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ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks or ICICI Direct Virtual Trading Platform is an innovative learning software developed by ICICI Direct. The platform is meant to educate beginners in the art and science of stock trading.

It basically serves the purpose of practical learning for trading institution. The software is free to access and is available for download at ICICI Direct’s official website. We will review the software for its usability and efficiency today.

Moreover, we’ll stress on how to set it up on your computer. We’ll even guide you through the process of owning this magnificent software.

ICICI Direct Review

ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.4/10
Usability 6.3/10
Features 6.3/10
Speed 6.4/10
Performance 6.1/10
Overall Ratings 6.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About ICICI Direct Virtual Trading

ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks is a new age trading institution software. It has been developed to educate newbie traders. Moreover, it has even been bestowed with realistic trade-related features.

This allows traders to learn in real-time. However, there is no real money involved. And, this is what makes the learning part fun. The users can trade in multiple virtual stocks in real-time with life-like features.

As a matter of fact, Virtual Stocks enables trading in BSE and NSE. And, the best part of the software is its familiarity with ICICIdirect.com. in short, it grants a great way of trying out trading and investing strategies and review their outcome.

This helps the traders to grow more mature in terms of trading. Moreover, it even helps the users to get familiar with various trading and analytical tools.

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    ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks Features

    ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks has been developed to accomplish one particular task. We are talking about educating the new traders in the field of stock trading.

    Therefore, it is important to educate them on the use of various trading platform features. Hence, the platform consists of several features that resemble the functionality of real life trading platforms.

    And, here’s the list of all the features it has: –

    Virtual Cash

    This feature enables the users to use virtual cash for trades instead of real money. The users get to initiate with 15,00,000 INR virtual cash to invest in Equity.

    They even get 25,00,000 INR virtual cash to invest in Derivatives. The cash amount increases or decreases with time and positive or negative gains.

    Choice of Investment

    ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks grants the users with the power to choose from Equity and Derivatives to invest upon. Both investments and trades require different set of skills. Thus, by investing in these two options separately allows the users to gain more and distinct knowledge.

    Analytical Tools

    The software comes loaded with several analytical tools to use. using these tools helps the traders to understand their functionalities properly.

    Moreover, using these tools also along with various investment and trading strategies lets them determine the usability of these tools in real time. It even adds on to their perspective.

    Portfolio Management

    This feature enables the users to keep a track of their portfolios in real time. The users are allowed to trade during the live market hours that is 9:15 am to 3:30 pm.

    This infuses the sense and value of time in trading within the users. The portfolios get updated at 7pm every day. Thus, the users can keep a track of the portfolios properly.

    How to set up ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks?

    ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks requires to be installed on computers to function. The process may seem tough but is in fact, easy. All you need to so is follow the steps as mentioned below.

    However, you must ensure to follow every step in the correct order. So, here’s how it goes: –

    1. The first and foremost step will be to get yourself registered with ICICI Direct. And, this can easily be done by getting yourself a demat or a trading account.
    2. The next step will be to acquire a set of username and password to login from ICICI Direct. This can only be acquired by signing up with the company.
    3. Third step is to search for ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks on the internet. You can even get to the login page in ICICI Direct Website. You can even create a new ID on this link.
    4. If you do not want to create a new ID, you may use the company granted login credentials to log into the software.
    5. You can start suing the software without installing it onto your computers. This is possible because the software uses web borwser’s cache data. This is the reason why it’s so compact.
    6. Once you get inside the software, it’s advisable to change the default password.
    7. You may select your favorite stocks and create watchlists once you’re successfully logged in.

    How to own ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks?

    We can totally understand your concern for owning ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks, now that even you know how to configure it. However, you must understand that owning it come free of cost without opening a trading or demat account.

    Advantages of ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks

    The ICICI Direct Virtual Trading has limitless usability. And, there are several benefits it brings along with itself like: –

    • The main purpose of this software is to educate people in stock trading. And it does so by giving them proper exposure. People are well accompanied with trade time, market trends and even certain strategies.
    • This software provides the users with virtual cash to invest with. This grants the users with a sense of responsibility towards virtual trading. However, even if they tend not to gain every time, they still do not lose any real money. They gain valuable experience nonetheless.
    • Since it’s been developed on the fundamental grounds of ICICI Direct.com, it grants similar environment. The UI is similar and so are the tools. With this software, the users can get friendly with real life trading platforms.

    ICICI Direct Virtual Trading – Conclusion

    We have tested the software for ourselves and we find it very reassuring. In fact, the users can hardly tell the difference from trading in reality. However, they have nothing to lose with this.

    Moreover, they can always boost up their confidence and even try out new and untested strategies in here. For us, ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks is the perfect way to get educated in stock trading.

    Get Free Access to ICICI Direct Virtual Stocks – Open Demat Account Now!

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