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The Screener.in website is a popular financial website helping thousands of traders in tracking the market efficiently.

It has smart features that allow making the best investment decision. This article will enlighten readers on this website and give a detailed overview of its features.

Today, many youngsters are getting into full-time investment business and leading a successful life from it.

The financial market can rope in a vast amount of profit for traders and investors indulging in it.

However, it is not free from various risks as the market is highly volatile and fluctuates immensely.

That is the reason financial websites have become handy for people taking an interest in the investment business.

About the Screener.in Website

The Screener.in website is a venture from the Mittal brothers Ayush and Pratyush. This website was introduced in 2009 and has impressed a large number of traders and investors until today.

It allows tracking a large number of companies and assessing their performance over a certain period.

This website offers business data for more than ten years that traders can use for evaluating the transitions in the financial market.

Users can retrieve all data available on this website and extract them on excel sheets for creating their reference models. This will help them in visualizing the market structure quickly at a glance.

One can also upload his own excel sheets on this website integrated with new formats and formulas.

Moreover, the Screener.in website offers segment results of the past ten years, which is an exceptional feature in this category.

This website allows preparing a watchlist for monitoring the favorite shares of traders. They can track potential stocks thoroughly and choose the most suitable one for investment.

Therefore, to sum up, the Screener.in website uses the latest technologies for monitoring the financial world and offers detailed insights.

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    Top Features of the Screener.in Website

    The features of the Screener.in website are its USP, and people bank upon them a lot. It comes from the brains of two young minds, and thus, the website is dynamic and highly advanced.

    Below are the features of this financial website:

    Data for the Past 10 Years

    Traders can obtain business data for more than ten years from this website. It will help them understand the business cycle and the performance of various companies correctly.

    Moreover, this website also offers segment results for the past ten years, which is very useful for investors.

    Extract data on excel sheets

    Users can view data presented on this website and extract it on excel sheets. This will help them refer to the data later and analyse it thoroughly.

    The Screener.in website also allows traders to upload their own excel sheets with new formats and formulas.


    A watchlist is a favourite feature of traders and investors as it helps them monitor various stocks effortlessly.

    This website offers a watchlist where users can add their favourite stocks and get real-time updates on their price changes.

    Therefore, they can make informed investment decisions that will earn them huge returns.

    Insider trade details

    This website has a unique feature of insider trades details informing users on various trading operations.

    For instance, if a real estate agent is buying or selling a property, the user will receive automatic updates on his newsfeed.

    Credit Ratings

    The knowledge of the credit rating of a company can help an investor make wise decisions. This website offers accurate credit rating data of all organizations listed on the stock market.

    Latest updates

    Users can receive the latest updates from the world of business from this website. It also informs users about all announcements and reports published by various companies.

    Peer Comparison

    Traders can compare the performance of various companies with the help of the peer comparison feature.

    It allows comparing historical data of two companies and assessing their growth in the past few years.

    Stock screening

    Users can receive automatic stock screening updates through emails from the Screener.in website.

    Therefore, one need not track the quarterly reports of companies because the website will do it on their behalf.

    Custom ratio creation

    Users can set their custom ratios and monitor companies accordingly. It will help them in tracking numerous stocks on their terms.

    Track product prices

    The Screener.in website allows traders tracking the cost of more than 9000 products through Exim records

    Pro or Premium Version Features of the Screener.in Website

    The Screener.in website has a premium version that is loaded with an umpteen number of top-notch features.

    These features help traders and investors immensely in staying ahead in their trading decisions.

    Readers can learn about the premium features of this website below:

    • The premium version offers detailed segment results for a large number of companies.
    • Users can learn about the trading details of more than 9000 products.
    • They can get almost 50 columns for comparing from the premium version of this website.
    • Traders can track the daily performance of a large number of companies.
    • They will receive unlimited stock screening updates.
    • Users can download their watchlist on their device in the premium version.
    • The peer comparison feature is more precise in this version of the website.
    • Users can opt for industry filters for screening stocks.
    • Traders can maintain more than one watchlists through the premium subscription of the Screener.in website.
    • They can check out the latest updates on the industry peers.
    • Users will receive notes on accounts that will help them in managing their trading accounts conveniently.
    • This version of the website will offer detailed reports on credit ratings of various companies.
    • Users will receive top-class trading support from this website.

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of the Screener.in Website?

    The Screener.in website maintains a premium version that is loaded with top-class features.

    Traders and investors can avail of these features for cracking profitable financial deals. All these features are designed precisely for ensuring users get the best trading assistance.

    One can access these features easily with a subscription pack. The Screener.in website offers a subscription pack for a year, and it is available by the name of Active investor.

    Traders will have to pay the charge allotted for the subscription pack and access the premium features for a year.

    Why use the Screener.in Website?

    The Screener.in website is a perfect friend for both new investors and expert traders. It has perfectly-curated features that can prove extremely helpful for all users.

    This website allows creating a watchlist and watching over the performance of numerous stocks.

    The premium version of the website allows creating more than one watchlists, which can be highly useful for full-time traders.

    Moreover, a user can receive segment results and stay up to date with the current conditions of companies.

    This website allows traders to follow a large number of business houses and track their performances.

    It offers credit rating reports that are instrumental in deciding whether a company can be trustworthy for investment.

    One of the best parts of this website is that it allows traders to evaluate a company thoroughly and then make informed investment decisions.

    Users can obtain business data for more than a decade from this website and use them conveniently for investment purposes.

    The Screener.in website is designed with simple features that are very easy to access. All the options are displayed clearly on the interface, and thus, users need not hunt for them.

    Moreover, this website uses advanced technologies that make tracking various data relatively faster.

    Therefore, investors new in this business can rely on this financial website for making the most of their wealth.

    Screener.in – Conclusion

    Today, technology is an integral part of human lives, and it has found a wide range of applications in every domain.

    The financial trading sector is also touched by technology that has given birth to excellent financial websites.

    Screener.in is an A-class financial website that is winning the hearts of thousands of users across the nation.

    Readers can get comprehensive knowledge on this website by reading this article carefully. It addresses the features of the regular and the premium version of this website.

    Besides features, users will also learn here why they should prefer the Screener.in website over others.

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