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Best Mining Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Mining Shares to Buy in India

Last Updated Date - Mar 21, 2023

Mining stocks have been bringing a strong profit potential for the past few years. If you are also looking to invest in top mining companies in India, beyond a doubt, you have found the right place.

In the discussion below, we have compiled a list of top-performing companies in the mining sector worth considering if you are searching for a unique stock to invest in. Read on because these are the best mining stocks to buy.

Know About Mining Sector In India

Before adding mining stocks to your portfolio, let’s study the sector in brief.

By the end of the financial year 2020, the mining sector’s growth was recorded at 1.6%; that’s also when the global pandemic crisis had shattered the industry utterly. But post-pandemic, the sector shows incredible growth.

Thanks to some of the top mining companies in India for helping the sector recover faster within the shortest span.

Today, the sector is witnessing an exponential jump in the public market. Prices are soaring.

Thus more-n-more the best mining sector stocks to buy are coming on the fore. Invest in mining stock if you also want to get yourself impressed by the hefty returns.

Top 10 Mining Stocks to Buy in India - List of Best Mining Shares to Buy

Top 10 Mining Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best Mining Shares to Buy

The purpose that mining companies serve has a deep impact on every industry.

That’s being said, why do you need to invest in mining shares? The article will give you a quick intro to all top 10 shares from the mining sector.

Going forward, you will explore more on these shares and how they are turning out to be the best mining shares in India.

Moreover, we have even rounded up the key points and basic steps involved in finding the best share in the mining sector. So without further ado, let’s make this journey of finding the top-notch mine shares to buy easier.

Coal India Ltd – Best Coal Stocks

Coal India is a commonly repeated name nowadays when the discussion of India’s best coal stocks begins. Founded in 1975, the company has now become a much-liked stock among investors.

Coal India Ltd - Best Coal Stocks

However, Coal India Ltd is a government-owned corporation engaged in the coal mining and refining business for a long time. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, Coal India Ltd is also popular globally.

After all, the company has its name quoted as the largest coal producer in the world. With a team of 272,445, the company gives us evidence of its deeply-rooted presence in the industry.

It won’t be wrong to call the company a leading name in the coal mining sector.

Products or Services

Let’s explore key products and services offered by Coal India Ltd to its clients –

  • Coking Coal
  • Semi Coking Coal
  • Non-Coking Coal
  • Washed and Beneficiated Coal
  • Coal Fines/ LTC Coke and Tar/Coke Fines, CIL Coke / Heavy Oil/Light Oil/Soft Pitch, etc.

Why Invest in Coal India Ltd?

Coal India Ltd can be one of the most trusted coal mining shares to buy. After all, the government of India backs the company, making it one of the most trusted coal mining firms in the nation.

However, the stock is popular among day traders for its highly volatile patterns in the share market.

The last lifetime high of Coal India Ltd was around 312.90, reported as of March 1, 2018, and presently it floats around 178 price ranges.

The lifetime low of the company was recorded at 111.35 as of October 16, 2020. This shows the company is showing a speedy recovery and is bringing the best BUY opportunity for investors. A bullish trend is clearly visible.

NMDC Ltd – Best Iron Ore Shares to Buy

NMDC Ltd is also a noteworthy name in this list of best iron ore shares to buy. Set up in 1958, with a team of 5,000+ personnel, the company enjoys a good image today. NMDC Ltd - Best Iron Ore Shares to Buy

Presently, the company is held by the government of India.

You should think that NMDC ltd isn’t just a popular iron ore mining stock in India but is also popularly known for its copper, rock, limestone, phosphate, dolomite, graphite, diamond, and much more mining creations.

Compared to the last five years, the year 2021 happens to be the most profitable one for the company. By the end of 2021, the company will close its revenue at 153.70 billion, almost 31.38% higher than the previous year.

Products or Services

NMDC Ltd is involved in the exploration of the below-mentioned elements –

  • Iron ore
  • Copper
  • Rock phosphate
  • limestone
  • Dolomite
  • Gypsum
  • Bentonite
  • Magnesite
  • Diamond
  • Tin
  • Tungsten
  • Graphite, etc.

Why Invest in NMDC Ltd?

It is worthwhile to invest in a diverse company and has been doing a fantastic job in the domestic market.

NMDC Ltd is a government-owned website, and being engaged in a dynamic mining task, it stays productive and ever-profitable.

However, the company has generated only 8.48% returns for large capital investment over the past five years.

But if you were a smart player and have picked up an NMDC stock at its lower low, you could be one of the most profitable.

The company’s lifetime low was 71.90 as of March 2022, that’s almost a 168% increase within a year (193 as of June 4, 2021).

In the shortest time, the share can generate a fantastic return. Altogether, it is worthwhile to invest in NMDC Ltd.

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KIOCL Ltd – Top Steel Mining Sector Stocks

KIOCL Ltd is another excellent pick when you are about to include top steel mining sector stocks in your portfolio. Breaking its previous records, year on year, the company marks new achievements.

KIOCL Ltd - Top Steel Mining Sector StocksSuch as the company owning the largest iron ore mine globally, named The Kudremukh mine.

Presently, the company is famous for its giant pelletization plant, which supplies quality pellets to countries like China, Japan, Iran, and Taiwan.

Surprisingly, the company has mere 150+ people in its team, excluding the bottom line workers.

Founded on April 2, 1976, KIOCL Ltd has become one of many investors’ favorite mining stocks. Discussion ahead will explain why you should invest in KIOCL Ltd.

Products or Services

  • Before, let’s know about the major products and services offered by KIOCL Ltd.
  • Pellets
  • Pig Iron Castings
  • and M Projects
  • O&M of Beneficiation and Pellet Plant at Donimalai
  • O&M of Chrome Ore Beneficiation Plant (COB) at Kaliapani
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Mineral Exploration works

Why Invest in KIOCL Ltd?

Let’s figure out major reasons that compel us for a BUY for KIOCL Ltd.

Owing to its massive investment and rising popularity, KIOCL Ltd secures net income at 3.01 billion by the end of 2021, almost 592.71% higher than the previous year.

For a long time, the mining share price has been the charm of investors’ eyes, mainly for two reasons. The company recovers from the penny stocks category, and the second is the rising price value of KIOCL Ltd.

It directs us that soon the company is likely to touch or cross its lifetime high by crossing the price levels 400 or above. At present, KIOCL ltd price floats within 200 price ranges.

GMDC Ltd. – Top Minerals Mining Companies in India

All the way from the list of top minerals mining companies in India, GMDC Ltd is also not far from ruling the hearts of investors.GMDC Ltd. - Top Minerals Mining Companies in India

Mineral mining is an ever-demanded operation. If you, too, are searching for the best mineral mining stock that’s consistent with generating profits for investors, perhaps you are looking for GMDC Ltd.

Set up in 1963, the company has now grown into an all-time favorite stock for any investors. GMDC, aka Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd, is doing pretty well in both the stock and domestic markets.

It was assumed that the stock might have disappointed its investors until the company gave a groundbreaking performance.

By the quarter end of 2021, the company increased its revenue stream by 120.06% and net income by 5,528.29% compared with quarter half or beginning of the year 2021.

Products or Services

Below we break down a series of products the company engages in the exploration of –

  • Lignite
  • Bauxite
  • Manganese
  • Fluorspar
  • Limestone
  • Ball Clay
  • Bentonite

Why Invest in GMDC?

Apart from the product, the company engages in the business of thermal power, wind power, solar power.

The statement doesn’t just highlight the diversity of the GMDC but also shows that the company focuses on the sustainable growth of its business.

The mining share price might have already achieved the highest high if we talk about the mining share price.

As of March 15, the company’s share value was recorded at 165.95. The lifetime high of the share was reported at 173 as of November 3, 2017.

Till then, you can wait for the price to form a stable price range and try spotting the best entry-level. Currently, it could be a possible bubble. But it is apparent that the company’s shares have vast potential.

GMDC Stock predictions say that the stock prices will rise in the next few months.

MOIL Ltd – Mining Stock Price

It is hard to tell whether the top manganese ore mining stocks in India will generate groundbreaking returns in the future or not.MOIL Ltd - Mining Stock Price

But one thing is obvious. If you have brought the right asset in your portfolio, you can always feel confident about your investment in a particular mining sector.

And Moil Ltd is made for you. Set up in 1962, MOIL Ltd is one of the top-rated manganese ore mining companies.

The mining firm of 5,866 team members supports iron and steel manufacturers through its indispensable mining operations.

That’s not enough, though; the mining firm is even known as the largest producer of manganese ore in India.

This highlights the incredible achievement of our fifth best mining stocks on the list. Year on year, the company also does an excellent job on financial charts, that’s equally noteworthy.

Products or Services

These are the major products and services offered by Moil Ltd.

  • Manganese Ore
  • Ferro Manganese
  • Manganese Ferro Slag
  • Wind Power and so on

Why Invest in MOIL Ltd?

Before you know the mining stock price, it’s worth considering that MOIl Ltd is also a state government-owned company located in Nagpur, India.

But apart from that, if we solely focus on the performance of Moil Ltd, it is way more incredible than any privately held company stock.

The company currently follows a stable growth pattern but moves upward from its bottom levels. Beyond a doubt, the stock has already been appealing to the eyes of investors.

Sandur Manganese Ltd. – Top 10 Mining Stocks

Including Sandur Manganese Ltd in the top 10 mining stocks would be fair enough. After all, the stock has generated around 447.66% returns on investment over the past five years.

Sandur Manganese Ltd. - Top 10 Mining Stocks

Starting in 1954, the small company has now become a proud employer of 2,300+ personnel. The company’s annual financial report has jumped by prominent figures by the end of 2021 after facing a sharp downfall in 2020.

The company is deeply engaged in the business of mining, ferroalloy, power, manganese and iron ore, and much more.

Combining innovation and a long-established presence in the mining sector, Sandur Manganese achieves much more in both domestic and public markets. Thus investors also enjoy big profits from the share.

Products or Services

Let’s look at the critical business role performed by Sandur Manganese Ltd.

  • Mining
  • FerroAlloy
  • Power
  • Solar Power
  • Beneficiation of Manganese and Iron Ore
  • Hospitality

Why Invest in Sandur Manganese Ltd?

Sandur Manganese Ltd is a large-cap stock. As of March 15, 2022, the company’s price per share was reported at 3,700, which is 447.66% higher than what it was back on March 17, 2017.

However, much of this mass scale jump in share price was driven late in 2020 and the start of 2021. This shows that investors have built a massive trust in the share.

The company’s financial performance also showcases green figures with a bigger percentage, which makes this stock the best choice for investment.

Pokarna Ltd. – Best Mining Stocks to Buy

Pokarna Ltd is another famous name on the list of best mining stocks to buy. Set up in 1991, Pokarna Ltd. got its name cognized among the leaders when it comes to quality marbles, tiles, and striking gorgeous stones for flooring.Pokarna Ltd. - Best Mining Stocks to Buy

The company for long has been carving a niche for itself in the mining sector. After all, the company supplies world-class granites and related materials to the industry.

Company deals in the most sought-after mined products and elements, building a key reason why and how Pokarna Ltd becomes a leading player in the industry. Presently the company enjoys a good spot in the industry.

Products or Services

Let’s catch a quick glimpse of mining operations and products supplied by Pokarna Ltd.

  • Company designs and supplies over 50+ varieties of granite

Why Invest in Pokarna Ltd?

A sudden hike in the Pokarna Ltd share price is the key reason deriving our attention towards these mining shares in India.

The share shows a dramatic upswing by the end of 2020 and creates a lifetime high at 660.00 as of March 15.

However, the lifetime high may last for a few months because the company’s financial profile went a bit weaker in the previous year. Thus a new BUY Opportunity is expected to arrive.

If you are a day trader, you may feel confident in short-selling the stock. But if the stock indicates a strong demand zone on the way, you may change your plan and think about holding the stock for the long run.

OMDC Ltd. – Top Mining Stocks to Buy

OMDC Ltd or Orissa Minerals Development Company Ltd’s name is taken with pride when it comes to the top mining stocks to buy.OMDC Ltd. - Top Mining Stocks to Buy

Mainly among day traders, the stock is making a buzz for its highly volatile price patterns. But surprisingly, it is one of the oldest mining companies in the nation.

Founded in 1918, the company gives evidence of its long-established image in the industry. If we talk about the business, the company is engaged in the mining and production of iron ore and manganese ore.

With over 250+ employees, the company carries out its operations with precision, which is an incredible thing. Mainly, if we look at the company on financial books, positive figures are visible.

Products or Services

Mentioned below is a list of businesses and operations served by OMDC Ltd.

  • Iron Mining
  • Manganese Mining
  • Sponge iron Mining
  • Limestone Mining
  • Dolomite Mining and much more

Why Invest in OMDC Ltd?

We have some solid reasons to describe OMDC Ltd as among the top mining companies in India. And now we have some fantastic reasons to encourage you on why to invest in the company.

OMDC Ltd has followed a consistent bullish pattern over the past few years. But the stock became a bit more popular among traders for its highly volatile pricing.

As of March 15, OMDC Ltd costs about 2749.80 per share, which often goes down beyond 1000 during the market recession.

The company has a strong balance sheet which attracts all types of Investors.

Ashapura Minechem Ltd – Best Mining Companies in India

Ashapura Minechem Ltd is one of the best mining companies in India, but along with that, it is also one of the best shares to trade and invest in the public market.

Ashapura Minechem Ltd - Best Mining Companies in India

Set up in 1960, the company engages in the business of extracting bulk minerals from the earth for industrial consumption. Not only minerals but other business activities are also a part of the company’s operations.

By the end of the financial year 2021, the company secured revenue of about 11.48 billion in figures that went 243.41% higher than the previous year.

Products or Services

These are the primary products mined and served by Ashapura Minechem Ltd

  • Bauxite
  • Bentonite
  • Kaolin And Other Minerals,
  • Value Added Products And Iron Ore.

Why Invest in Ashapura Minechem  Ltd?

Let’s talk about the key segments on which Ashapura Minechem Ltd becomes a wise selection to satisfy your zest for the best coal stocks to buy. The company’s share price often floats between 50 to 100 price ranges.

Yes, it sometimes falls into a penny stock category. But post-pandemic, it has started to be assumed that sooner or later, the share will lose the tag penny stock.

Within one year, from 2020-to 2021, the share price jumped by 650%, breaking all previous records it might have built-in history.

Raghav Productivity Ltd. – Top 10 Mining Shares to Buy

Raghav Productivity Ltd is another good name in the list of top 10 mining shares to buy. The company’s operations are incorporated in the unique material extraction from the ground.

Raghav Productivity Ltd. - Top 10 Mining Shares to Buy

The mining company has a significant contribution in diverse areas of the industry.

However, in comparison to other big names in the mining sector, Raghav Productivity Ltd doesn’t carry a decade-long history in the industry. Set up in 2009, the firm is still a bit new to investors.

But the last one year’s performance of the company proves that sooner or later the company is expected to defeat big players by a significant number.

Products or Services

Let’s talk about major products and servings by Raghav Productivity Ltd.

  • Ramming Mass
  • Silica Sand
  • Quartz Minerals
  • Silica Powder
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Quartz Powder
  • Casting Powder
  • Tundish Board and much more

Why Invest in Raghav Productivity Ltd?

So hurry; the best coal shares to buy are right on your screen. Our last option is doing a great job on the stock market. The company’s share price has jumped by 580.26% over the last year.

The year 2020 and 2021 were the biggest growth driving year for Raghav Productivity Ltd. However, experts are also predicting it as a short-term investment.

But you can wait for the price to create a stable demand zone and spot the best entry point to yield significant returns on investment hereafter.

20 Microns Ltd. – Mining Sector Stocks

Wondering about a hidden gem that is never advised? Let’s help you out.

Perhaps your eyes are desperately searching for 20 Microns ltd. It is one of the top-rated mining sector stocks known in the market for its innovative product offerings.

With expanding global footprints, 20 Microns Ltd is all set to become leading producers of specialty chemicals and industrial minerals. The company is primarily known for its diverse-ranging products offerings.

Combining exceptional product quality with a vast operation network, the company rules the mining sector. Set up in 1987, it’s no doubt that 20 Microns Ltd has now evolved into a top-rated choice among investors.

Following its wide range of products offered in industrial materials and specialty chemicals, the company reserves a profitable image in the eyes of investors.

Deccan Gold Mines Ltd. – Gold Mining Company Stocks to Buy

Deccan Gold Mines Ltd. is also well-known when it comes to the best mining stocks. Set up in 1984, the company has come a long way in becoming a favorite pick among investors.

With an innovative formula, Deccan Gold Mines Ltd engineered approaches to make them one of the leading names in the gold mines.

The company is famous notably for its affordable price points. After all, it is one of the perfect small-cap gold mining company stocks to buy.

As of March 14, Deccan Gold Mines Ltd cost about Rs. 28, which is incredibly insane.

The company utilizes sustainable and economic techniques in gold mining work, helping the company win the trust of customers as well investors.

To sum up the key operations of Gold Mines Ltd, these include Remote sensing studies, detailed geological mapping, geochemical and geophysical exploration, various methods of drilling, and Multi-element chemical analysis.

EICL Ltd. – Coal Companies Shares to Buy

If you are searching for a rising asset that generates superior returns on investment in the upcoming year, look no further, and buy EICL Ltd.

Presently the company has become one of the top-rated coal companies shares to buy for some good reasons that we don’t think are necessary to mention.

Set up in 1963, the company was originally a part of the erstwhile Thapar Group. Similarly, that later collaborated with other famous companies, such as English China Clays of the UK and kaolin processing.

All these achievements led EICL Ltd to gain a competitive benefit in the industry.

If we talk about the range of solutions companies provide to the customers, these include rubber, mix concrete, paint, paper and boards, printing inks, cable insulation, plastic, and much more.

The company manufactures products using clay and starch that are outsourced from the company’s own mining operations.

Aro Granite Industries Ltd. – Mining Companies in India

Another good name in the list of honorable mentions for mining companies in India is Aro Granite.

Whether it is a home or a giant shopping complex, there’s no premise that is far from Aro Granite. The company rules the mining stock sector for its niche-oriented market.

To simply put, the company manufactures granite slabs, tiles, and custom granite surfaces that are the charm of every house and building nowadays.

Aro Granite hunts the best quality stones marbles for mining and transforms them into well-defined and polished tiles and floors, ready to move for small to ample amenities.

The company is already the biggest granite supplier to countries like Brazil, France, the UK, and much more.

After all, it is renowned among world-class granite manufacturers and is also not far from winning the heart of investors with its vast production capacity. However, the company isn’t publically available yet.

Still, you can keep the name tick in your list of the best mining stocks.

RAW Edge Industrial – Mines Stocks in India

Many investors want to buy an affordable stock that allows them to fill their portfolio at a way reduced cost.

And if you are also that one, perhaps you are likely to tick on RAW Edge Industrial. This is one of the incredibly performing mines stocks in India.

Most notably, at a reduced price, you can keep most of the famous mining stock in your portfolio. As of March 14, the price per share of RAW Edge Industrial is around 44.45, which is way less.

Hydrated Lime, quick lime powder, limestone, dolomite, quartzite, gypsum plaster, plaster of Paris, and much more, the company’s specialties are built in the given mining operations.

All these reasons represent this stock among the trusted ones if you are searching for the best stocks in the mining sector.

How to Find Mining Stocks For Trading?

It can be tough to squeeze a good amount of return from an investment if the sector is unknown or less studied.

Such as, if you plan to do trading in mining stocks, then before anything else, try to figure out the key specs that make a stock best overall in this particular domain.

Such as, the first thing to mark on priority is to perceive if a mining stock is backed by a big company or a small corporation. The bigger the company is, the wider growth probabilities are hidden there.

A big company carries out its operation to an international level, and all these stocks we have discussed in the discussion above are of international quality.

The second thing worth checking out when you trade in mining stocks is to keep your eyes on a highly volatile stock that guarantees excellent returns within a day or week.

Think about a stock following a stable growth pattern when choosing a long-term investment.

How to Invest In Mining Sector Stocks?

You can invest in mining stocks simply through an ideal stockbroker you can trust upon. But make sure the stock you plan to park your money in is NSE or BSE listed.

Also, the broker you want to invest through must be SEBI registered when trading in the nation. Always split your investment and buy many assets rather than relying on a single one.

In the end, if one asset disappoints you, other assets will be there to secure your money and help you stay profitable. Always prioritize investment through a less costly and reliable broker.

At the same time, if you are parking an ample amount into stock with no prior experience, expert advice is also provided by some brokers.

Mining stocks are undoubtedly a great deal from an investment perspective. Still, certain principles are needed to be followed before you check-in.

Top Mining Companies in India – Conclusion

Now you have the list of top mining companies in India available. So look no further, and ask your broker to serve the best trading/investment experience. The list above brings the best name forward you can prioritize.

Few names are ruling the international territory of the stock market whilst others are the kind on domestic landscapes. So choose appropriately and deploy your money for fair use.

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