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This article will highlight the website, which is extremely famous in this category.

Today, trading in shares and other financial products has become quite prevalent, and a large number of people indulge in it.

This form of trading supports thousands of family by providing them with a steady monthly income. However, financial trading is not easy, and traders need to be up to date with the market thoroughly.

A financial website can be his best friend in this process and guide him correctly in the right direction.

About the

The Economic Times is a widely-followed newspaper across the nation. It offers accurate news on the entire world and helps readers learn about the latest updates of the business and financial world effortlessly. or ETThis news agency hosts a fantastic website by the same name that is the digital version of its newspaper.

The website covers real-time updates from different parts of the world and helps traders and investors immensely.

They can learn about finance, market, business, politics, and other topics from this website within a few minutes.

The website hosted by the Economic Times or ET is rich in features and can be very instrumental for traders.

They can refer to it for making steady business deals and grasp the whole stock market effortlessly. This website has top-notch features that are extremely easy to access.

The website offers the current value of stocks and mutual funds along with other facilities. It brings freshly-brewed news from top Exchanges in India around the world.

Thus, people who are clueless with what shares to invest in can switch to the Economic Times website for the best help.

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    Top Features of

    The website is designed with a large number of useful features that are described in this portion:

    Real-time news

    Traders and investors cannot deny the importance of real-time updates from the world of business and finance.

    People who are dedicated to financial trading will receive a lot of help from the Economic Times website through its real-time news updates from BSE, NSE, Nifty, and Sensex.

    World news at a glance

    This website will not only keep users ahead in the financial business but also enlighten them on the information from various domains of the world.

    They can learn about the latest political affairs, sports alerts, etc. This website offers live news that comes from reliable sources and can be trusted 100%.

    Stock Screener

    A stock screener is an essential tool for traders as they can use it for filtering stocks on various parameters.

    The Economic Times website has a stock screener that allows users to choose their favourite stocks and monitoring them for making wise investment plans.

    Mutual Fund Screener

    A MF screener or a mutual fund screener is for helping traders and investors filtering mutual funds. Its mechanism is similar to stocks and allows traders to focus on various metrics.

    These metrics include market value, 52 weeks low-high ratio, dividends produced, and others. Mutual fund traders can use this screener for avoiding wring investment decisions.

    ITR Guide

    The Economic Times website helps users in filing income tax returns quickly. They will get complete assistance in filing and filing ITR along with the latest updates on ITR filing.

    Besides ITR filing, the Economic Times website help individuals in learning about topics like tax-saving investments, LTA tax exemption, TDS, income tax slabs, etc.

    Candlestick Screener

    This website has a candlestick screener that represents the great-performing and clumsily-performing stocks.

    These patterns are interpreted by stock market experts and help investors in realizing which stock they should invest in shortly.


    The Economic Times website hosts excellent webinars on the stock market and enlightens users on various essential topics.

    Traders and investors can participate in these webinars and hear expert tips from highly experienced professionals from the market.

    Expert recommendations

    Users can rely on this website for receiving top-class stock recommendations from industry experts.

    If a trader or an investor is confused with which stock he should invest in, Economic Times can act as his guiding light.

    Pro or Premium Version Features of

    ET Prime is the premium or pro version of the Economictimes,com website and has several useful features missing in the regular version.

    Below is a brief description of the features available in the premium version of this financial website:

    Ad-free experience: ET Prime enables users to get a rich experience which is free from ads.

    This version of the website does not pop up ads in between surfing or reading an article, and thus, users have a seamless experience

    In-depth insights: Traders and investors can expect to get in-depth insights on the stock market from ET Prime version.

    They will also receive detailed reviews on various investment sectors that will help them make wise investment decisions

    Advice from leaders: Users can go through expert advice and leading stories penned down by the chief editor of the Economic Times and top market experts

    Invites for virtual events: Besides webinars, the Economic Times website hosts online events exclusively for ET Prime subscribers.

    They can be a part of these events and hear from top speakers in the business

    ET Prime community membership: The ET Prime community is vast, and a user can earn its membership with a subscription pack.

    He can interact with thousands of other members and seek their advice on investments

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of Economic Times?

    ET Prime, the premium version of the Economic Times website, is designed with some of the best features that can help traders immensely.

    It offers a real-time guide to investors, along with a seamless browsing experience.

    Regular traders prefer owning a subscription for this premium version as they get top-notch support from industry experts regarding investments.

    They can also earn membership of ET prime community which can enrich their knowledge in the stock market.

    To earn an ET Prime membership, a user has to subscribe to the premium version of the website.

    Economic Times Prime version comes with three subscription packs, and they are Monthly, Yearly and 2 Year.

    These subscription packages have different price, and one should choose according to his convenience. Users can also avail of a 15 days free trial service with the subscription of the 2 – Year pack.

    Why use the Website?

    Financial websites have gained immense popularity in the past few years due to the steady increase in the number of financial trading enthusiasts.

    Traders and investors should be familiar with the latest updates of the stock market for making profitable deals.

    This is where financial websites come into play as they offer accurate data on various financial products like shares, futures, options, mutual funds, currencies, etc.

    Economic Times is a popular financial website, and thousands of traders and investors rely on it every day.

    Traders and investors get real-time updates on the stock market from this website that helps them in choosing stocks wisely.

    This website is not only limited to stock news but also enlightens users on the latest updates from all other financial sectors.

    It has a user-friendly interface that is designed with simple components, and users can access all the features effortlessly.

    The Economic Times website also has a premium version by the name ET Prime which is loaded with top-notch features.

    These features prove bliss for traders and investors who indulge in serious trading in financial products.

    To sum up, the Economic Times is a trusted website from one of the leading news agencies of the nation.

    It eases the lives of millions of traders and investors with its excellent features and a user-friendly interface.

    Conclusion –

    This article has thrown light on the Economic Times website, and readers can learn a great deal about the website here.

    They will find above details on the various features present in the regular version of the website along with its premium version.

    This website is followed by millions of traders and investors across the nation, and its usability is unquestionable.

    Therefore, traders and investors searching for an excellent financial website should read this article thoroughly for learning about the Economic Times website.

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