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In modern times, every individual will prefer having everything in the grasp of his hands. Mobile phones and computers have made this dream possible.

At times, you may desire to stay updated with every news. However, with a newspaper, it is not possible.

So, there are thousands of financial websites and financial news applications that provide up-to-date news on finance and stock markets.

One such website is CNBC TV18, which is one of the most used and accessed financial news websites.

In this article, we will be discussing all the features of CNBC TV18 and some necessary information.

CNBC TV18 Website

About CNBC TV18

If you like to stay in the loop and stay updated with the latest financial news, CNBC TV18 is a perfect website.

Basically, it is a popular Indian pay television business and financial news channel which is co-owned by NBCUniversal and TV 18.

CNBC TV18This TV channel was launched on the 26th of October 2011. The channel promises premium service and is one of the first financial news channels to have its HD channel in India.

While going through the website of CNBC TV18, the users and viewers will be updated with the latest financial news. You will also get updated business news and will also receive 24×7 stock market prices.

Some insight into the news offered by the website include:

  • All the traders and users will receive updates and information on all finance news and information.
  • Updated information on’ Bazaar Morning’ which is helpful for all the small and retail investors
  • All the ups and downs about various companies
  • All the latest information about RBI policymaking

One of the exclusive features of the website and the mobile application is that they show live television. In other words, you can directly watch various financial live shows on the website.

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    Top Features of CNBC TV18

    There are many traders and investors who are not aware of the various features and benefits of the CNBC TV18 website.

    In this section, we will educate all the users about the top features:

    • The users of the mobile application and the website will stay updated on the go
    • The latest information on stocks, investment strategies, personal finance, entrepreneurship, startups, mutual funds, and commodities is available
    • Users can get advice from experienced journalists and financial experts who will break down the news
    • With the help of the CNBC TV18 website, you can easily live stream financial news, watch videos shows and view expert opinions
    • It helps in your day-to-day investment
    • Access to various market trends, technical news, business news, and political financial news with expertise.
    • You will get clarity, efficiency, and expert opinion by going through the articles.

    Some Other Key Takeaways Include:

    • CNBC TV18 can be streamed at any time from any corner
    • Live streaming of the financial TV channel is available on the application
    • You can stay updated with the latest market news on commodities, bonds, mutual funds, currency, and stocks
    • Stay aware while travelling on the go with the various life special shoes and other important video clips
    • A huge pool of financial information that includes data charts, views, bowling stocks, and breaking news to stay on the loop and get ahead
    • Breaking news available as push notifications
    • Customized notifications
    • User can also select the type of news

    Pro or Premium Version Features of CNBC TV18

    CNBC TV18 does not come with a pro or a premium version or a paid version.

    In other words, all the premium features, tools, and various other things that are available on the premium versions of other news apps are available free of cost on the website.

    Some of the exclusive and premium features include:

    • A search option where you can search news based on keywords
    • No unnecessary advertisements
    • A customized notification option is available
    • Access to technical analysis and research reports based on summary
    • Access to the live television channel
    • Special shows, podcasts, and anchor videos
    • A summary with all the necessary key points to help the traders understand

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of CNBC TV18?

    CNBC TV18 does not offer any premium or paid services. In other words, all features and tools can be used free of charge by any registered user.

    All you need to do is visit the official website and create an account or download the application from Google App Store and sign in.

    Why use CNBC TV18?

    CNBC TV18 is mostly preferred by all new traders as they provide necessary and on-point trading.

    The website and the mobile application have a simple layout that can also be customized according to your news preferences.

    As the finance website has no premium or paid services, all tools like a search option, customizing option, live TV options and the summary option is available free of cost.

    You do not need to be an expert trader to use the features of the financial website.

    All necessary updates on the financial market, trading market, stocks market, bonds, commodities, and various other financial news is readily available.

    Investors and users can access the finance website and the application from any part of the world.

    One of the main reasons for its popularity is that the anchors and the website writers present all the financial news from the point of a common man.

    Top experts in the financial field analyze each report and provide a regular study report.

    Every second, the finance website gets a new update of the stock market and the SENSEX. Thus, the users always stay ahead.

    They also have a column for stock’s opening bell and closing bell that is also available as a live television channel.

    In this channel, all the finance and professional finance students learn a lot about the market and its conditions.

    To sum up, the financial website helps the user get updated finance and market news, tips on the trading market, and real-time market data that helps all types of traders.

    Conclusion – CNBC TV18

    Investors and traders heavily depend on financial websites and financial news applications. CNBC TV18 website does it all as they provide updated news and the summary of all financial articles.

    Access to live TV shows and expert opinions and tips are also available. The traders prefer to check the current status of the market before every investment in a share and a trading instrument.

    Thanks to CNBC TV, 18 updated data on every stock and company available.

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