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Moneycontrol.com is one such website that is one of the most-visited financial web applications. This article will help readers in learning about the features and benefits of this website.

They will find below a detailed discussion on this website divided into various sections. A large number of people participate in financial trading today, and thus, they need to know the whereabouts of the market thoroughly.

Various financial websites are available that guide traders and investors virtually in making wise investment decisions.

About Moneycontrol.com

Moneycontrol.com is the last resort for millions of financial traders and investors. They prefer referring to it whenever they need to clarify a query related to the share market.

Moneycontrol.com WebsiteThis web application runs on all desktop-based platforms, and it is highly user-friendly.

Moneycontrol.com offers the latest updates on various financial products and helps users in their investments.

It also focuses on business and economy news that an investor should know for indulging in a safe investment procedure.

Users can obtain details of various Indian and Global Indices from this website. It also offers an option for watching Live TV that will enlighten users on the real-time events happening in the financial world.

They can turn on the notification service for getting live notifications of the latest events on their personal computers.

This website has several other top-class features that make it the best in the segment of financial websites.

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    Top Features of Moneycontrol.com

    Readers who are not yet familiar with the features of Moneycontrol.com should go through this portion of the article carefully.

    They will learn here about some of the best features of this website that attracts traders and investors immensely.

    Updates on the business, economy, and the financial market

    This website offers the latest updates from the world of finance, business, and shares.

    All updates contain detailed news that can help users invariably in understanding what is happening around the world.

    Market activities

    The moneycontrol.com website offers a detailed view of the market activities. It focuses on Indian indices and global markets such as CAC, DAX, and others.

    Traders can learn about the most active stocks on BSE and NSE from this website. They can also view details about the top gainers and top losers in Nifty and Sensex.


    The website offers the latest data from the world of commodities. It deals with two popular commodity exchanges, namely, MCX and NCDEX.

    All commodity prices along with their changes in percentage and value are available on this website.


    Moneycontrol.com is the best place to learn about the fluctuations in currencies. It brings forth the current prices and exchange rates of all currencies such as USD, JPY, EUR, GNP, etc.

    This section also mentions the changes in percentage and values.


    Users can learn about the latest prices of various bonds like NHAI – N2, HUDCO – N2, etc. Traders investing in bonds will get a lot of benefits through this feature

    Personal finance advisory

    Moneycontrol.com is a perfect website for receiving top-class advice related to personal finance.

    Here, experts from the industry indulge in several chat sessions and help investors in making wise financial decisions. This website covers a wide range of areas in the advisory section

    Stock recommendations

    Traders and investors who are new to share trading can bank upon top-class stock recommendations from this website.

    Here, expert advice is mentioned related to the profit-making shares


    Users of this website can receive podcasts that they can listen on the go. Top news from the market is wrapped in audio files that traders and investors can listen to while travelling

    Portfolio and watchlist

    Traders need to maintain a portfolio and a watchlist for making smart moves.

    A portfolio helps in tracking all the shares that one has invested in, and a watchlist is for monitoring favourite stocks.

    Moneycontrol.com has these two premium features that help users a lot

    Pro or Premium Version Features of Moneycontrol.com

    Moneycontrol.com has a pro version which has some added features that are not present in the regular version.

    This portion of the article will discuss those premium features thoroughly.

    Ad-Free Experience: The pro version of this website is free from advertisements and allows users to have a seamless experience.

    They can stream video clips and live TV without the interruption of any ad

    Updates from the Financial Times: Expert traders must be familiar with the Financial Times news portal and the benefits of accessing its content.

    The Financial Times is one of the top news agencies in the world that offers accurate data from the world of business.

    Moneycontrol Pro allows users to access the content of this news portal

    Top Monthly Stories: Users will receive more than 230 exclusive stories every month from this website.

    These stories will help them learn about various aspects of the global business world

    Expert Investment Solutions: Pro subscribers will receive top-notch investment solutions from this website.

    These solutions are highly driven by actions and will compel a trader in thinking towards a brighter solution.

    Technical assessment and research reports: This version of the Moneycontrol website will offer expert research reports and analytics on the stock market.

    Detailed evaluation reports will be provided for users to understand which stock will perform better in the upcoming days.

    Webinars: This is a premium feature that pro subscribers can avail of from this website.

    Moneycontrol.com Pro hosts the best webinars on various topics related to business, economy, and share trading.

    Top market analysts participate in these online seminars that can enlighten traders with valuable insights.

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of Moneycontrol.com?

    The pro version of the Moneycontrol website offers users with a lot more features than the regular version.

    Traders and investors can be a part of high-profile webinars hosted by top experts from the industry.

    They will also receive daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters from the website. The pro version has numerous other features that attract users immensely.

    These features are undoubtedly compelling and very helpful for financial traders. However, one has to subscribe to the pro version for accessing these features.

    Three subscription packs are available for users, and they are for one month, one year, and three years. These three packs have different price tags and are auto-renewable.

    Why use Moneycontrol.com?

    Moneycontrol.com is the first choice of millions of traders and investors across the nation. It has a simple design that is highly customized for desktops and laptops.

    All the features are easy to access and are incredibly interactive for users to understand their purposes effortlessly. They can navigate throughout the website easily and use various features available on it.

    Moreover, both the regular and premium versions of the website are loaded with exceptional features that help it shine bright amongst others.

    Users get live updates from this website, and they can also allow it to send them notifications on their personal computers. This will help them stay up-to-date with the latest events of the market along with the top stories.

    Moneycontrol.com addresses the price changes of all financial products such as stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, etc.

    The price changes are calculated in percentage and terms of values for the ease of users’ understanding.

    To sum up, this website helps users with quick search options and real-time market data that can keep them ahead in the race.

    Conclusion – Moneycontrol.com

    Traders and investors depend on financial websites completely for taking all investment moves.

    They check out the present status of the market before investing in a share or other financial instruments. Moneycontrol.com is widely preferred by a large number of stock market enthusiasts.

    It is integrated with the best features that make it a leader in the financial website category. The main aim of this article was to bring forth the features of the Moneycontrol web application.

    Here, the characteristics of both regular and pro versions are mentioned that will help readers in selecting wisely.

    They will also find here details about the subscription packs of the pro version.

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