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With our busy schedules, it is impossible to go through an entire newspaper.

However, there are thousands of applications and websites on which you can receive regular news updates. The users can view the news from any device and any location.

One such website is Financial Express or financialexpress.com. Users and traders visit the website regularly to stay updated with the market.

So, in this article, we will be helping the readers understand the features and benefits of the website.

Financial Express Website

About Financial Express

The Financial Express is an old and well-trusted Indian English language business newspaper. Since 1961, the Indian Express Group publishes the paper.

Financial ExpressThe Indian Express Group owns and manages the newspaper. Lately, with the launch of the Financial Express mobile application, getting trading information and news has become much easier.

The Financial Express is the top station for all Indian and International Business and financial news. So most Indian and foreign traders prefer referring to the website before dealing with the real market.

Millions of Indian and foreign traders trust this finance website. The traders visit the website whenever they want to know about a recently passed Bill.

If there are any queries related to the market, they log on to the website. The users and customers can use both mobile and computer browsers to access the website.

Financial Express has also developed an exclusive news application for all Android and iPhone users. The users will receive real-time updates on financial products.

They will also receive various assistance for their upcoming investments in the market. One of the best points of the Financial Express website is that they provide live blogs.

The blogs have information about the real-time updates of the market that include price changes, Nifty, or Sensex points.

The users will benefit from the real-time blogs and articles. Some of the most experienced traders and investors write these blogs.

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    Top Features of Financial Express

    Being a new trader, you may not be familiar with the features of Financial Express. So, in this portion of the article, we will discuss all the features and points of this financial website.

    Now let us discuss the key features:

    • The registered users of the online newspaper will have access to live information according to their news preferences.
    • They will also have access latest business, markets, and finance news.
    • The users will have the option to change the language within the same application.
    • The user can also access the Financial Express Hindi News from the application. Financial Express Hindi tab is available on the mobile application and website
    • You can download the news articles and read them offline.
    • The users will also have the option to change the font size and font style according to their visual comfort.
    • A rich typography feature is also available.
    • Real-time update on Top Stories of the Day by Industries, Personalized Financial News, Stock Market Update, and Technology Update is available. You can also view News updates on Opinions, Auto news, and Current news.
    • The customers can type the necessary keywords in the search panel. The related news articles would be pop up in a drop-down option.
    • Use the night mode option for comfort reading in low light.
    • A customized push – notification option is available for all the users.
    • The option is also available to choose the preferred language.
    • Breaking news along with hot trends on the market will be available as notifications
    • All the news categories available include: Science news, financial market news, company news, technology news, industry news, company profiles, auto news, banking, and finance news, mutual funds update, stock market news, and currency news.

    Pro or Premium Version Features of Financial Express

    You can use the Financial Express website and mobile application free of cost.  There is no premium or pro version of the application. So, the features can be used free of charge.

    Some of the premium features that are available free of cost in the Financial Express application include:

    • Users will enjoy a completely ad-free experience.
    • The videos and the articles will come with the link and is easily downloadable.
    • Real-time updates on the blogs are also available without any charge
    • You can read the article based on their preferred language.
    • Customers will also have access to the daily e-Paper free of cost.
    • The family setting feature enables up to six users to access the application using one account.
    • You will find a search option or a search engine in the latest update of the website and application
    • You can directly search from the millions of news articles by just typing the necessary keywords.

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of Financial Express?

    You can download and use the application on the website free of cost. So, to visit the Financial Express website, you can use your mobile or web browser.

    The user can also download the application from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

    Why use Financial Express?

    Since 1961, the Indian Express Group operates the financial express. So, Financial Express is a trustworthy news platform where all the correct information about the financial sector is available.

    The user can also view news related to various companies and industries. The website design is quite simple and user-friendly. In the beginning, you can also personalize your news preferences.

    Financial Express Market News app provides the latest and updated business website. This ranges from various financial markets and industries from across the globe.

    The application is the best source for a real-time update on the business, stock market, finance, economics, company budget, and the equity market.

    The users can use the push-notification option to stay updated. This feature also helps them connect to the latest business trends and market news.

    The summary option is also available. After reading an entire news article, you will have a portion that is called a summary. Under the tab, you will find the key points and some important information regarding the various blogs.

    This feature is necessary for all readers and users who need quick investment solutions. With this feature, you can visit the important points and information at one glance.

    The user can easily use the features, tabs, and columns.  So any user can navigate their way through the website quite easily.

    You can also view all the news in the language of your preference, which is a premium feature.

    All the users can stay up to date with all the latest events. They will also get real-time updates related to the financial news and market.

    Conclusion – Financial Express

    A beginner and a professional trader depend on various financial websites and trading platforms for market updates.

    Financial Express and its parent group have been in the market since 1961, so they are trustworthy.

    The user-friendly mobile application is available both for Android and iOS users.

    There is no pro or premium feature of the application and the website. So, you can use all the features and benefits free of charge.

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