fast Money Customer Ratings & Review

Prudent Equity Customer Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Subscription Fees 6.2/10
Short Term Tips 6.1/10
Long Term Tips 7.1/10
Intraday Calls 7.1/10
Services 6.4/10
Overall 6.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

About Fast Money Advisory

Fast Money AdvisoryFast Money Advisory is one of the leading advisory firms in India. The firm stands in a very nice position among other advisory firms due to its exceptional research team. The research team of this firm has been known to do exceptionally well when it comes to dealing with client fund. Clients are guaranteed maximum returns on their investments.

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    Fast Money Subscription Fees

    The following table shows the current subscriptions that are available to the clients-

    Plans 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
    Intra-day Plans
    Intra-day cash Rs. 6000 Rs. 15000 Rs. 25000 Rs. 400000
    Intra-day Options Rs. 7000 Rs.18000 30000 50000
    Intra-day Futures Rs. 12000 Rs. 30000 Rs. 50000 Rs. 80000
    Intra-day Nifty Rs. 8000 Rs. 16000 Rs. 24000 Rs. 32000
    Positional Plans
    Cash Positional  Rs.7500 Rs.18000 Rs.30000 Rs.50000
    Future Positional Rs.15000 Rs.35000 Rs.55000 Rs.90000
    BTST Positional  Rs.12000 Rs.24000 Rs.36000 Rs.48000
    Nifty Positional Rs.8000 Rs.16000 Rs.24000 Rs.32000
    Option Positional Rs.7000 Rs.18000 Rs.30000 Rs.50000
    Personalized Plan Rs.30000 Rs.75000 Rs.120000 Rs.200000
    Platinum Package Rs.20000 Rs.50000 Rs.90000 Rs.150000
    Premium Package Rs.50000 Rs.125000 Rs.225000 Rs.450000

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    Types of Stock Tips or Stock Recommendations

    Various types of stock tips provided by Fast Money Advisory are:


    The firm suggests and recommends on the amount of investment that is to be made in the stock market and how to gain more profits out of those investments. It also advised and gave tips to avoid the market-related

    Equity trading

    A good investment yields good returns only when it has been invested. If the investment is not made on the value-growing stocks and shares, then it will not earn the desired profits. The firm helps in selecting best stocks to be traded.

    Futures and Options

    The firm recommends and suggests the clients and members based on the current market trends. The experienced team of the firm helps in identifying those futures and options which will help in earning greater profits with fewer risks.

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    Fast Money Services

    The different services that are provided by the firm are-

    Intraday Plans:

    For people who are looking forward to earning some quick cash they can opt for the following plans that are listed below:

    • Cash Intraday: The firm provides you with 1 or 2 intraday calls every day within a single target value.
    • Options Intraday: Within this service, you get 1 or 2 intraday calls every day within a single target value. However, the time span to execute your order is longer and also the return is more in this.
    • Future Intraday: You get 1 or 2 intraday calls every day along with the same time span as in the Options Intraday plan. The only thing is that the return is much higher within this service.
    • Nifty Intraday: You get only one intraday call every day along with a target value of 25 to 35 points.

    Positional Plans:

    The other options that are available under the positional plan includes the following:

    • Cash Positional: The firm provides you with 7 to 8 positional calls in a month within this service.
    • Stock Future: You get 8 to 10 positional calls in a month at both Bank Nifty and Nifty levels.
    • Nifty Positional: You get 8 to 10 positional calls in a month at both option and future levels.
    • BTST Plans: The returns are much higher within this service. However, the time span to execute your plan is only one

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    Fast Money Advisory – Client Testimonial

    Dev Dayal, Bangalore – “Services are super and proper guidance with excellent followup.”

    Vikas Singh, Chandigarh – “Thank you so much Fast Money, I am getting very good profit, happy to work with you, I want to work with you for the long Thank you so much once again.”

    Mahavir Jain, New Delhi – “Excellent services which I have never seen. Thanks.”

    Fast Money Summary

    Fast Money Advisory is a high rated advisory firm which provides services and suggestions to investors on how and where to invest. The main objective of this firm is to keep the members and the clients safe from market-related risks.

    The firm claims of an experienced research team which is always studying and watching the market trends. Till date, members and clients have been found to be happy with the services.

    Pros & Cons of Fast Money Advisory

    Below are the list of advantages & disadvantages of Fast Cash Advisory:

    Advantages Of Fast Money Advisory

    The main advantages of fast money advisory are as follows:

    • One of the leading award-winning advisory firms in India
    • Exceptional Research team
    • Flexible Subscription fees for every type of Investor
    • The firm has multiple communication channels

    Disadvantages Of Fast Money Advisory

    Along with the advantages, it also comes with certain disadvantages which may include the following:

    • The firm does not have any mobile app in this technological era.
    • Unlike other advisory firms, this firm does not provide any free trial which creates inconvenience for the clients.

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