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Investors keep figuring out new opportunities in the stock market that could help them enjoy a happy financial future.

If you are also on the hunt for the best stocks that go far beyond your expectation and get you maximum returns, you have landed on the right page.

More than a stock, it is essential to identify the right industry. Such as, plastic companies in India are drawing more-n-more investors’ attention nowadays.

It is for this reason that the plastic sector has grown into an ever-green area of the Indian market. India is one of those few countries to hold the largest market of plastic and is giving some of the best plastic stocks to buy.

Read on because these few plastic companies in India bring you some best stocks that are investment-worthy.

Know About Plastic Sector In India

Demand for plastic stocks in India is expected to rise higher and higher in the upcoming years.

Because there’s no sector in the nation that isn’t exposed to the material.

That’s why the top plastic companies in India are enjoying a billion crores valuation now.

From water bottles to headphones, plastic is deeply rooted in human life.

Thus being a savvy investor, if you consider plastic sector stocks to buy, you may attract a big chunk of returns in less time.Top 10 Plastic Companies In India

Top 10 Plastic Companies In India

Check out the Plastic Share Price & Ranking of Best Plastic Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

We bring you some of the best plastic shares in India in this discussion below. All these have a certain level of excellence and unique selling point in the industry they operate.

That’s why in the conversation ahead, we share a brief overview of each stock and the company they belong to. Going forward, you may also face certain issues related to picking the best plastic shares in India.

We have tried to bring together some essential point-to-note by the end of this discussion. So that you reach the best buy decision, let’s begin this observation of the top 10 plastic companies’ shares you can make a bid on.

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    Astral – Best Plastics Stock in India

    The plastic pipe company Astral is never short of popularity. The company is famous among both customers and investors in the market.Astral - Best Plastics Stock in India

    Set up in 1996, the Ahmedabad-based firm currently enjoys profits from its subsidiaries firms as well.

    Talking about the Astral products in the mainstream, the company mainly manufactures CPVC pipes, plumbing pipes, fittings, and other plumbing-based products.

    In short, Astral targets the plumbing sector of India; thus, the company is emerging as the best plastics stock in India for investors.

    The Astral stock lightens up the eyes of aspiring investors with its insane performance in the public market.

    In the year 2021, the company makes around Rs. 11.54 Billion in revenue, securing a net income of Rs. 1.41 billion, 62.86% higher than the previous year. The market capitalization of Astral is around Rs. 49870.39 crores

    Products and Services

    Mentioned below are the main products that the company manufactures and make available to customers –

    • Plumbing Pipes & Fittings
    • Sewerage Drainage Pipes & Fittings
    • Industrial Pipes & Fittings
    • Agriculture Pipes & Fittings
    • Cable Protection
    • Water Tanks
    • Surface Drainage System
    • Urban Infrastructure.

    Why Invest in Astral stocks?

    You may find Astral an investment-worthy pick for specific good reasons. The Ahmedabad-based firm has delivered 807.53% returns to investors in a span of five years (2017-2022) and is still going in a bullish phase.

    Beyond a doubt, it is more likely to be one of the best plastic shares to buy because the company is still in the green. But since it is a large-cap investment stock, you may have to bring an extra burst of capital to pay for shares if you want to purchase in multiples.

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    Supreme Industries – Best Plastics Shares to Buy

    All the way from the list of the best plastics shares to buy, we believe that supreme industries could be an up to market choice. The company is one of the top players in plastic pipe manufacturing.Supreme Industries - Best Plastics Shares to Buy

    You might have heard your parents suggesting the Supreme brand for plumbing and construction works. After all, it is one of the oldest brands in the plastic industry.

    Started in 1942, the Mumbai-based firm currently achieves revenue of Rs. 5,530 crores reported as of the year 2020. More than 15000 employees are working for the Supreme industries.

    After all, the company isn’t limited to pipe manufacturing, as plastic chairs, plastic packaging, molded furniture, and lots of other things are also the specialties of Supreme Industries.

    Because of all these good reasons, it becomes a favorite pick for investors. The market capitalization of Supreme Industries is around Rs. 28453.384 crores

    Products and Services

    These are the famous products the company manufactures.

    • Plastic Piping System
    • Molded Furniture
    • XF Films & Products Logo
    • The Protective Packaging Division
    • Bathroom Fittings
    • Petrochemical
    • Material Handling Products
    • Composite Cylinder
    • Performance Films
    • Industrial Products Division

    Why Invest in Supreme Industries Stock?

    Plastic stocks in India are forming a new investment trend in the market. Of course, the low price and long-lasting properties make plastic an ever-green material and product.

    Thus companies like Supreme Ind. have entered the most pricey stocks categories because they consistently yield superior returns for investors.

    Such as Supreme Ind. lets investors enjoy 116.10% returns who held positions in the company in 2017 and are still enduring.

    Finolex Inds – Top Plastic Sector Stock

    Finolex Inds. has been giving more strength to the plumbing industry with its quality pipes. With an extensive range of pipes and fittings, the company satisfies the demand of multiple businesses in the industry.Finolex Inds - Top Plastic Sector Stock

    Whether agri-pipes or fittings or plastic pipes for residential or commercial projects, the company equips the best technology to produce quality pipes and fittings that satisfy the market demand.

    Finolex industries started business in this line in 1956. But currently, being publicly listed, the family-owned company has emerged as the top plastic sector stock.

    The company hasn’t entered any other sector to date and is only hooked on its decades-old specialty, e.g., plastic pipes and fittings.

    Moreover, Finolex Inds. also has its footprints in social activities. The company is supporting millions of students’ education in India. The market capitalization of the Finolex Inds. is around Rs. 12418.845 crores

    Products and Services

    These are the main products in which Finolex Inds. garners fame from the Indian market

    • Plumbing & Sanitization Pipes
    • Residential and commercial fittings
    • Agriculture Pipes and Fittings

    Why Invest in Finolex Inds Stocks?

    At the present time, plastics share price plays between the ranges of 190-200. Over the past few years, the publicly listed company has registered a mass-scale growth.

    To simply put, from 2017 to 2022, the company’s price per share has achieved 108.38%. This indicates that investors are enjoying 108.38% returns from the company to date.

    The company even registered an equity growth of 58.06% in 2021, with total assets growth of 48.51%. Without a doubt, Finolex Inds. Ltd. is still in its growth phase, giving a green signal for aspiring buyers.

    Finolex Inds Stock predictions say that the stock prices will rise in the next few months.

    Prince Pipes & Fittings – Top Plastic Companies in India

    Buying Prince Pipes & Fittings is an emerging culture in the plumbing sector. After all, the company establishes a strong image in the industry with its innovation in plumbing, irrigation, and sewerage technologies.Prince Pipes & Fittings - Top Plastic Companies in India

    If you are also looking for the top plastic companies in India, you may make a good choice by investing in Prince Pipes & Fittings.

    Established in 1987, the company has come a long way producing countless products in 75,000+ categories. In any event, you can’t miss making an investment in Prince Pipes & Fittings Ltd.

    After all, the company has a total of 7 manufacturing units across the nation with 1500+ channel partners. It gives us a clear signal into the company’s deeply-rooted presence in the plastic sector.

    The market capitalization of the Prince Pipes & Fittings Ltd. is around Rs. 7658.013 crores

    Products and Services

    Here are the multiple products range the company manufactures

    • Plumbing
    • Industrial pipes and plumbing systems
    • Sewage systems
    • Underground pipes and fittings
    • Agricultural pipes and fittings
    • Water Storage Tanks
    • And other new products

    Why Invest in Prince Pipes & Fittings Stocks?

    No wonder this publicly listed company could be a premier choice for investors. Because the company is also a parent org of Trubore Piping Systems Pvt. Ltd., which also serves the plumbing industry.

    If we talk about Prince Pipes & Fittings alone, it owns a rich history in the water storage, water supply, and waterproof market.

    Thus, within five years (2017-2022), the company’s share prices have registered 353.85% growth. The P/E ratio of the company is 29.50%, which means the company has grown exponentially over the past few years.

    If you are searching for the best plastic share price, remember Prince. According to the Annual Report, this stock is expected to have a decent return.

    EPL Ltd. – Top Plastic Stocks in India

    All of a sudden, if someone suggests a BUY at EPL, you must take action. After all, EPL is a global tube-packaging company. Born in 1982 from its parent organization – The Blackstone Group, Epsilon Bidco Pte. Ltd. – EPL enjoys Rs. 2,773 crores revenue in 2019.EPL Ltd. - Top Plastic Stocks in India

    From its launch to growth, the company has come a long way, achieving so much in its lifetime. At present, the company enjoys a notable spot among the top plastic stocks in India.

    After all, EPL is one of those few companies to back multiple products in packaging. Above all, an Indian billionaire and the founder of ZEE TV owns the company.

    Thus you may expect high from Essel Propack Limited. The market capitalization of the EPL K Ltd. is around Rs. 6247.922 crores

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the products and services in which the company establishes a massive market.

    • Beauty & Cosmetics Packaging
    • Food & Nutrition Packaging
    • Pharma & Health Packaging
    • Home Care Packaging
    • Laminates
    • Laminated Tubes
    • Caps & Closures
    • Extruded Tubes
    • Dispensing Systems

    Why Invest in EPL Ltd. Stocks?

    However, the plastic share price has been dropping significantly over the past few years. But there’s no need to panic as it could be a potential BUY opportunity for the investors.

    After creating a higher high at 280.95 on June 25, 2021, the company share prices have dropped almost by 32% in Jan 2022. The company makes revenue of Rs. 8.70 Billion in 2021, nearly 12.96% higher than the previous year.

    Similarly, it is a positive indication that soon, EPL may take a bullish move leaving all its investors in great net profit.

    Polyplex Corporation – Top 10 Plastic Stocks

    Polyplex Corporation is an Indian Multinational company. The Noida-based firm for long has been manufacturing Biaxially Oriented Polyester Film.Polyplex Corporation - Top 10 Plastic Stocks

    The company’s services are pretty popular across packaging, electrical, and other industrial works. Polyplex Co. also has the seventh-largest capacity of polyester (PET) film around the world.

    It is an indication that your investment is guaranteed to yield outstanding returns if you make a BUY for the company’s stock.

    Among the top 10 plastic stocks, Polyplex Corporation Ltd. reserves a great spot exclusively for its PET film available in a wide range to cater to the dynamic requirements of the industry.

    The company is grabbing appreciation in the industry for its dedicated recycling units. The company focuses on sustainable growth; thus, it is emerging as a favorite stock for all.

    The market capitalization of the Polyplex Corporation Ltd. is around Rs. 5834.132 crores

    Products and Services

    The company’s products have been split into four different categories –

    • Sarafil – comprising Bopet Films, Bopp Films, CPP Films, etc.
    • Saracote – includes Release film liner, Shingle Roofing tape, etc.
    • Saralam – Decorative lamination, reflective insulation, etc.
    • Saraprint – includes Inkjet Films, Label Face Films, etc.

    Why Invest in Polyplex Corporation Stocks?

    Comparing the past five years of the plastic share price in the market, we see almost 357.14% growth. The price of Polyplex Corp Ltd’s chart value shows 387.30 as of Jan 27, 2017.

    On the other hand, the current price of the company shows us a value of around 1770 as of Jan 25, 2022. Beyond a doubt, the company has grown at a mass scale after it takes up a bullish move since 2020.

    But you can wait for another lower low formation if you are planning to invest in Polyplex Corp Ltd. Polyplex Corporation Share Forecast suggests that it has good future potential.

    Responsive Inds – Best Plastic Stocks to Buy

    Responsive Inds. Ltd. is a child organization of Well-known Business Ventures LLP. Set up in 1982, the company is a leading producer of Resilient Vinyl Flooring & Synthetic Leather today.Responsive Inds - Best Plastic Stocks to Buy

    Coupled with innovation, vast capacity, excellent infrastructure, and superior quality management, the company achieves Rs. 2.93 billion revenue in 2021 that went 52.83% higher than the previous years.

    Beyond a doubt, all those lines that take you to the best plastic stocks to buy are visible in RIT. After all, the company has set its footprints in some of the most valuable and demanded sectors for a long time.

    However, the company’s net income had unexpectedly gone lower, but we don’t think that it has affected the company’s share price in any way. The market capitalization of the Responsive Inds. is around Rs. 4799.09 crores

    Products and Services

    The company primarily manufactures and supplies the given two types of products.

    • Vinyl Flooring
    • Synthetic Leather

    Why Invest in Responsive Inds Stock?

    The top plastic shares in India growing popular in the mainstream for their USP are Vinyl Flooring and Synthetic Leather.

    The company earns so much in the quality manufacturing of both product categories that other companies don’t dare to compete with RIT.

    Price per share of RIT has grown by 206.45% over the past five years. But recently, in 2022, the share has registered an upswing which could be a potential bubble.

    Hence, it is advised to wait for the company to create another low or let it break it’s previous high 194.50 reported on Dec 18, 2020, by a significant margin, then proceed with the investment.

    Jindal Poly Films – Top Plastic Stocks to Buy

    One of the pioneering names in the list of top plastic stocks to buy – Jindal Poly Films – is also not far from setting a great impression in the industry.  However, it is mainly a Nonwoven fabrics company.Jindal Poly Films - Top Plastic Stocks to Buy

    But in addition to that, the company also engages in the manufacturing of BOPP films, PET Films, Coated Films, and lots of different types of plastic films.

    This one of the superbly performing plastic companies in India makes revenue of Rs. 14.56 billion in 2021, around 33.47% higher than its previous years.

    Apart from that, the company’s net income is reported as Rs. 2.54 billion in 2021, almost 3.23% higher than the earlier years. The market capitalization of the Jindal Poly Films is around Rs. 4602.171 crores

    Products and Services

    To better summarize what the company does, below is a list of products that it manufactures.

    • Bopp Films
    • Pet Films
    • Cpp Films
    • Metalized Films
    • Coated Films
    • Thermal Films
    • Non-Tearable Paper (Ntr)
    • Medical X-Ray Films

    Why Invest in Jindal Poly Films Stocks?

    Jindal Poly Films has been an NSE-listed company operational since 1974. Beyond a doubt, the company is one of those earliest names in the plastic industry to support the independent growth of the nation.

    The company is currently categorized among the large-cap stocks that generated 375.25% returns over the last couple of years (2020-2022). As of Jan 25, 2022, the company is still moving in green.

    Nilkamal – Best Plastic Companies

    Nilkamal Plastics Ltd. is a Maharashtra-based firm. Set up in 1981, today, the company is renowned as the world’s largest manufacturer of molded plastic furniture.Nilkamal - Best Plastic Companies

    The Mumbai, Maharashtra-based firm is not just limited to a single production line but many. Nilkamal Plastics employs 2,939 people in the nation.

    Together with a giant team of smart and innovative personalities, the company continues to climb up in the plastic industry.

    Among India’s best plastic companies, Nilkamal is firmly in a notable position. The market capitalization of the Nilkamal Plastics Ltd. is around Rs. 3967.899 crores

    Products and Services

    These are the famous products and services of the company in which the company has been doing business for a long time.

    • Nilkamal Furniture
    • Material handling
    • Nilkamal Mattress
    • Nilkamal Bubbleguard

    Why Invest in Nilkamal Stocks?

    As the plastic industry continues to outpace other sectors in the nation, investors’ interests have also shifted towards plastics stocks to buy.

    Such as, many people are increasingly buying Nilkamal Plastics Ltd. stock for certain good reasons. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic-based products.

    If we catch a glimpse of the company’s last five years’ performance on the chart, we see eye-opening insights. Post pandemic, breaking the record of its previous high, the company’s share value grew by 194.56%.

    This shows that investors have a true belief tied up with this plastic stock. You, too, can set greater hopes from the share. According to Nilkamal Stock Prediction, it is expected to provide decent returns.

    Tarsons Products – Top 10 Plastic Shares to Buy

    Among the top 10 plastic shares to buy, Tarsons Products Ltd could be an investment-worthy pick. Started in 1983, the company has grown into one of India’s most famous plastic-based products manufacturing firms.Tarsons Products - Top 10 Plastic Shares to Buy

    The company is currently in its growth phase, but investors have set higher hopes from Tarsons products that sooner the company will get them a big chunk of returns.

    It is because of the company’s sharp growth in revenue and income stream. In 2021, the company made Rs. 2.31 billion, almost 32.19% higher than previous years.

    The company’s net income also sees a massive jump by 79.06% at a reported value of Rs. 688.70M by 2021.  The market capitalization of the Tarsons Products Ltd is around Rs. 3706.616 crores

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the main products and services that derive popularity for Tarsons Products Ltd in the public market.

    • Bottles & Carboys
    • Cryoware
    • Centrifuge Ware
    • Cell Culture Products
    • Electrophoresis
    • Instruments
    • General LabWare
    • Pcr Products
    • Liquid Handling
    • Microscopy & Microbiology
    • Boxes And Racks
    • Utilities

    Why Invest in Tarsons Products Ltd. Stocks?

    Tarsons Products Ltd successfully builds a special spot in the list of best plastics shares to buy nowadays. However, it is mainly happening for the new image of the company.

    Tarsons Products Ltd is a newly listed name in the public market. It has investment risk. But net revenue and net income of the company give us some strong BUY signals as the company is profitable.

    Prices of the company’s shares currently move between 600 to 800, but expectations are that soon the company may hit 1000 targets like other company’s shares have done in a similar sector.

    Cosmo Films – Plastic Sector Stocks to Buy

    In the list of popular companies that manufacture plastic packaging, label, lamination, and industrial applications – Cosmos Films Ltd. is an emerging name.

    Set up in 1976, the Delhi-based firm manufactures bi-axially oriented polypropylene films used across numerous products and packaging applications.

    However, from an investment perspective, you see vast potential in the share as one manufacturing unit of Cosmo Films is situated in India and the second one in South Korea.

    In addition to the manufacturing uniqueness, the company also has a large distribution network worldwide. Thus it could be one of the best plastic sector stocks to buy.

    Cosmo Specialty Chemicals Private Ltd. and a few other companies are the child firms of Cosmo Films. Without a doubt, the company equips everything to keep its investors profitable.

    The company will make 7.59 Billion in revenue in 2021, almost 35.66% higher than its previous year. Prices of the stock are also in green, displaying more buyers are interested in Cosmos Films stock at high prices.

    Mold-Tek Packaging – Plastic Companies Stocks to Buy

    Founded in 1986, Mold Tek packaging for long has been a popular choice among investors. As the name suggests, the firm is in the business of manufacturing packaging containers, boxes, buckets, etc.

    To simply put, brands approach Mold Tek to get their products packed. The attractive and quality plastic packaging by Mold-Tek packaging is the key reason deriving so much growth to the company.

    If you are searching for the top plastic companies stocks to buy, no surprise it is Mold-Tek packaging you may set higher expectations from.

    Products include sanitizer containers, dispensing pumps, food containers, paint packaging, lubricant packs, and bulk packaging.

    Together with a team of 500+ employees, the company has been winning the plastic sector for a long time. Over the past two years, the company’s share price has grown by 256.75% return.

    On Jan 14, 2022, the company achieved a lifetime high at 837.60. It gives us a clear insight into the company’s overall profitability.

    Jai Corp – Plastics Companies Shares to Buy

    Jai Corp Ltd. is a reputed name in the industry. The firm has been manufacturing steel, plastic processing, and spinning yarn for a very long time.

    Beyond a doubt, if you are searching for the top plastics companies shares to buy that are doing business in other sectors and aren’t just limited to the plastic industry, invest in Jai Corp Ltd.

    The company has been operational since 1985 and has achieved a value of thousands of crores within a short time. Talking about the Market Capitalization of this NSE registered firm, it was reported Rs. 22.74 Billion by the end of 2021.

    Jai Corp Ltd. for long has been doing business on a mass scale and is contributing to the nation with its best quality work.

    The company is in the business of infrastructure, venture capital, Poly Woven, steel, spinning, real estate, and other facilities as well.

    Jain Irrigation System – Plastic Companies in India

    Jain Irrigation System is one of the popular plastic companies in India doing a brilliant job in the sector. The India-based company has grown into a multinational conglomerate today, which is a proud moment itself for the nation.

    More than 12,000 employees prove how big the company is. But it is worth noting that the company has only a minor contribution to the plastic industry.

    Maximum profits and sales that the company derives come from its other products. Such as, the Jain Irrigation System Ltd. mainly does business in irrigation, micro-sprinklers, sprinkler irrigation, Filters, Dosing Pumps & Injectors.

    The key areas where the company uses plastic material for manufacturing are PVC & HDPE Piping Systems, Fittings, and Plastic Sheets, and Planting Material.

    As of Sep 2021, the company makes 16.45 Billion in Revenue and 1.07 Billion in Net income, which is 163.25% higher than the previous year. No wonder the company has a lot to give to its investors in the near future.

    Garware Hi-Tech – Plastic Stocks in India

    One of the quality plastic stocks in India that you should never leave unnoticed is Garware Hi-tech. Each month, the company is setting a new high in the public market.

    After all, the company does business in premium and expensive applications.

    Such as Garware paint protection films, automotive films, architectural films, and polyester films are some popular specialties the company does business worth millions.

    The company leverages the latest technology to produce revolutionary products that bring change in its own performance and the industry on the whole.

    Over the past five years, company share value has grown by 540.53%. Surprisingly the magic happened after the global pandemic.

    How to identify good Plastic Stocks For Trading?

    The plastic industry isn’t limited to polythene manufacturing. The domain covers numerous categories when it comes to the product line.

    That’s why when you trade in plastic stocks, keep in mind that you are exposed to a broad selection. Thus, you have ample space available to reach a wise decision.

    Rather than choosing a standard stock, try finding some demanding one. Such as plastic films, PVC manufacturers, plumbing pipes & fittings, companies producing this highly-demanded product enjoy profits.

    It is because few plastic products are essential in the industry. Other plastic products are more likely to be banned from usage now or later, but few plastic-based products are ever-green.

    So try finding a company with a long-standing history in the nation and target a market for trading with multiple product categories with no risk of investment attached.

    Figuring out the company’s past performance, revenue, and income figure is also essential.

    How To Invest In Plastic Sectors Stocks?

    So you want to invest in plastic stocks! Beyond a doubt, it is a great idea. You should surely go ahead and begin working on this decision.

    Investment in plastic sector stocks always comes with certain positive swings because the market is giant, and the product manufactured in this industry is demanding.

    Still, it is necessary to give ample time to the search works because few products could have been banned in the future. But if the company is engaged in diverse product manufacturing, you can make a bid reliably.

    Don’t rely on your stock broker alone; Google some best opinions on the best plastic stock you want to purchase.  Once you are ready, go ahead! But avoid buying at the higher high of the company until you see a good sign.

    Take the help of experts if you are investing a big amount in the stock.

    Top Plastic Companies in India – Conclusion

    In the end, you will obtain the best option from the top plastic companies in India that we have discussed above. The plastic industry is emerging as an ever-green sector in this modern age.

    The sector will keep flourishing well over the upcoming years until the best alternative replaces the industry. Till then, you can set higher expectations from all those companies’ stocks that produce and supply plastic products.

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