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If you are into sectoral investing or thematic investing, you can look at the best glass stocks to buy in India.

In this article, we will not only talk about those glass companies in India which have huge potential to provide great returns to the investors but also discuss the glass industry, growth forecast, and a lot more about glass companies.

This will help you identify the stocks with huge potential and invest in them.

Know about Glass Sector in India

Before talking about the top glass companies in India, let us see how the glass industry in the country is thriving.

In a few studies, it has been anticipated that this industry is about to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% for the next five years.

The glass industry is primarily of flat glasses which are used for construction purposes.

In the past two years, due to the huge negative impact on the construction industry and due to the pandemic, the glass industry got badly affected.

However, with the markets again speeding up, it can be estimated that the glass industry is again going to grow at a certain pace.

Apart from flat glasses, there are container glasses, fiber glasses, and other specialty glasses which are also going to grow at around a CAGR of 4%.

If you are looking for a long-term investment, this industry can be a good bet. Now, we will discuss the glass sector stocks to buy in our next section of this article.Best Glass Stocks in India - List of Top 10 Glass Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Best Glass Stocks in India – List of Top 10 Glass Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Check out the Glass Share Price & Ranking of Best Glass Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

Finding the right stock is crucial when investing, be it in any sector.

The best glass shares in India that we have ranked as you can see in the table above have been chosen based on different parameters.

These glassware shares to buy which we have listed include Asahi India Glass as the top stock in this industry.

Then there is Borosil Renewables which is one of the most popular names in the glass industry.

Followed by La Opala RG which is one of the premium brands in glass stocks.

Apart from these, other stocks will be discussed individually in the later section of the article.

We have evaluated multiple parameters like market capitalization of the companies, return generated by these shares in the past years, and other parameters.

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    Asahi India Glass – Best Glass Stock in India

    Asahi India Glass Ltd. is our first pick for glass shares to buy in India.Asahi India Glass - Best Glass Stock in India

    This best glass stock in India produces international quality safety glasses for automotive primarily, then there are float glasses, architectural glasses, and other products of glass.

    It has many big brand names in its list of clients such as Maruti Suzuki, Ford India, Volvo India, Mahindra and Mahindra, and others.

    Why should you buy Asahi India Glass Ltd. stocks?

    There are many reasons for buying these stocks however, we will be listing down the top ones which can help you decide wisely –

    • Firstly, the company has the highest market share in the glass industry. It has a market share of around 138804.35 crores. It signifies that the company has an edge over its competitors. Its products are liked by the consumers over other products.
    • The second factor can be the return it is generating over years. It has generated around 94.38% in the last year. While 57.73% return has been provided by it only in the past six months.
    • The financials show the net cash flow is increasing and mainly due to increasing operating cash flow. This is a very good sign of growth in the company.
    • The book value per share of the company has been increasing as well for the past two years
    • Asahi India has been getting a lot of FII and FPI investments and also institutional investment has increased in this company. This is another indication of the potential of the company.

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    Borosil Renewables – Glass Stocks in India

    In the second place, we have one of the most popular glass stocks in India that is Borosil Renewables. Borosil Glass is the single largest producer of the entire glass range of volumetric glassware in India.Borosil Renewables - Glass Stocks in India

    This range of glassware gets used in laboratories. The products of this company include scientific, industrial products primarily.

    Then a major chunk of the product is consumer products which we find in our local markets.

    Borosil Renewables has many other glass products such as safety lamp chimney glasses, well glasses, explosion, and dustproof glass tubes, and many others.

    Why should you buy Borosil Renewables stocks?

    The reasons which suggest that this stock is a good buy are as follows –

    • Borosil Renewables has a high Piotroski score. This score signifies companies with strong fundamentals analysis and thus a high potential for growth and in turn share price increase.
    • Secondly, there is a significant increase in the FII and FPI shareholding in the company, This also suggests that the institutional investors both from domestic and foreign markets are highly bullish on the stock.
    • The company has been generating strong cash flow from the core business which is another important indication for its growth.
    • This best fiberglass share to buy is also our top pick due to its low debt ratio or utilization.
    • The market share of Borosil is in second place with 84604.05 crores. It has returned a whopping 138.04% in the last year and if you look at the last six months’ data, then it has returned more than 140%.

    La Opala R G – Top Glass Sector Stocks

    La Opala is our third pick for the top glass sector stocks. La Opala is a name that most of us know about.La Opala R G - Top Glass Sector Stocks

    It is one of the premium brands of glass products especially when it comes to crystal barware, bowls, vases, beer mugs, and primarily glass utensils especially dinner sets.

    The company started its journey back in 1987. It has been awarded for being the first-ever glass tableware exporter. There are many such feathers on its hat which makes La Opala what it is today.

    Why should you buy La Opala R G Stocks?

    There are many reasons for which you can keep an eye on this fiberglass share price and buy it –

    • The company has an exceptional growth in its TTM Earning per Share. It signifies how well the shareholders are going to earn from the company.
    • La Opala has limited debts and thus there is less concern for the shareholder’s wealth being wiped out.
    • For the previous two years, both the book value per share of the company has been improving, and also the cash generation has increased from the core business. Cash flow from operating activities improving is a sign of the growth of the company.
    • Then there is the net profit which has been increasing as well along with the margin of profit.
    • This stock passes all the major investment criteria of CANSLIM.
    • The company has been receiving FII and FPI investments and that is also increasing for the last few years. This signifies that there is a huge growth potential for the company and one of the best reasons to invest in it.

    Piramal Glass – Top Glass Company in India

    Piramal Glass is the fourth top glass company in India as per our findings. This is a Gujrat-based company which was founded in the year 1984.Piramal Glass - Top Glass Company in India

    It is one of the major contributors to the glass sector. Piramal glass mainly produces glass products that are used in the pharmaceutical sector, food and beverage sector for glass packaging.

    It also produces glass for the cosmetic and perfumery industry.

    Why should you buy Piramal glass stocks?

    The reasons for buying this share and tracking this glass share price can be the following –

    • It is one of the most important producers of glass packaging products in the glass sector. Thus the market share of the company is too high in the sector.
    • It has returned around 50.41% in the past year while a whopping 73% plus in the previous six months only.
    • It has a TTM PE which is higher than the sector PE. The TTM PE of Piramal Glass is 29.88 while the sector PE ratio is only 23.05.
    • It also has a TTM EPS which is increasing with time. At present, it is 4.64 which is a generous one in this industry.
    • The book value per share of this company is quite fascinatingly high at 46.69.

    Saint-Gobain Sekurit Ltd. – Top Glassware Stock in India

    Saint-Gobain Sekurit Ltd. is our pick for the fifth top glassware stock in India.Saint-Gobain Sekurit Ltd. - Top Glassware Stock in India

    It has been producing automotive glazing components and also modular components for the global vehicle manufacturing segment as well as for the replacement market.

    The main products of the company are tempered glazing and laminated ones. It has a strong clientele which includes some big names like Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors, General Motors, and similar ones.

    They also produce and lead the market in the housing sector supplies as well as flat glasses, insulation glass products, and others.

    Why should you buy Saint-Gobain Sekurit Ltd. stocks?

    The primary reason for checking this glass share price and investing in it can be the following –

    • The company has a high TTM EPS growth. At present, its TTM EPS is standing at 4.69 which is quite a good figure for this sector.
    • Then there is net profit and the profit margin which has been increasing in the past year. This is a sign of growth for the company and in turn for the shareholder’s return as well.
    • The company has been able to keep its debt low. This signifies that the company can generate enough cash flow to keep its daily operations going as well as for making capital expenditures.
    • Book value per share of the company has also been improving with time.
    • There is a zero promoter pledge that this company follows.
    • The shareholders earned a return of 58.44% from this company in the past year.

    Gujarat Boro-Amalgam – Top 10 Glass Stocks

    Gujarat Borosil is our pick for the sixth top 10 glass stocks to buy. This company is a subsidiary of Borosil.Gujarat Boro-Amalgam - Top 10 Glass Stocks

    It was set up in the 1990s to produce architectural glasses. The capacity of the plant is 230 tons per day. This is based in Bharuch of Gujarat.

    Some of the reasons for which this company is popular are that it is the world’s first antimony-free solar glass manufacturer.

    It also introduces anti-reflective coating for solar glass, the first of its kind in India. It is also the world’s first producer of fully 2 mm solar glass which has increased the solar model efficiency.

    Why should you buy Gujarat Borosil stocks?

    The reasons for picking this share can be the following –

    • The EPS has been increasing for the past three years. This signifies that the investors are earning more from the share with passing time.
    • The company has a good return on asset (ROA) as well as Return on equity (ROE) as well. Both the metrics are increasing with time.
    • It has returned 20.3% in the past year. Though it is a bit lower than its peers it is a generous return considering the market scenario.

    Empire Industries – Best Glass Stocks to Buy

    Our seventh pick for the best glass stocks to buy is Empire Industries. Empire Industries started its journey in 1963.Empire Industries - Best Glass Stocks to Buy

    One of the main products of this company or to be particular a division is producing glass containers for pharmaceutical companies.

    The main product is Vitrum glasses and it has a capacity of producing 5 million glass bottles to 500 million glass bottles per day.

    However, at present, it produces 1.5 million glass bottles every day.

    Why should you buy Empire Industries stocks?

    The reasons for buying this glass share in India can be the following –

    • Cash flow from operations which is one of the most important factors to understand and evaluate how a company is performing has been increasing for Empire Industries. The net cash flow is also increasing mainly due to the rise in the cash flow from operating activities.
    • From the technical point of view, there is an inverted hammer or bullish reversal.
    • There is strong cash generation and potential for more from the core activities of the company.
    • There is zero promoter pledge
    • The moving average is very crucial for technical analysis. The price of the share has been remaining above the short, medium as well as long-term moving averages. This signifies a possible uptrend for a long time.
    • The company has provided an 11.78% return in the past year.

    Hind National Glass – Top Glass Stock to Buy

    Hindustan National Glass is our pick for the eighth top glass stock to buy. This company produces glass containers that have multiple applications.Hind National Glass - Top Glass Stock to Buy

    There is a diversified clientele of the company because of its huge product range. Some of the big names are Pepsi co., Cadbury, Dabur, Lakme, and others.

    The company mainly produces glass bottles, vials for the pharma industry, beverage sector, cosmetic, liquor, and also the food processing industry.

    Why should you buy Hindustan National Glass stocks?

    The main reasons for keeping an eye on this glass company in India and buying its shares can be the following –

    • The net cash flow of the company has been increasing over time. The main cash flow is coming from the core operating activities which is a really good sign for the company and thus for the investors as well.
    • Secondly, the net profit has been increasing with an increase in the profit margin as well.
    • The market share of the company is high and amongst the top ten of the industry.
    • The company has returned 9.88% in the previous year to the shareholders.

    Float Glass India – Best Glass Companies in India

    Float glass India is the ninth pick out of our ten best glass companies in India.Float Glass India - Best Glass Companies in India

    This company produces glass products under the brand name Asahi Float.

    Why should you buy Float Glass India stocks?

    The primary reasons for buying this stock can be –

    • Its high Piotroski score says about its strong fundamentals. This in turn signifies how well the company manages its financials and other aspects which is a plus for the shareholders.
    • Then the company has been returning generous returns as well.
    • The revenue has been increasing. it grew over 29% in the past year.
    • The operating profit has also increased by 30.56% in this period.
    • The EPS is high at 133.02 for the last year.
    • Traders can all trade in this stock for the short-term as it also provides short-term benefits.

    Haldyn Glass – Top 10 Glass Shares to Buy

    Haldyn Glass was incorporated in 1991 and it is our tenth pick out of the top 10 glass shares to buy.Haldyn Glass - Top 10 Glass Shares to Buy

    The products that this company manufactures include vials for the pharmaceutical sector. Then there are liquor bottles, cosmetic bottles, and other products.

    It also supplies glass products to the food and beverage industry.

    Why should you buy Haldyn Glass stocks?

    The reasons for buying the Haldyn Glass stocks are as follows –

    • The net cash flow especially from the operating activities has been increasing
    • TTM EPS is also increasing which is a great sign for the investors
    • Net profit has been increasing as well along with the profit margin
    • The company has been able to keep its debt at low levels
    • The book value per share has also been improving especially in the last two years
    • The price of the share has been above the moving averages of short-term, medium-term as well as a long-term investment.
    • The company has provided a return of 21.58% in the past year.

    Banaras Beads – Glass Sector Stock to buy

    The eleventh glass sector stock to buy is Banaras Beads which has provided a whopping return of 41.59% in the past year.

    This company manufactures and distributes handicrafts products in the country and abroad as well.

    The primary glass product they manufacture is glass beads.

    The main reasons for buying this share can be its low debt levels, increasing net profit and profit margins, and improving book value.

    Kemrock Industries & Exports – Glass Companies Stocks to Buy

    The next in our list of honorable mentions and glass companies stocks to buy is Kemrock Industries & Exports.

    This company was incorporated in 1981. It is specialized in the manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composite materials or fiberglass.

    This is based in Gujarat. In the past six months, the company has provided a return of 37.26% after negative returns for the preceding six months.

    The book value per share is 224.06 which is quite high and at par with the industry average.

    Triveni glass – Fiberglass Company’s Shares to Buy

    The thirteenth fiberglass company’s shares to buy can be Triveni glass shares.

    It has provided a return of 34.74% in the past year and a whopping 77.68% return in just a span of the past six months.

    The main reason for buying this share can be its improving book value per share. Then the company doesn’t have any promoter’s pledge.

    The stock price has been trading over the short, medium, and long-term moving averages.

    This signifies a bullish trend. This company produces toughened glasses and also laminated safety glasses.

    Then there is a wide range of other glass products which includes float glass which is used across different industries like construction, furniture, pharma sector, and others.

    There is also a wide range of flat glasses that this company offers.

    Excel Glasses – Glass Companies in India

    Amongst the top glass companies in India, Excel Glass is ranked at fourteenth as per market capitalization.

    Though it has been providing negative returns in the past year, it has geared up and improved as depicted by the returns over one year and the past six months.

    It has a wide range of glass products. It is known for its innovative designs and providing customer satisfaction. They use fully automatic pieces of machinery as well.

    It has built a new plant which has a capacity of producing 60000 MT of glass bottles per year.

    JIK Industries – Glassware Stocks in India

    Our last but not the least pick for glassware stocks in India is JIK Industries. The company produces multiple glass products.

    The reason to buy this share can be its growing net profit with profit margin increase as well.

    Then the company uses its equity and assets pretty well as depicted by its improving RoCE and ROA for the last two years.

    Then the company is generating good cash flow from its core business as well. The return for the past year was 38.46 which is also high.

    How to find Glass Stocks for Trading?

    To find the best glass stocks you have to first take a look at the industry.

    The glass industry as stated above is about to grow at a CAGR of around 4% in the upcoming 4-5 years.

    So, it can be a generous bet to invest long-term. Now, to pick the right stocks, you can take a look above, where you will find the best glass stocks in this industry.

    You must consider the factors like market share or market capitalization.

    Then you need to understand and evaluate the financials of the company and important ratios like EPS, PE, ROE, and others.

    Another most important factor is profit and margin. You need to check whether it is increasing or has the potential to increase or not.

    After the evaluating all the measures you should prepare for investment.

    How to Invest in Glass Sector Stocks in India?

    It is easy to invest in Glass Stocks if you already have a Demat account with a brokerage house in India.

    If not, then you need to first open the demat and trading account.

    Then you can pick the stock you want to invest in and use the trading platforms of the brokerage house, you can enter the units of shares you want to buy and the price for which you want to buy them.

    Then place the order and wait for it to get implemented. You can see the shares in your account after order execution.

    Top Glass Companies in India – Conclusion

    The top glass companies in India above can be great for your portfolio if you are looking for long-term investment and a generous return over time.

    We have picked these companies after thorough evaluation and analysis of both fundamentals and technical aspects of the companies.

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