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Online trading is all about investing your funds safely and securely within your fingertips. It is one of the most safest and advanced ways of investment in the contemporary financial world.

Ample experience, knowledge, and exposure in the field of trading make a person eligible for effective trading and profitable results.

The demo account is created for this purpose only to help the traders gain more exposure and develop trading skills before they opt for the professional trading account and put their real funds at stake.

This article is all about the ETFinance virtual trading platform and the demo account it offers.

We will discuss everything about the ETFinance demo account including its advantages, features, charges, setup process, and so on.

Read the demo account review thoroughly to understand the usefulness of the ETFinance demo account to prepare yourself in advance and yield beneficial results with your real money.

ETFinance Demo Account

ETFinance trading platform has designed three different types of trading accounts for its users along with demo accounts for the ones who need guidance and practical knowledge of handling online trading operations.

ETFinance Demo Account or Virtual Trading PlatformThere are three major trading accounts of ETFinance including the silver account, gold account, and platinum account.

Each of the trading accounts has different offerings, different trading tools, and different charges to suit the requirements of various traders. The demo account is available for all three trading accounts.

In ETFinance demo account, the traders can trade the same way they can trade in the professional trading accounts of ETFinance and buy and sell financial assets such as forex pairs, CFDs, ETFs, Asset index, metals, stock, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, etc in the live forex market with the virtual money they get from the broker.

A demo account gives the traders the flexibility to trade in the real forex market and experience the live market conditions in the demo account itself before experiencing it in the professional trading account.

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    ETFinance Demo Account Features

    At the ETFinance trading platform, the broker offers a demo account to its traders with accessibility to all the features and trading tools of its professional account.

    The traders can gain practical learning and get their confidence boosted up when they move on to the professional trading account to invest their real funds.

    There are some significant features that ETFinance demo account offers, such as-

    • ETFinance provides the same ambiance of the demo account as the live trading account. Traders can access all the features, options, and tools in the demo account that they find in the actual live trading account.
    • The broker offers virtual money to all of its account holders to help them practice online trading in the live forex market without involving monetary risk.
    • The demo account provides a risk-free environment as the account is meant just for practice trial but with the same trading practices as in the actual trading account. The traders are free to execute their trading strategies and check their performance.
    • The ETFinance demo account offers a wide range of tradable assets classes to trade on.
    • It does not involve any commission or any other charges to use the services of the ETFinance demo account.
    • The demo account is available for the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal.
    • The demo account opening is very simple and can be accessed on all devices including iOS, Android, and Windows.

    ETFinance Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual MoneyNA

    ETFinance is a trading platform that offers the latest trading tools and the most advanced trading terminal to its traders to employ best trading practices and attain maximum profits.

    There are three major types of trading accounts that ETFinance offers including Silver account, gold account, and platinum account.

    All these three accounts involve different brokerage and trading fees depending upon the various services offered.

    The charges and trading fees of each account depend chiefly on the services and trading tools its offers.

    But the ETFinance demo account model is proposed with a fees-free structure. There are no fees of any kind of charges imposed on the traders for using the demo account.

    The demo account is for skill enhancement and therefore the users can apply for demo account opening for free and get access for free.

    Once they understand the technicalities and operations of the professional trading account they can move on to those accounts but there they have to pay for various services from the very initial stage.

    How to open ETFinance Demo Account?

    To open a demo account with the ETFinance trading platform, there are few simple steps to follow-

    You can apply online for opening a demo account with ETFinance by visiting its website and searching for the option ‘open my demo account’.

    Click on the ‘open my demo account’ option to proceed.

    • To complete the initial step, choose the preferred currency and provide your email id and password to the broker. You can also use your preferred currency type by applying for the demo account opening.
    • After this step, you have to go through the registration process wherein you have required to fill up the form with accurate information about your identity, education, trading experience, business, financial background, etc.
    • The last step involves the verification process which is considered an imperative part of the account opening process. The broker demands to submit scanned copies of some of the mandatory documents to authenticate the identity of the user and also to collect some information to keep in the record.
    • The broker will send you log-in credentials on your email once your demo account is approved and opened.
    • Now, you can log in to your demo account, take a tour, customize it and use its tools and features to understand how it functions and how it operates. You are all set to make your trading strategies now and execute your trading practices.

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    Advantages of ETFinance Virtual Trading Platform

    The Demo account is itself an advantage to the traders.

    The demo account is proposed with the main motive to boost the trading industry by preparing the prospective traders for better trading opportunities with better training.

    Some of the main benefits ETFinance demo account brings for its users are-

    • The ETFinance virtual trading offers a free trading account for practice and learning and involves no charges or any type of fees.
    • The demo account also does not impose any commission charges on the traders for trading in the demo account with virtual money.
    • The investors can use the popular and advanced MetaTrader 4 trading platform via a demo account and get exposure to its various modern tools and trading features.
    • The account opening at EightCap virtual trading platform is very simple.
    • The demo account includes a wide range of tradable assets to trade-in.
    • The broker provides a specific amount of virtual money to the traders to trade freely in the real forex market with no risk of loss of real funds.

    ETFinance Demo Account – Conclusion

    It can be summed up as ETFinance demo account is a must-have account to make you double sure about your trading strategies and practices.

    Use the demo account to check your skills and then shift to the actual trading account.

    By employing the service of a demo account, you not only save your money from financial risk but also enhance its productivity by investing it more smartly.

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    ETFinance Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the ETFinance virtual trading account –

    Does ETFinance provide Demo a/c?

    ETFinance mainly provides three trading accounts as silver, account, gold account, and platinum account for different types of traders and their different trading needs and budget.

    The broker has also proposed a demo account for all of its account holders to help them know how to handle the operations of the globally recognized MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

    ETFinance not only provides a demo account but also provides virtual money to the demo account users.

    How to Set up ETFinance Demo Account?

    To set up the ETFinance demo account, visit the webpage, click on the option ‘open my demo account’ and proceed further with the registration process and verification process to get your account approved by the broker.

    The demo account opening with ETFinance is that easy and does not involve any kind of brokerage or trading fees while opening the demo account.

    Is ETFinance Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    ETFinance Virtual Trading Platform is Free.

    When you apply for a demo account opening with ETFinance virtual trading, you can apply for free and use its services for a specific period.

    The only charge applicable at the ETFinance demo account is the inactivity fees. Commission charges, Spread, leverage, initial deposit, etc are not imposed on a demo account.

    What are the Fees of the ETFinance Demo Account?

    As the ETFinance demo account is available for free, there is no fee involved for accessing the ETFinance demo account and using its services to trade in the real forex market with virtual money.

    Is AMC levied on ETFinance Virtual Trading Platform?

    Annual Maintenance charges are not levied on ETFinance Virtual Trading Platform.

    There is no such information about the AMC available online or on ETFinance’s website.

    Is ETFinance Demo Account the best?

    The ETFinance broker is known for its excellent trading services with the assurance of utmost safety and security.

    It is a regulated trading company that adheres to the rules and regulations of the prominent regulatory authorities.

    The ETFinance has come up with the demo account to benefit the users by offering a practical learning stage to the traders and enhance their confidence to trade in the professional trading market.

    What Documents are required for ETFinance Demo Account?

    For opening the demo account, the documents that are required are identity card, PAN card, bank statements, and address proof.

    However, if the demo account holder wants to switch to the professional trading account, then he/she may have to submit the passport, credit card/ debit card, photographs, and some other documents also.

    Is PAN required for Opening ETFinance Account?

    To highlight the economic status of the applicant, a PAN card is a must document to check and keep a record of.

    Also, by the regulatory authorities, it is ordered that the users have to present their PAN card to users at the time of account opening.

    Does ETFinance Charge Demo Account Opening Fees?

    No, ETFinance does not charge a demo account opening fee.

    The demo account can be accessed simply by using the log-in credentials offered by the broker.

    There is no commission, brokerage, or other trading fees applicable at the time of account opening.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in ETFinance Demo Account?

    The virtual money that the broker provides to the account holders is not fixed.

    It keeps changing depending upon the type of trading account, type of the trade, and current market conditions.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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