Best Commodity Trading Books to Read – List of Top 5 Commodity Books

Find the list of Best Commodity Trading Books to read in for India Market.

Commodity markets are markets for physical assets, including both hard and soft commodities.

While hard commodities include trade in metals like gold, silver, aluminum, copper, etc. soft commodities include cows, pigs, apples, and much more.

The concept of commodity trading can be a bit confusing. Trading without gaining proper knowledge is no way different than gambling! You are just putting your money in the market without knowing how to make it appreciate.

While most of the beginner traders avoid commodity trading, considering it to be a tricky thing to indulge in, some are very curious to learn about it.

There are a plethora of resources available all over the internet from where one can learn about commodities and how this market works.

Many experienced commodity traders have shared their precious knowledge and wisdom through books. One can simply read these books and gain immense knowledge about the subject.

5 Best Commodity Trading Books

Best Commodity Trading Books

Some of the most recommended commodity trading books to read are:

  • Commodities for dummies
  • Hot Commodities
  • A trader’s first book on commodities
  • Higher Probability Commodity Trading
  • 36 strategies for striking it rich in the commodity market

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    Commodities for Dummies – Best Commodity Trading Books

    This is the best guide one needs, to start investing in commodities. As the name suggests, this book is suitable for even those who have zero knowledge about how commodity trading works.

    The book will give you valuable insights about investing and trading in the commodity market while managing your risks.

    For anyone who feels that the commodity market is attractive, should definitely try reading this book once! Their interest will surely multiply manifolds.

    The main things one can aim to learn from Commodities for dummies are:

    • Why commodities are traded
    • Why this market is profitable
    • Benefits of investing in different commodities – energy sources, agricultural products, metals, etc
    • How to minimise risk while maximising profitability

    The book is written in a lucid yet attractive language, and hence, a highly recommended read.

    Price on amazon: INR 1723 (Paperback)

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    Hot Commodities – Top Commodity Trading Book

    This book by Jim Rogers was first published in 2007, and since then, it has been one of the most loved reads of those who wish to learn commodity training.

    Through this book, the wise man spreads his wisdom about how the commodity market is an excellent investment option.

    The book was written when the author understood that most people are scared to enter this hot market.

    A bullish commodity market is undoubtedly risky, but the rewards are equally high. Jim Rogers rightly said, “The next new thing is – things”.

    After reading the book, one can understand that nobody can be a successful investor if he does not understand the commodity market well. This is because of the fact that commodities are so pervasive, and one cannot avoid them.

    So for anyone who wishes to enter the category of intelligent investors, they must take some time out and understand the working of this marketplace.

    Diversifying your portfolio and entering into commodities shall definitely give high returns.

    Price on Amazon: INR 495

    A Trader’s First Book on Commodities – Top 5 Commodity Books

    Everything you need to know about futures and options trading before placing a trade.

    While most books have been highly successful in giving the trader knowledge about the working of the commodity market, but, this book can be called as a more practical guide to enter the market.

    Carley Garner is himself a very successful trader, and he has shared his years of experience in this book.

    The author understands how volatile and rapidly changing the markets are, so he has updated the book in order to incorporate the latest charts.

    All the market scenarios have been well explained to guide the reader the best. Garner has also introduced information about the latest technological advancements which are helping change the trading scenarios.

    The impacts of the happenings around the globe on trading markets have also been incorporated well!

    Price on Amazon: INR 1499

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    Higher Probability Commodity Trading – One of Best Commodity Books

    While the above books were focused more on teaching the beginners and new entrants about the market operations, this book is for the advanced traders.

    In this book, the author discusses how commodity trading is more lucrative than the derivative market.

    He also discusses various strategies to do fundamental and technical analysis in the commodity market for better gains.

    In order to be able to understand this better, a piece of prior basic knowledge about markets is essential.

    Mathematical techniques for commodity trading are also included in this book. Experienced traders can easily understand these and improve their skills.

    This book is perfect for those who understand that knowledge is boundless, and markets are ever-changing.

    Through the wisdom shared by Carley Garner, the traders can improve their returns.

    By illustrating every aspect in such an informative and lucid manner, the book wins the hearts of the knowledge mongers!

    Price on Amazon: INR 3640 (Hardcover)

    36 Strategies for Striking it Rich in the Commodity Market

    Ashu Dutt is one of the most well-known investment managers in Asia. In this book, he shared 36 well-tried and tested secret strategies which can help anyone earn in the commodity market.

    These strategies can be used by both professional traders looking for a new perspective or by new entrants.

    Through this book, the writer aims to make the fear of commodity market disappear from the minds of people.

    He explains that it is essential to diversify the portfolio and enter new markets other than equity and derivatives.

    The book is a perfect guide for letting the traders know the significant pitfalls of the market and how one can easily overcome those.

    Risk minimisation is as essential as profit earning. In order to minimise risk in the market, it is vital to trade wisely using techniques and strategies and not through emotions.

    Price on Amazon: INR 232 (Kindle Edition)

    Commodity Trading Books – Conclusion

    The commodity market is considered a mystery because of its diverse nature. There are multiple commodities which behave differently in the market.

    In order to master the art of commodity trading, one needs to be patient enough to understand and explore this market.

    One can definitely not judge natural gas and agriculture products in the same manner. It is essential for the trader to know the commodity, the market and then jump to learning trading strategies.

    The best way to learn in the market is to learn from those who have actually been through the phase of losses and now understand the market well.

    The experience of others can become a good teacher! And, the best way to access the wisdom of these wolves of wall street, is to read their books.

    These books are based on their experiences and strategies. Through these, the new traders can get an understanding of the market, while the experienced might be able to gain a fresh perspective.

    Nonetheless, books can be an excellent investment in your learning for the future!

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