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Alice Blue Trade Store is a store application where you will find all the Alice Blue trading platforms at one place. It is a unique concept churned out by the minimum brokerage stock broker Alice Blue to facilitate its clients.

The Trade Store App is not that common if you look at other brokers, even the major brokers in the country do not have something of this sort.

In this article, you will read about what all features the application has and how you can use it and other details about the application.

Alice Blue Online Offers

About Alice Blue Trade Store

Alice Blue Trade Store is a one-stop-shop for all your trading platform that you can use while using the services provided by Alice Blue.

There are total seven platforms offered by Alice Blue that you can use just by downloading this Alice Blue Online Trade Store. It is mainly for the applications that are available on mobile phone.

Alice Blue Trade Store can be referred as a basket where all the below mentioned trading applications are loaded and without even downloading the individual applications, you can use all of them from this Alice Blue Trade Store.

The Alice Blue Online Trade Store application contains Advisory Mandi app offered by Alice Blue which is for all the updates and research analysts takes on the market, Seven Ticks software which is an automatic trading platform.

Then there is Alice Blue ANT IQ which is for your understanding of different options strategies and other information of the market.

Apart from these three, there are Alice Blue Mutual Funds, Alice Blue Sensibull, Smallcase, and Ticker Tape. All these platforms are dedicated for some specific investment services like Smallcase is a thematic trading platform while the Sensibull platform as you may know it is mainly for options trading and the Mutual Funds platform, the name says it all.

The Ticker Tape is another platform offered by Alice Blue which is for information related to the stock market and individual stocks. So, as you can understand this platform can easily give you access to all these seven different applications.

The Alice Blue Trade Store application needs to be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone and then you can access all these applications from the Trade Store.

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    Alice Blue Trade Store Features

    The features of Alice Blue Trade Store are –

    One-Stop Platform

    You can get direct access to seven trading platforms offered by the firm on the Alice Blue Trade Store. You can say that all the platforms available on smartphones are available on this Trade Store.

    So, you need not download individual applications for trading. You can just download one single application and use all the seven in it.

    Easy to Use

    The downloading and installation of the application is super easy. You can download the Trade Store application from Google Play Store. The Alice Blue Website also has the details of the application and you can access the same from the website as well.

    It has one-click download option from the Play Store and once it is installed on your phone, then you can access all the platforms from this application.

    Free Application

    If you are wondering if there is any charge for using this application then we must tell you that this is absolutely free. The application has no charges attached to it.

    You can download and install it for free and use all the application inside it, for free as well. The only requirement is that you need to have Alice Blue Demat and trading account in order to use the application.


    The process of using the application – Alice Blue Online Trade Store is very simple. It has all the trading platforms as mentioned above and you can just click on the one you want to access and use.

    Then there is a filter option as well. It means you have to choose whether you want to see the platforms available for the traders or investors or the strategy makers or if you want to see all the platforms. Then you can just click on the platform you want to use and then you can trade with it.


    The Alice Blue Trade Store is regularly updated and thus the errors in the platform are pretty low to nil. There are hardly any bugs left in the platform and if there is any reported, it is immediately removed and the application gets an update.

    How to Set-up Alice Blue Trade Store?

    To set up the Alice Blue Trade Store you have to –

    1. Open an Alice Blue Demat account. It is simple to open one and you can find the detail process in the next section of the article.
    2. Then you have to go to the Google Play Store. There you can find Alice Blue Online Trade Store. Download it.
    3. Install the application on your mobile phone like any other application you do.
    4. Then open it. You will see the categories – All, Investors, Traders, Strategist. Select one of the four.
    5. Once you select you will see different trading applications.
    6. Select the application you want to use and start using the same.

    How to Own Alice Blue Online Trade Store?

    The owning up process of Alice Blue Trade Store is simple enough and for the same, you have to open an Alice Blue Demat account.

    1. Click on this button which says open Demat account with Alice Blue.
    2. Can you see a pop-up form? Fill the pop-up form. Enter all the details required and submit.
    3. You will now have to upload the scanned documents which are required for KYC purpose.
    4. Then you will receive a call where the Alice Blue customer support team member will verify the details and make the process of application forward.
    5. Once all the verification is over, then you will receive the login details for your Demat and trading account with Alice Blue.
    6. Then you can use the Alice Blue Trade Store and log in and use the other applications which are contained.

    Advantages of Alice Blue Trade Store

    The advantages of Alice Blue Trade Store are –

    • You do not have to shuffle between trading applications while trading. As you can get all the application under this one platform, you can just trade using the one you want to.
    • There is no need for any downloads as well except for the Trade Store application. There are no other individual downloads required.
    • The interface is super fast and user-friendly.
    • The Trae Store application takes very less space of your smartphone and it can be used with a medium internet connection as well.
    • There are various categories which you can use for filtering the applications you want to use.
    • It comes with no price tag.

    Alice Blue Trade Store – Conclusion

    The Alice Blue Trade Store is an all-in-one platform where you can find the trading apps offered by Alice Blue. It has low internet bandwidth requirement and so does space.

    It is one of a kind trading application that you can hardly find with any other brokers in the market.

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