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Know everything about Business-Standard.com website here.

Financial trading has paved a new way of earning for millions of people across the world. It is one of the most profitable means of trading, and many individuals indulge in it.

However, dealing with financial products is not an easy task, and one has to be very cautious throughout.

One wrong decision can make an investor suffer a considerable amount of monetary loss. Various financial websites are prevalent today to help people deal with financial trading.

This article will highlight one of the widespread financial websites, namely, Business-Standard.com. It has top-class features that will be discussed below.

Therefore, readers should pay attention to all the details present in this website if they want to make wise financial trading decisions.

About the Business-Standard.com Website

The Business-Standard.com website is the online presentation from one of the top business newspapers of the nation. It is the first choice of millions of traders and investors looking for accurate market data.

Business-Standard.com WebsiteFinancial traders are serious about their trading actions, follow this website ardently, and take investment decisions accordingly.

It brings forth the precise condition of the financial world and emphasizes all small details for helping traders invariably.

This website houses a large panel of financial and market experts who can give the best advice to traders. They are highly experienced in their job and can never go wrong with their predictions.

One can follow the fantastic stock tips these experts offer to make correct investment decisions and earn a fair amount of profit.

Moreover, this website has proved its credibility time and again and has compelled traders to trust it.

The Business-Standard.com website has exclusive features that will guide an amateur trader effectively and help him take the right path.

It also allows users to maintain a robust portfolio that can be instrumental in managing their wealth.

Besides business news, the Business-Standard.com website also provides information from the worlds of sports, technology, and current affairs of the world.

Therefore, it makes an excellent option for a financial website that one should not miss out on.

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    Top Features of the Business-Standard.com Website

    Traders and investors distinguish a financial website based on its features and usability.

    This portion of the article will discuss the exceptional features of the Business-Standard.com website that attract users the most.

    Stock market updates

    This website offers the latest updates from the two popular stock exchanges: BSE and NSE. It provides a graphical representation of the market data that is easy for traders to evaluate and understand.

    The top gainers and losers of the market find a place on this website along with their current price, trading volume, and price change in percentage.

    It highlights the key indices and also provides the 52 weeks high and low values of a large number of stocks.

    Commodity news

    Many traders invest in commodities like gold and others. They need to learn about the latest market prices of these commodities to make the right investment decision.

    The Business-Standard.com website provides an accurate market value of various commodities such as gold, silver, industrial metals, crude oil, food items, edible oil, etc.

    Traders can also learn about the latest happenings in the world of commodities from this financial website.

    IPO updates

    IPO or Initial Public Offering is the term used for the procedure of a private company going public by selling its shares.

    Many investors look for the latest news about IPO postings, and this website will help them immensely.

    It publishes top news stories about IPOs and also brings forth IPO analysis from experts. These analysis reports assist investors in making the right decisions concerned with IPOs.

    Mutual funds

    Many traders invest in mutual funds, and they need to be very careful while choosing the right fund.

    This is because various market risks are imposed on mutual funds, and one should not fail to assess them.

    The Business-Standard.com provides the latest news on mutual funds and helps investors in choosing the right product

    Company information

    This website offers accurate data on various companies listed on the stock market.

    It provides their performance reports along with proper analytics and allows traders to make informed investment decisions.

    The Business-Standard.com website addresses companies from all sectors, namely, automobiles, financials, infrastructure, telecom, IT, telecommunication, and all others


    Users of this website can create a highly efficient portfolio and manage their wealth using it. They will get all types of assistance from this site for maintaining a robust financial portfolio

    Financial Tools

    The Business-Standard.com website offers some fantastic financial tools to users, including a tax calculator, SIP calculator, EMI calculator, retirement planner, life cycle planner, etc.

    Pro or Premium Version Features of the Business -Standard.com Website

    The Business-Standard.com website has two versions, namely, regular and premium. Business-Standard.com Digital is the name of the premium version of the site.

    This website’s regular version has some of the best features that help traders and investors invariably.

    However, the premium version is designed with more robust features that cater to the various needs of users.

    Readers will find below some of the exclusive features present in the premium version of this financial website.

    Unlimited access to top content: Users can access top content from the world of finance and business by subscribing to the premium version of this app.

    They can also get access to the content through the website or its smartphone app.

    Opinions and content selected by editors: Subscribers of the premium version get access to premium content and opinion that are chosen by the editors of this news portal.

    Updates on five favorite companies: Users can select five of their favorite companies and receive daily information related to them.

    This website will keep traders up to date on all minor and significant events on these five companies.

    Archive data for eighteen years: Past data from the financial world can be beneficial for traders and investors. The premium version of this website provides historical data for eighteen years.

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of the Business-Standard.com Website?

    The premium version of the Business-Standard.com website, Business-Standard.com Digital, offers a host of exclusive features to subscribers.

    They will get the best assistance from this website that will help them in cracking profitable financial deals.

    One has to subscribe to the premium version for accessing these features. Business-Standard.com has two subscription packs, namely, monthly and annually.

    Traders have to pay the corresponding charges for these packs for enjoying top features seamlessly.

    Why use the Business-Standard.com Website?

    The Business-Standard.com website is designed with exclusive features that will attract any trader without a doubt.

    It offers the latest market data related to all financial products such as stocks, mutual funds, commodities, etc.

    This website highlights the top gainers and losers of the market and enables traders to make the right investment decision.

    They can also learn about the 52 weeks low and high of various shares listed on the stock market.

    Besides market data, this website has a dedicated section for the opinion given by financial experts. It contains the editorial comment, polls, and other options that will guide an investor effectively.

    The Business-Standard.com website offers various powerful financial tools like EMI calculator, tax calculator, SIP calculator, retirement planner, etc.

    These tools can make the task of an investor very easy, and he will never go wrong with his calculations.

    Moreover, this website posts pictures, video clips, and podcasts for keeping traders up to date using multimedia files.

    There is an option for maintaining a robust portfolio with this website that enables investors to manage their wealth.

    To sum up, the Business-Standard.com website is exceptionally user-friendly and is highly preferred by financial traders across the nation for its exceptional features.

    Conclusion – Business-Standard.com

    The importance of a financial website remains unquestionable in today’s modern world of technology.

    These websites guide users invariably and help them make a lot of profit through the right investment decisions.

    This article has discussed one of the widespread financial websites Business-Standard.com that millions of traders follow ardently.

    Readers should go through all the features available on this website’s regular and premium versions before referring to it.

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