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Find out all details about Infinox Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here. Infinox is an internationally recognized forex and CFD broker that was founded in 2009.

With years of experience, the company has been steadily expanding and now has clients in almost 15 countries worldwide.

Despite the catchy name, Infinox has been building a worldwide client base by providing premium and exclusive trading services and competitive pitched trading conditions.

Some of the key points of Infinox are:

  • A total of nine trading platforms that also include social trading-you are allowed to trade from any device
  • Multilingual customer support is available for the global customers
  • The company promises premium client services
  • A solid insurance deposit scheme is available
  • The minimum deposit amount is $1
  • Three types of trading accounts are available that include a social account, MT 4 and MT5 STP account, and a MT 4 and MT 5 ECN account
  • The general spread fee starts from 0.4 clips with a fixed commission charge of 7.5 dollars for 100k traded.
  • Well-trained customer support is available 24×5 in various languages. Customer support is available as live chat, email chat, and phone.
  • All well-equipped and advanced demo accounts are also provided along with some exclusive features.

Infinox Demo Account

Infinox has its head office in Nassau, the capital city of Bahamas.

The trading company is regulated and monitored by The Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) and by the FCA(UK).

The company also operates under the rules and regulations of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority and the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

As the company is monitored by FSCS, all the traders would be insured up to 85,000 pounds and the traders would also receive negative balance protection so that they do not lose their deposit money.

Infinox Traders are allowed to invest in various assets that include futures, indices, forex, equities, and commodities that also include 49 currency pairs.

Online trading services are available 24×5 and the maximum available leverage is up to 300:1.

The typical commission charge for each trade on global companies like Google, Apple, or Tesla is just only 0.02 dollars.

Infinox Demo Account or Virtual Trading PlatformTrading can be quite a tricky task for beginners who have no prior knowledge, skill, or experience in the market and with the help of these demo accounts, the trading companies or the brokers provide the traders with a risk-free and comprehensive environment.

Yes, Infinox has also developed a virtual account that has been developed for beginners to train on. This account is called Infinox Demo Account.

In this virtual account, the traders can practice trading, try out strategies and learn a trade without incurring any trading risk or losses.

More on Infinox Virtual Trading Platform

The demo account is like a virtual space that is completely risk-free.

All the exclusive services, premium trading tools, and instruments that are available on the Infinox main trading accounts have been added to this demo account.

One of the exclusive benefits of the virtual account is that you can practice trading, use these premium instruments without losing any kinds of funds or money.

In other words, the traders get to learn about the financial market, get to develop trading strategies and various other trading needs with the use of virtual currencies.

The Infinox virtual account helps the users experiment with various types of trading strategies and also helps them find out the points where they are weak.

This demo account can also be accessed from the trading platforms and the mobile trading application.

The Infinox users who have registered for the demo account will have unlimited access to various virtual trading platforms and terminals.

They will also have unlimited access to the various trading instruments that are linked to the demo account.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    Infinox Demo Account Features

    The demo account has been packed with various features and these features have been included in the virtual account depending on the various needs and desires of the traders.

    Till now, everything about the demo account has been discussed in detail.

    The demo account or the virtual account directly depends on the trading platform that the user is using.

    • In the section of the article we would be discussing the various features that the Infinox demo account provides:
    • The virtual account can be accessed from the various settings platforms like MT4, MT5
    • You can try out trading on various asset classes, financial instruments, leverage, spread, and various others.
    • The virtual account can be accessed in Desktop from MS Windows, Linux, and Mac Os and in mobile from Android, IOS, or iPad.
    • The traders who are using the Demo Account will find the basic aspects of trading like market analysis, market monitoring, products understanding, order placement, and various other features.
    • Advanced market analysis tools and other research products and instruments have also been added to the demo account. The users can get used to the trading instruments and the various features before stepping into the real market.
    • The virtual account comes with unlimited access to the virtual trading terminals and platforms like the MT4, MT5, and also the mobile trading application developed by Infinox.
    • The virtual training platform has advanced features, can be customized, and is user friendly
    • The traders can check the various order levels, time frames, and order types at any time
    • No extra cost is associated while downloading or signing in for the demo account. Thus all the premium features of the live trading account which are available in the demo account can be used free of charge.

    Infinox Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money NA
    Charges Free

    There are many popular trading companies or groupers in the market that charge in nominal amounts for the various features that they provide for the traders.

    Likewise, many traders charge a specific amount whenever a user opts for a demo account.

    However, Infinox promises to charge no extra amount or charge whenever a user is downloading or opting in for the virtual account.

    In other words, any registered trader can sign up for the demo account and use it.

    Infinox promises no extra charges or hidden charges. After successful registration and verification with Infinox, the demo trading account will be opened and a certain amount of virtual currencies or dummy money would be directly added.

    You must remember that these virtual currencies are not real currencies and thus cannot be transferred to your account. Upon request, the number of virtual currencies can also be increased.

    All the exclusive features of the live trading account and the trading platform can be available free of cost in the demo account.

    This allows all the users to get accustomed to the premium trading features free of cost.

    How to open Infinox Demo Account?

    To register and sign up for the Infinox demo account, the traders have to follow the following steps.

    • Navigate to the official website of Infinox and click on the ‘open a demo account’ tab.
    • The trader will now be redirected to a new page with an online application form where they have to provide some important details like name, email address, country of residence, account type, cell phone number, and the account currency.
    • Additionally, the trader has to create their password and username which would be required to login into the client portal.
    • As soon as the application process is completed, the traders would be redirected to a Welcome Page where some additional information about the downloading process ( for MT4 used for a demo account) would be provided.
    • After successful registration, the traders can view the account number, password, and email address that they have registered with.
    • From this page, the users can visit the download link to access their INFINOX demo account and then start practicing trading.

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    Advantages of Infinox Virtual Trading Platform

    So now, as you have learned everything about the INFINOX virtual account, you must also learn about the advantages that they provide for all its users:

    • The signup process for the demo account is completely digital. In other words, you do not have to send out any documents or photographs as hard copies.
    • The signup process is quite easy and hassles free
    • MetaTrader 4 is a user-friendly trading platform that can be used with the demo account
    • The virtual currencies or the dummy money can be used to practice trading. You also have the undo feature where the trading orders can be reset along with the virtual currencies.
    • Unlimited access to customized indicators and instruments and charts are available from where you can also star your favorite instrument
    • Full access to the trading terminals are available
    • The traders won’t be incurring any losses as no real money is involved
    • The traders can try out various strategies and tactics and this would help them be prepared for the real market

    Infinox Demo Account – Conclusion

    All necessary information about the INFINOX demo account has been mentioned above.

    From advantages to features to the process of opening a demo account to the account charges have been mentioned for your benefit.

    You can easily go through the entire article and then understand whether you want to open a demo account with INFINOX or not.

    Some of the exclusive features that make it stand out in the market are dummy money, risk-free trading experience, customized indicators, and free-of-cost premium tools.

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    Infinox Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Infinox demo account:

    Does Infinox provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, the company has developed a demo account or a virtual account for all the users who want to try out the various trading instruments and practice trading.

    The demo account can be directly accessed from the MT4 platform.

    How to Set up an Infinox Demo Account?

    The process of setting up is quite easy. You have to visit the official website, click on open a demo account, fill up the application form, complete the verification process and your demo account will be opened.

    Is Infinox Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes, the trading company provides the virtual trading platform free of course for all the traders who have registered with the company.

    No extra amount is necessary for using the demo account and the company promises no hidden charges.

    What are the Fees of the Infinox Demo Account?

    No fee or commission is charged by the company whenever they provide the demo account.

    The account and the features can be used free of charge.

    Is AMC levied on Infinox Virtual Trading Platform?

    No AMC or Account maintenance charge is required to maintain the virtual training platform or the demo account.

    However, whenever you trade in the real market, some charges like trading fees, commission charges, swap charges, and various other charges might be levied.

    Is Infinox Demo Account best?

    The demo account provided by infinox is considered to be one of the best ones in the market as it is available free of charge, premium tools can be used free of charge, can be accessed by Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS, and various other features.

    What Documents are required for an Infinox Demo Account?

    Some of the documents necessary to open the demo account are:

    • A PAN card for bank verification
    • Passport-sized photograph for verification
    • Identity card

    Does Infinox Charge a Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No account opening charges are necessary whenever you register for a demo account with Infinox.

    This simply means that all the premium tools and features can be used free of your cost.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in an Infinox Demo Account?

    A specific amount of virtual Currencies has been added to the demo account so that you can practice trading. This money can be increased via an email request to the company.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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