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Last Updated Date - Feb 17, 2023

Britannia Share Price will help you analyze todays & historical price of the Brand. It will include Britannia Today Share Price, Charts description, Historical Performance, Financial Statements & more.

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Find Britannia Live Share Price in NSE & BSE here. It includes Britannia Stock Price Details like live share price, day's high & low, 6 month & 1 year return & more.

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MCAP SALES is used to compared the company's current market price with its mcap sales value.


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Britannia Share Price / Stock Price

Britannia Industries Limited is a well-renowned food product manufacturing company in India. The success of Britannia Industries Limited across the globe has affected Britannia Stock Price positively. This article has been written for helping readers learn about Britannia Share Price in detail.

Why Invest in Britannia Shares?

Investing in the shares of companies is a common practice of traders that can help them earn a lot of profit. Similarly, Britannia Shares also make for a suitable option for the investors as the company is performing very well in the stock market.

But people should be aware of the present situation of a company’s stocks to ensure their investment does not yield disappointing outcomes. Below are some reasons that will focus on the current market condition of Britannia Industries Ltd.:

  • The price of each unit of the Britannia shares are on the higher side for the past month
  • Its EPS is quite high for more than 5 years
  • Britannia has introduced several new food products in the market that is enhancing its brand value to a great extent
  • The company has good credit ratings in the market that are helping it attract more investors
  • It is the leading FMCG giant that has maintained a steady track record for more than a century
  • Britannia has maintained consistency in expanding its portfolio and business over numerous countries across the map
  • Its shares are a great investment instrument for a long term strategy

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How to Invest in Britannia Industries Ltd.Stocks?

This portion of the article will help the reader in learning the procedure for investing in Britannia Stocks. The process is very simple and can be tried out by any investor but he should be very careful before placing a trade order on any company’s share.

This will prevent him from suffering from huge losses due to the drastic downfall in the price of the shares.

The following steps should be followed by an investor if he wants to buy the shares of Britannia Industries:

  • The first step towards investing in a company’s share is by opening a Demat account. This account can be created by a suitable stock broking company. This Demat account is very important for storing the stocks of Britannia Industries in a digital form
  • The second step is opening a trading account with the same broker house. This trading account will connect the bank account of an investor the Demat account and help him place the trading orders
  • After the accounts are created, the broker house will send the customer login ID and password to the investor through his registered email address. T=
  • Then, the investor will have to open any of the trading platforms operated by the stockbroker, i.e. smartphone application or the trading website conveniently. These trading platforms have an array of useful features that contribute to seamless trading
  • After opening the trading platform, he will land on the login page of the platform where the login ID and password should be entered correctly.
  • He will have to create a watchlist in his account that will contain the shares of all the companies that he finds suitable. This will help him track the real-time updates of the performance of these companies in the share market and he can invest accordingly. For buying shares of Britannia Industries Ltd., he will have to add it to the watchlist by searching with the scrip
  • Finally, when he is ready to buy the shares of the company, he will have to enter the buying portion of the trading platform and select the number of Britannia Industries shares. Once the payment is processed, the shares will appear on his Demat account in the digital form

About Britannia Industries Limited

Britannia Share PriceBritannia Industries Ltd. is one of the most trusted food item brands in India that has its foundation laid in 1892. The company was established in Kolkata by a British businessman and was soon acquired by the Gupta Brothers.

At present, the Wadia Group has taken it over with Mr.Nusli Wadia as the acting Chairman. Britannia produces a wide range of bakery and dairy products that are exported to numerous countries across the world. It has a turnover of a few million every year with the number increasing proactively.

The company has several factories across the nation and has a very high production capacity. 90% of the net profit earned by Britannia Industries is by selling various types of biscuits that are a favourite of the consumers.

It strives to maintain the highest quality of its products to ensure the satisfaction of the consumers. The company also introduces new products at regular intervals with the tasty croissants being the latest one.

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Products or Services offered by Britannia

The popularity of Britannia Industries Ltd. Products cannot be denied for an instance. It manufactures a wide range of products that are made following all the industry standards. The company has got advanced machinery and dedicated labourers and banking on them is touching new heights.

It has managed to establish a trustworthy brand in the bakery industry that attracts a huge amount of revenue every year. Below are some popular Britannia products that have captured the consumer market:


Britannia is known for its wide range of Biscuits. The brand is known for producing a variant of biscuits for people of different tastes. It has products that are sweet, salty, chocolaty, or sugar-free.

The biscuit range is divided into 11 categories, namely Good Day, Crackers, Nutrichoice, Marie Gold, Tiger, Milk Bikis, Jim Jam + Treat, Bourbon, Little Hearts, Pure Magic, and Nice Time. Each of these categories has a large number of products under them that vary in taste and appearance.


Britannia Industries produces a wide range of bread for every occasion. Its variants in bread include Whole Wheat Bread, White Sandwich Bread, Bread Assortment, and Daily Breads.

Dairy Products

The diary product section of Britannia also includes a large number of products, namely, Packaged milk, Cheese, Milk-based beverages, Fresh Dairy, Everyday Goodness, Butter, Ghee, and Yogurt.


Britannia is very popular for its soft and spongy fruit cakes that can serve as a perfect breakfast option. Product ranges included in this section are Gobbles, Tiffin Fun, Nut & Raisin, Muffills, Layerz, Rollyo, and Fudgeit.


The company sells three variants of rusks namely, Premium Bake Rusk, Multi-grain Rusk, and Milk Rusk.

Crème Wafers

Britannia produces 4 variants of extremely tasty cream wafers that are a favorite of kids.


Britannia Services have been exceptional and it has been introducing new products with croissant being one of the latest additions.

Britannia Shares – Conclusion

This article has given the perfect overview of Britannia Share Price. The company is one of the leaders in the food manufacturing section and generates a huge amount of revenue that keeps the Britannia Stock Price stable.

Readers who are interested in investing in the company should follow the investment procedure properly. But before that, they should be thorough with the current market updates of the company.

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