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This article will highlight the features of the Livemint.com. It offers accurate news from the world of finance and business and will help an individual crack profitable deals.

The world of financial trading is expanding aggressively, with millions of traders and investors indulging in it.

They invest their money in various financial products and make a tremendous amount of profit from them.

However, this process requires a lot of patience and a thorough understanding of the market. A financial website can rescue a trader who wants to make the best financial deals.

About the Livemint.com Website

Livemint.com, popularly known as Mint, is one of the leading business news portals trusted by many readers.

This news platform has attained a benchmark in retaining its readers and expanding the existing base.

Thousands of people across the nation follow the website of this news platform for learning about the latest updates from different parts of the world.

Mint provides all big and small news related to national and international affairs. Traders and investors also rely on the Livemint website for receiving top news from the world of business.

It never misses out on any small details and enlightens readers with accurate data. One can track the latest movements in the financial market from this website.

This will help him in making informed financial decisions and earn a lot of profits from them.

The Livemint website covers every significant event in the business world and presents it perfectly in front of readers.

It has some of the latest features like video clips and podcasts that effectively attract the attention of traders.

Moreover, this financial website brings forth all the latest updates related to various financial products.

Thus people interested in trading in the share market should refer to this website for the best help.

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    Top Features of the Livemint.com Website

    The Livemint.com website is designed with top-notch features that have helped it achieve record-breaking success in the past few years.

    This portion of the article will highlight those features and help readers understand why they should follow this website.

    The Latest News

    A reader can instantly learn about all the latest events occurring in the national and international domains by following the Livemint website.

    It covers a wide range of topics that are diversified yet crucial to learn about. Some of the popular categories of news sections include business, economy, corporate, sports, politics, etc.

    Company news

    This website offers all big and small news about a large number of business houses. Readers can also learn about various start-up enterprises here and know their performance in the market.

    Besides, this website also provides detailed company reports describing their business performances in a limited span.

    Market data

    Market data is a valuable resource for traders investing their money in the financial market. One can receive real-time updates from the share market from this website.

    Besides share market updates, the Livemint website also provides news about commodities and IPO listings.

    Mutual Fund news

    Investors who take an interest in mutual funds will receive a lot of benefits from this website.

    They can learn about the performance of various mutual funds here and make future decisions accordingly.

    The Livemint website also publishes a list called Mint 50 that contains the names of the top mutual funds to consider

    Insurance news

    Readers can learn about insurance-related news from this website. It gives a detailed overview of all the latest insurances introduced in the market.

    The website also notifies users of all major and minor modifications brought in the existing insurance policies from various companies.


    The Livemint.com website offers numerous video clips based on various events occurring across the world.

    These videos cover an event completely and are combined with a solid story that will enlighten viewers completely.


    This website has a fantastic feature called a podcast, and users love it immensely. The podcast feature presents news in audio clips that one can hear any time he wants.

    One can also opt for listening to these news clips while traveling and stay up to date with the latest affairs of the world.


    This website sends live notification messages to users on their devices regarding all the latest updates from different domains.

    Users need to turn on the notification service, and they can enjoy real-time news without visiting the website.

    Pro or Premium Version Features of the Livemint Website

    The Livemint website has a premium version that has some extra features missing out in the regular version.

    Here, the premium features of this website will be discussed in detail:

    Access to Mint Digital: The premium version of this website allows users to get unlimited access to Mint Digital.

    They can use this application on all devices they want by subscribing to the premium version of the website.

    Mint Digital subscription comes with numerous benefits for traders and investors dealing in the financial market.

    Wall Street Journal: Readers who take an interest in learning about the latest happenings of the United States should subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.

    This portal offers all real-time updates from the US. The Livemint premium subscription allows users to get unlimited access to WSJ.com, which is the official site of the Wall Street Journal.

    They can also access the WSJ mobile application and view videos and listen to podcasts features on it.

    E-paper access: The e-paper of the Livemint website is extremely popular among traders and investors for its exceptional news coverage.

    One can access the e-paper of this website with a premium subscription pack and stay up to date with all the latest news,

    Mint events: Premium subscription holders get invites for top-notch Mint events held on various occasions.

    These events are incredibly enriching, and top industry experts participate in them.

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of the Livemint.com?

    The premium version of the Livemint website is integrated with top-class features that are incredibly alluring.

    However, readers have to subscribe to these features for accessing them effortlessly. This website offers various subscription packages, and one can choose conveniently from them.

    The premium version of the Livemint website comes with three plans, namely Half Year, 1 Year, and 2 Years.

    These three subscription plans allow users to enjoy the premium features for six months, one year, and two years.

    They can get full access to The Wall Street Journal with these subscription packs along with the e-paper of the website.

    Why use the Livemint Website?

    The Livemint.com website is one of the most feature-rich websites available to traders and investors in the country.

    It offers the latest updates from the world of business, finance, sports, education, politics, and all other domains.

    Readers can refer to the trending section of this website for learning about those stories and events that are trending at present.

    It offers accurate data on numerous companies, along with their performance reports.

    Readers can learn about the latest happenings of the stock market from this website that will help them make profitable financial investments.

    It presents a list of the top mutual funds for guiding investors in choosing the right place for investment. They can learn about personal finance from the Livemint website along with insurance plans.

    This website has a premium version that comes with some exceptional features. Subscribers can get unlimited access to The Wall Street Journal through this version, which is quite hard to believe.

    The Livemint website also shares video clips from various events along with podcasts.

    Thus, to sum up, this website has all features required to help traders and investors make wise investment decisions in the world of business and finance.

    Conclusion – Livemint.com

    A financial website is the best friend of traders and investors who deal with financial products.

    They receive the latest news from the stock market that helps them in planning their future moves correctly.

    The Livemint.com is a top-rated financial website known for its seamless interface and error-free news updates.

    This article has effectively described the features of this website and highlighted the advantages of subscribing to its premium version.

    Readers should go through this article thoroughly to get a detailed overview of its features and services.

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