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Best Telecom Stocks to buy – Compare Top 10 Telecom Shares to Buy in India

There are various successful service providers in the country and so investors now have a wider choice regarding Telecom Stocks to buy.

Therefore, this article will highlight the best Telecom Shares to buy. The telecom sector is one of the most important part of the economical status of any country.

India, which is the second-largest country in the world in terms of the number of phone users, is developing robustly.

Top 10 Telecom Stocks to Buy in India- List of Best Telecom Shares to Buy

Because of a massive change in the telecom scenario over the last decade, fierce competition has emerged which is ultimately benefiting the consumers.

Telecom Stocks to Buy India has one of the lowest call-tariffs and so more and more people are ready to invest in this sector.

Indian market contains some of the Best Telecommunication Stocks to Buy which will be discussed in this article.

According to market analysis, the Top 10 Telecom Stocks as of now are Bharti Airtel Ltd., Bharti Infratel Ltd, Vodafone Idea Ltd., Tata Communications Ltd., ITI Ltd., HFCL Ltd., GTL Infrastructure Ltd., Tejas Networks Ltd., Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd, and MTNL.

These shares have seen great business because of a fast-developing telecom market and hence guarantee a profitable return to their shareholders.

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    Bharti Airtel Ltd. – Best Telecom Shares to buy in India

    The first position is achieved by Bharti Airtel Ltd in the list of Best Telecommunication Shares to buy.

    This India global telecom company, which is the second-largest mobile network operator both in India and in the world, has a market capitalization of Rs. 271332.15 crores.

    Headquartered in New Delhi, Bharti Airtel is a subsidiary of the Bharti Enterprises Limited. It operates in 18 countries across Africa and South Asia alongside the Channel Islands.

    This global presence has helped Bharti Airtel gain a significant number of investors who receive a dividend of 0.40% from the company.

    The company has successfully managed to overcome its 52weeks low of 325.50 into a high of 612.00.

    Bharti Infratel Ltd- Top Telecom Stocks to buy in India

    Another subsidiary of the Indian multinational conglomerate Bharti Enterprises Ltd captures the second position in the ranks of the Best Telecom Stocks to buy. Bharti Infratel is a tower provider and infrastructures related to this.

    Effectively, it is also one of the largest tower providers in India. The grandeur of this company can be realized from a market capitalization of Rs. 36982.92 crores.

    Although not a service provider, but the shares have seen a massive rise since the last decade due to the rising demand for mobile networks among the Indian citizens.

    The shareholders earned a profitable dividend of 5.25%. The 52weeks low and high price has been pretty good with the lowest and highest points being 120.05 and 296.50 respectively.

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    Vodafone Idea Ltd. – Most Traded Telecom Shares in India

    Vodafone Idea Ltd. Or VI is one of the prime competitors in the field of Indian telecommunications.

    This Indian telecom company was formed in 2018 after the merger of Vodafone and Idea in 2018 and it has headquarters in Mumbai and Gandhinagar.

    The shares of this company have performed excellently in the Indian market and hence are one of the Most Traded Telecom Shares in India.

    With the multinational company Vodafone backing up, the net worth of Vodafone Idea Ltd is Rs.32758.34 crores.

    It has escaped its 52weeks lowest figure of 2.40 and has achieved a 52weeks high of 13.50.  The dividend received by the investors from this share is 0.00%.

    Tata Communications Ltd. – Top 10 Telecom Stocks to buy

    Coming in fourth place is the Tata Communications Ltd, which is a part of the Tata Group.

    Headquartered in Pune, the company is a leading network software-defined network platforms and network service providers.

    It is also an expert in terrestrial and subsea fiber operations and has thus become one of the Top 10 Telecommunication Stocks to buy in India. It has a huge capitalization of Rs. 24850.58 crores in the Indian share market.

    With the shares performing extremely well, Tata Communications Ltd has successfully ditched is 52weeks low of 200.00 and went to a 52weeks high of 930.00.

    The company provides a decent dividend of 0.46% to its investors.

    ITI Ltd. – Best Telecom Shares in India

    The fifth position in the list of the Best Telecom Shares to buy is secured by ITI Ltd or Indian Telephone Industries Limited.

    This company is an Indian Central government-owned telecommunications equipment manufacturer headquartered in Bengaluru.

    With a constantly rising demand for better and improved network connectivity over the last decades, this company has seen a turnaround in its shares since its starting in 1948.

    With a large number of investors and shareholders, the shares of ITI is rising constantly and have turned its 52weeks low of 44.80 into a 52weeks high of 151.65.

    The market capitalization of the company is estimated at around Rs. 12461.36 crores and the dividend received by the shareholders is 0.00%.

    Here are the list of Top Stocks to Buy from other Sectors

    HFCL Ltd. – Top Telecom Shares to buy in India

    Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd. or HFCL Ltd stands in the sixth position as one of the most profitable shares in the Indian market.

    What makes it one of the Top Telecommunication Shares to buy is its outstanding performance in the share market and a large market capitalization of Rs. 2048.58 crores.

    The company is a major manufacture of Fibre Optic Cables in India and operates extensively in the country with manufacturing facilities located in Solan, Salcete, and New Delhi.

    HFCL has managed to outperform itself in the stock market and has bounced back from its 52weeks low of 8.10 into a 52weeks high of 20.30.

    The company shares a dividend of 0.00% with investors.

    GTL Infrastructure Ltd. – Best Telecom Shares to Buy

    Since its incorporation in 2004, GTL Infrastructure Ltd has contributed hugely to changing the telecom scenario in India.

    As a result, the company ranks among the Best Telecom Shares to buy because of its profit margin.

    It is one of the biggest independent telecom Tower company in India and is considered a pioneer in the Shared Passive Telecom Infrastructure space in the country.

    Headquartered in Navi Mumbai and operating in 22 telecom circles in the country, the total market capitalization of GTL Infrastructure is Rs. 862.34 crores.

    It provides a dividend of 0.00% to the shareholders and has a good 52weeks low and high ratio with the lowest and highest being 0.15 and 1.35 respectively.

    Tejas Networks Ltd. – Best Telecommunication Stocks to buy

    Ranking eighth in the list of Best Telecom Stocks in India is Tejas Networks Ltd. The company started in 2000 and is a leading manufacturer of optical transmission equipment for various telecom service providers in India.

    The surge in the demand for better network services has thus also helped Tejas Networks to earn huge profits from the market. Headquartered in Bangalore, the total worth of the company is around Rs. 687.43 crores.

    The investors receive a dividend share of 0.00% from the company. Although the 52weeks low of Tejas Networks went down to 28.90, it has managed to turn around and the 52weeks high was commendable with 114.00.

    Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd. – Top Telecom Stocks to buy in India

    Another subsidiary of the Indian conglomerate Tata Group to be counted in the list of the Top Telecom Stocks in India is the Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd.

    This Mumbai based company is a major telecommunication and broadband service provider in the country with a large customer base.

    With an estimated net worth of Rs. 664.68 crores, the company ranks among the top broadband service providers and a strong contender in the Indian telecom sector.

    With a good performance in the market, it has overcome its 52weeks low of 1.80 and has achieved a 52weeks high of 4.45. The investors receive a dividend of 0.00% from the company.

    Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. – Telecom Stocks to buy

    Holding the last position in the list of best Telecommunication Stocks to buy is the renowned Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited or MTNL.

    Credited as a pioneer in changing the scenario of the Indian telecommunication sector, MTNL ranks constantly among the top telecom service providers.

    The estimated net worth of the company stands at a huge sum of Rs. 604.80 crores. The shares of this company have seen a 52weeks low of 5.00 but eventually performed massively to earn a 52weeks high of 13.30.

    Headquartered in New Delhi, this subsidiary of BSNL provides premium quality services to metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and outside India in Mauritius.

    The shareholder earns a dividend share of 0.00% from MTNL.

    Telecom Stocks to buyConclusion

    Therefore, the article spotlights the top 10 Telecommunication Shares to buy in India along with detailed knowledge and statistics.

    These shares are performing excellently as per the latest market analysis. The investors who are thinking about the ideal Telecom Stocks to buy in the market may consider these shares.

    These companies are the A-listers in the Indian telecommunication field and therefore investing in them can guarantee long term profits.

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