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People invest in good stocks to have great returns. There are various service Companies in India. If the person can’t find one, he will lose money.

Among them, most companies have healthy stocks. Finding promising stocks requires lots of research. Analyzing the stock market will improve your knowledge of stocks.

You will know which stock has performed well in the past months. This helps you find out the best Service Stocks to buy. This article will help you learn some of the best service stocks to buy. Keep reading to find out.

Know about Service Sector in India

The service sector is one of the most dominant sectors of India’s GDP. It has also brought in foreign spending. The service sector has given jobs to many people.

The service sector includes various activities. It includes trade, hotels, restaurants, and transport. It also includes storage and communication, financing, insurance, and real estate.

Business services, community, social and personal services are also part of the Service sector in India.

The market size of the Indian service sector is enormous. You also get some of the best Service Sector Stocks to buy. The total share of the service sector is 54% of the total GVA in FY21.

The IT and business services market of India will reach US$ 19.93 billion by 2025. These factors prove that the service sector of India is enormous.

If anyone invests in the service sector, they will get huge returns. Some of the top Service Companies in India are FSN E-Commerce, Zomato, Info Edge, and many more.Best Service Stocks in India - List of Top 10 Service Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Best Service Stocks in India – List of Top 10 Service Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Check out the Service Share Price & Ranking of Best Service Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

The best Service Provider Shares to Buy and their details are given in the table above. Let us analyze the information to know more about the top 3 stocks.

FSN E-Commerce is at the top of the list. This company has had a positive EBITDA since the financial year 2019. In addition, they have a diverse portfolio which reduces the risk factor.

The second stock in the table is Zomato. This company has made a good profit in recent years. The stock price is also low, so it is excellent for investors starting their investing journey.

The third on the list is One97 Communications. It is one of the best Service Shares in India.  This stock has a chance of doubling its current price within the following year. It is perfect for long-term investors who want good returns.

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    FSN E-Commerce – Best Online Service Stocks in India.

    FSN E-Commerce is a consumer-based technology platform provider. This company is based in India. The company makes and sells beauty products.FSN E-Commerce - Best Online Service Stocks in India.

    They also make and sell wellness, skincare, and health care products. Their products also include clothes and accessories. They also sell their products through physical stores, stalls, and general grades.

    Their offline retail stores are present in 38 cities. This includes 73 physical retail stores. Among them, 72 stores sell beauty and personal care products. Only one store is for selling fashion products.

    They have three types of retail stores with different names. This includes Nykaa Luxe, Nykaa On Trend, and Nykaa Kiosk.

    The subsidiaries include FSN Brands Marketing Private Limited, Nykaa E-Retail Private Limited, and Nykaa Fashion Private Limited.

    This company sells a wide range of products. This means they have a diverse portfolio. This is why they are the best Online Service Stocks in India. The products of FSN E-Commerce includes:

    Under the Nykaa app, they sell a wide variety of beauty, skincare, and wellness products. Nykaa sells famous Indian skincare brands.

    They even include international skincare and beauty brands. The Nykaa Men app has all types of skincare, beauty, and wellness products.

    The Nykaa Fashion app has all types of clothes for women. This includes traditional and western clothes too.

    Why invest in FSN E-Commerce stocks?

    • This company’s share price belongs to the mid-range. Thus it is one of the best service Shares to buy for experienced investors.
    • The company has had a positive EBITDA since the financial year 2019.
    • They have a diverse portfolio and strong relationships with global brands.
    • They have planned expansion into the Middle East and European market.

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    Zomato – Online Service Stocks

    Zomato started its journey in 2008. Foodiebay was its first name. The name was later on changed to Zomato Media Pvt later. Ltd. This took place on  January 18, 2010.Zomato - Online Service Stocks

    Zomato is an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company. The founders of this company are Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. In 2011 the company spread across India.

    The cities include Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Ahmedabad. In the next year, Zomato reached new heights.

    They spread out to many countries like Sri Lanka, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and many more. The website and the app of Zomato are available in various languages. They are Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and English.

    In 2020 Zomato opened Zomato Market in 80+ cities across India. This was started to meet the rising demand for online groceries in the covid pandemic.

    As of 2022, Zomato is available in 24 countries and more than 10,000 cities. This is a reason why Zomato has one of the best Services Shares to buy.

    The services offered by Zomato are–

    Zomato is famous for its food delivery services. The services of zomato are spread across  24 countries. Through their app, you can also book tables at your desired restaurants.

    They use a “zero-commission model” to partner with restaurants. The Zomato Market app delivers online groceries at the doorstep.

    During the covid pandemic, they launched this application. Their site, called Zomato.xxx is dedicated to food porn.

    Why invest in Zomato stocks?

    • The cost of Zomato stock is cheap. Thus, they are one of India’s best Online Service Stocks for young investors.
    • Zomato has a robust network in India and other countries.
    • Their profits in the past years are significant.
    • This stock is suitable for short-term investments.
    • You can make significant profits if you sell the stock at the right time.

    One97 Communications – India’s Top Service Sector Stocks

    One97 Communications started in 2000. Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder of this company. This company is an e-commerce and fintech company in India.One97 Communications - India's Top Service Sector Stocks

    The headquarters of this company is located in Noida, India. The value of this company was recorded as $16 billion in 2021. This makes it one of the most valuable unicorn companies in India.

    In addition, Paytm was listed as the most valuable payments brand in India in 2020. In 2012 they acquired MobiVite, a mobile marketing platform. Then they acquired  Plustx, a cross-messaging platform, in August 2013.

    This company was launched as a digital payments platform for cashless payments. At present, they have various businesses and subsidiaries. One97 Communications planned to launch its IPO In December 2010.

    However, that did not take place due to bad market conditions. In 2021, July 16 filed a draft prospectus for its IPO of up to Rs. 16,600 crores. Many news channels called this India’s most extensive Initial public offering ever.

    Thus, we can say that this is one of India’s top Service Sector Stocks. The services offered by this company are-

    Through the Paytm app, you can do a lot of things. Of course, the most crucial feature is digital payment. Further, you can pay bills, book movie tickets, open a savings account, invest in stocks, and do a lot more.

    There is also Paytm for business. Under this, you can take loans, advertise your business, make business payments, and many more.

    Why invest in One97 Communications stocks?

    • This company’s share price is in the mid-range capital. So it is not too cheap and not costly either.
    • It is a good service share price for experienced investors.
    • This company has shown growth in recent months.
    • This stock might grow almost double its current price within the next year.
    • Long-term investors must invest in this stock.

    Info Edge – Top Service Companies in India

    Info Edge (India) Limited was founded in 1995. Sanjeev Bikhchandani is the founder of this company. This is an Indian pure-play internet company and one of the top service companies in India.Info Edge - Top Service Companies in India

    The headquarters of this company is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. First, the company has an online job portal called Naukri.com. Secondly, they have a matrimony website called Jeevansathi.com.

    Thirdly, they have a real estate classifieds platform called 99acres.com. Finally, they have an educational website Shiksha.com.

    These are some of the major online companies in their fields. This company also holds minority stakes in 23 online companies.

    The companies include food delivery company Zomato(15.23% stake). It also includes the insurance aggregator Policybazaar (13.3% stake).

    At first, this company reproduced classified ads from newspapers on their website. In 2006 Info Edge went public under the name “Naukri”. In 2020 set up Info Edge Venture Fund.  This is a venture capital fund for investing in startup companies.

    The products and services of Info Edge are-

    Naukri.com – The company model depends on job listings and employer branding. They also provide services like resume writing highlighting.

    99acres.com – They have a listing of properties for sale, purchase, and rent, spanning 25 plus cities.

    Jeevansathi.com – This is one of the most famous matrimony websites in India. This app brings together like-minded people for arranged marriages.

    Why invest in Info Edge stocks?

    • The price of this stock is on the pricey side. Thus it is a reasonable service share price for old investors.
    • The stock is trading at a lower price, so it is the perfect time to buy it.
    • The stock price is stable in comparison to its share market peers.
    • Once the price rises, it won’t fall anytime soon. So it is better to invest now.

    PB Fintech – Service Sector Share Price

    This company was launched on June 4, 2008. It was done under the Companies Act, 1956. At first, this company was named Etechaces Marketing and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.PB Fintech - Service Sector Share Price

    On September 18, 2020, the company’s name was changed. It was changed to “PB Fintech Pvt. Ltd.”. Then on June 30, 2021, the company converted to a public limited company.

    They have one of the top Online Stocks in India. This company is India’s largest online platform for insurance and lending products. They used the power of technology, data, and innovation.

    They have two online platforms known as Policybazaar and PaisaBazaar. These platforms deal with online insurance and lending market. They give access to insurance, credit, and other financial products.

    They want to create awareness among Indians about financial problems. These problems can be a result of death, disease, and damage.

    This company follows a customer-centric approach. They allow the research-based purchase of insurance. It also includes lending products.

    They want the customers to be well aware of their choices. This can only be done through more transparency.

    Their services and products are-

    Policybazaar – This platform was created in 2008 to create more financial awareness. They provide research-based purchase of insurance. This company is registered with IRDA as a direct (life and general) insurance broker.

    Paisabazaar – This platform was launched in 2014 to change Indians’ personal credit. They provide a variety of personal loans and credit cards.

    Why invest in this stock?

    • The price of the stock is relatively low. Thus it is an excellent service Sector Share Price for new investors.
    • They have a vast scope of growth in the future.
    • This company is a leader in their sector.
    • This stock is suitable for short-term Investments or listing gains.
    • The revenue growth of this company has been vital in the past years.

    Indiamart Intermesh – Top 10 Service Stocks 

    This company was started in 1996. Dinesh Agarwal and Brijesh Agrawal started the website known as IndiaMART.com.Indiamart Intermesh - Top 10 Service Stocks 

    This is an e-commerce company that gives B2B and customer-to-customer sales services. The idea was to connect Indian manufacturers with buyers. The headquarters of IndiaMart is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

    This company was started as a directory of websites for customers in the Delhi-NCR region. During that time, India had only 15,000 internet users. By 1999 the directory already had more than 1000 listings.

    In 2008–2009 the company stopped focusing on export-oriented business. Instead, they focused on the India-focused B2B market.

    This helped them raise $10 million from Intel Capital. In 2014 distorted promotional campaigns. These campaigns featured film actor Irrfan Khan as brand ambassador.

    Over the past years, IndiaMART has become the largest E-Commerce platform for businesses. They hold around 60% market share as per research firm KPMG. This company handles around 97,000 product categories.

    The products include machine parts, medical equipment, textile products, and many more. IndiaMART went public in 2019. It was the first online B2B marketplace to go public.

    The company’s share is among the top 10 Service Stocks to buy.

    The products and services of Indiamart are-

    Indiamart handles around 97,000 product categories. Its product categories include machine parts, medical equipment, textile  products, & others. During the covid pandemic, they also sold medical supplies.

    Their suppliers are Hilti India, JCB India & Nobel Hygiene.

    Why invest in Indiamart Intermesh stocks?

    • The price of this stock is on the pricey side. Thus it is a good Service Industry Share Price for old investors.
    • This stock has a solid Annual EPS growth.
    • The share price is relatively stable.
    • This stock is not very volatile.
    • This is the right time to accumulate the stock.
    • This company has chances of good growth in future.

    Affle (India) – Best Service Stocks to Buy

    Affle was founded in Singapore in 2005. Later in the year 2006, this company was set up outside Singapore. The places were India and Uk. In 2007 they started SMS2.0, which redefined mobile media.Affle (India) - Best Service Stocks to Buy

    This was done by blending browser-type functions over SMS. In 2008 smsLIVE was set up in Singapore, India, and Uk. In 2010 they went a step further. They started the cross-platform messaging app.

    The name of the app is Pinch. After this, they kept on launching a lot of new apps. They were given 3US patents for mobile messaging, search, and commerce. In 2012 they launched Ripple, which is a cross-screen ad platform.

    Fast forward to recent years, they have launched many new platforms. In 2019 they took over Shoffr’s business and platform. 2019 was an important year for Affle. Affle (India) launched its IPO in India.

    This took place on 08.08.19, and now they trade on the stock exchange. They are one of the best Service Stocks to buy.

    Recently in 2021, they took over Jamapp. It is a Latin America-based programmatic mobile advertising platform.

    The products and services of this company are-

    This company has a proprietary consumer intelligence platform. This platform transforms ads into recommendations. This helps marketers to identify and engage with their potential and existing users.

    It also helps to acquire and drive transactions with their users.

    Why invest in Affle stocks?

    • The price of this stock is low. Thus it is one of the best Service Shares in India for young investors.
    • The company is going to give a good quarter based on expectations.
    • This company has a good return on equity (ROE) track record.
    • The last 3 Years’ ROE is 50.21%.
    • The stock price is growing. Thus it is better to hold this stock for some time.

    Quess Corp – Online Companies in India

    Guess was founded in 2007 in Bangalore. It is one of the best Online Companies in India. At first, the company was named IRIS Human Capital Solutions Private Limited.Quess Corp - Online Companies in India

    It was a private company under the company’s act 1956. In 2007 the company’s name was changed to very simple IKYA Human Capital Solutions Private Limited.

    In 2013 the company was converted into a public limited company. Then the company’s name was changed to IKYA Human Capital Solutions Limited. Finally, in 2014 the company was given its final name, Quess Corp Limited.

    The founder of the company is Ajit Isaac. He is also the executive chairman of Quess Corp. In 2013 Thomas Cook(India) took 74.85% of the stake in Quess. This formed a strategic partnership between the companies.

    Later on, Quess took over Avon. This is a facility management company. This event spread the business interests of Quess.

    After this, Quess started taking over various companies in the next few years. Some of them are Coachieve, Magna, and Monster. They have also invested in various companies which are spread across various sectors.

    The products and services of the company are-

    Under workforce management, they provide staffing solutions, IT staffing, and much more.

    Under Operating Asset Management, they provide food services, Security Services, Healthcare services, and much more. Global Technology Solutions provides payroll services, Monster jobs, domestic IT services, and more.

    Why invest in Quess Corp stocks?

    • The price of this stock is relatively low. Thus it is one of the top Service Stocks to buy for young investors.
    • Quess Corp is a leading business and India’s largest private-sector employer.
    • This stock has strong Annual EPS growth.
    • This is the perfect time to buy or hold the stock.
    • Quess Corp Stock predictions say that the stock prices will rise in the next few months.

    Route Mobile – Best Service Companies in India

    Route Mobile instituted in 2004. The place it started was the city of Mumbai. They started as a cloud communications platform provider. They provided over the top (OTT) and mobile network operators (MNO).Route Mobile - Best Service Companies in India

    This company was earlier known as Routesms Solutions LTD. The company is present in more than 15 locations outside India. Route Mobile was called among the fastest-growing companies in the technology and telecom sector.

    This company was also the second-fastest-growing Indian company in the United Kingdom. This company has taken over several companies around the world. For example, they took over Call 2 Connect in May 2017.

    In the same year, they took over 365squared. This company was an SMS Firewall company based out of Malta. Route Mobile also partners with various companies.

    The partners are Idea Cellular, Lanka Bell, and Arab Financials Services. They provide messaging services to India, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East through this. It also includes the North Africa region.

    The services provided by this company are:

    Under messaging, they provide services like A2P messaging, Route OTP, two way messaging, and many more.

    In the case of enhanced business messaging, they provide various services. It includes Google business messages, WhatsApp business solution, Telegram for business, and many more.

    Under voice, they have services like Click2Call, missed calls, flash gold, and many more. They also give email, payment identity, and verification services.

    So they provide many services, which make them one of the best Service Companies in India.

    Why invest in Route Mobile stocks?

    • The price range of this stock is cheap. Thus, it is one of the best Services Stocks to buy for young investors.
    • The company is spread across 19 locations in the world.
    • This company has shown good growth even during the pandemic.
    • It will give good returns in the long term.
    • Route Mobile Share Forecast suggests that it has very good future potential.

    Nazara Technologies – Top 10 Service Shares to Buy

    On December 8, 1999, Nazara Technologies was started. The founder of this company is Nitish Mittersain. The name of this company was Nazara.com Private Limited at first.Nazara Technologies - Top 10 Service Shares to Buy

    The name was changed to Nazara Technologies Private Limited in 2003. The company was listed as a public limited company later on.

    The company’s name was changed to Nazara Technologies Limited after the listing. The company shares are one of the top 10 Service Shares to buy.

    The headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai. This company is one of the leading mobile games. They also distribute games outside India.

    These are the new emerging markets. Some international markets include Middle East Africa, South East Asia, and Latin America.

    The operation consists of Subscription Business and Premium Business. It also consists of the esports business.

    The subscription business focuses on mass mobile internet users. They are generally first-time mobile Gamers. The Sachet pricing strategy allows the Gamers to get a catalog of 1000 Android games.

    Under the Freemium business, the company focuses on local gamer behavior. After this, they design games as per local market demands.

    Their products and services include-

    Esports – Under esports, they have two companies known as Nodwin and Sportskeeda. Nodwin gaming conducts the best esports tournaments and events.

    They also have both free-to-play games and real-money games. The free games include games for kids and sports simulation games. Real money games require skills for playing.

    Why invest in Nazara Technologies stocks?

    • The price of this stock is on the higher side. Thus it is one of the best services to buy for old investors.
    • Gaming is a vast market, so this company has a great future.
    • This will be a solid value creator in 3 to 4 years.
    • This stock is perfect for long-term investors.
    • According to fundamental analysis of this share, it has decent long term growth prospects.

    Just Dial – Service Sector Stocks to Buy

    VSS Mani founded Just Dial in 1996. The company’s idea came to VSS Mani while he worked for the yellow pages company. He thought of replacing Yellow Pages with a database of information.

    The users could call to find out information about local business listings. The headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai, India. Other than that, they have offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh.

    They also have offices in Chennai, Coimbatore, Kolkata, and Pune. As of 2020, Just Dial has 10,984 employees and a database of 29.4 million listings. They also have 536,236 active paid campaigns.

    Recently Reliance Retail acquired a 66.95% stake in Just Dial. This took place on July 16 2021, for Rs 3,497 crore. The services of Just Dial are-

    Justdial provides a database of business listings. The users can call to find out more about the business.

    Why invest in Just Dial stocks?

    • The price of the stock is in the medium range. Thus it is one of the best Service Sector Stocks to buy for old investors.
    • The growth of this share has been good in the past months.
    • This stock is perfect for short-term investment.

    SIS -Service Companies Stocks to Buy

    SIS group Enterprise was set up in 1985 by Ravindra Kishore Sinha. At first, it was known as Security and Intelligence Services (India).

    This company is a private security firm in India, Australia, and New Zealand. At present, they have become the largest manpower security firm in the indo-pacific region.

    The company had sales of over Rs 8500 crore in the financial year 2020. The company has more than 10,000 customers. It includes companies like Tata Steel, Tata Motor, Idea cellular, ICICI Bank, and many more.

    The products and services are-

    SIS offers security services to banks, hotels, and institutions. They also offer IT and ITES residential colonies and retail, commercial companies security services.

    In addition, they give electronic security systems, Consulting, and housekeeping. Further, they give cash services, including the transfer of cash and valuables.

    Why invest in SIS stocks?

    • The price of the stock is relatively low. Thus it is one of the best Service Companies Stocks to buy for young traders.
    • It is best to buy the stock now to get good returns when it hits the target price.
    • They have a rising net cash flow and cash from operating activity.

    TeamLease Services – Online Companies Shares to Buy.

    The journey of TeamLease started in February 2000. This company started as a private limited company. This took place under the Companies Act 1956.

    Initially, the company name was India Life Chakravarti Actuarial Services Private Limited. On May 15 2015, the company converted into a public limited company. This led to the change of the company’s name.

    TeamLease Services Limited was the new name of the company. TeamLease Services Limited was the final name. This name is the present name of the company.

    In 2010 the company took over IIJT. In 2011 the company opened a private University. It also co-founded the Indian staffing Federation.

    The events took place after some understanding with the government of Gujarat. Their shares are one of the best Online Companies Shares to buy.

    The products and services of this company are-

    This company focuses on providing staffing services and HR requirements. This company is one of the leading providers of HR services. As of now, the company owns five direct and indirect subsidiaries.

    It also owns two associate companies.

    Why invest in TeamLease Services Limited stocks?

    • The price of the stock is on the higher side. Thus it is one of the best service stocks to buy for old traders.
    • The share price has grown in the past months.
    • It is the perfect time to hold the stock.
    • This stock has a high Piotrowski score which refers to a company with solid financials.

    NIIT – Online Stocks to Buy

    In 1981 NIIT Limited was started. The founders are Rajendra S Pawar and Vijay K Thadani. Both the owners were IIT graduates. This company is an Indian multinational skill and talent development company.

    The headquarters of the company is located in Google India. The company was set up to help the IT industry overcome its human resource challenges.

    NIIT began its journey into the software domain in 1986. The journey began with software product distribution under the ‘Insoft’ brand. NIIT gave many marketing and advertising strategies for the Indian market in 1988.

    In 1991 NIIT started another initiative. It was the Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarships program. This scholarship targeted deserving and socially challenged students. It aimed to improve their skills and job chances.

    The services of this company are-

    NIIT limited gives training and development to people, enterprises, and institutions.

    Why invest in NIIT stocks?

    • The price of this stock is low. Thus, it’s one of India’s best Online Stocks to buy.
    • The company’s 5.6% dividend yield and past ten years’ payment history looks good.
    • The stock can be bought as a part of a diversified dividend portfolio.
    • They had a growth in their earnings per share in the last five years.

    Easy Trip Planners –Service Sectors Stocks in India.

    In  2008 Easy Trip Planners Ltd was opened. The founders were the Pitti Brothers. The company headquarters are located in New Delhi, India. This company is famous for giving the best travel deals.

    They offer many travel-related services. Further, they offer products for end-to-end travel solutions. Their services include airline tickets, hotels, and holiday packages.

    They also offer rail ticket services and many more. They give value-added services. This includes travel insurance, visa processing, and tickets for activities and attractions.

    They have a great team of 477 well-trained staff for a smooth work process. The team contributes to the growth of the country.

    The companies various products and services are-

    Through their website, you can get information regarding flights. In addition, they have tied up with IRCTC so that their customers can book train tickets at their website.

    Why invest in Easy Trip Planners stock?

    • The price of their shares is low. Thus it is one of the best Service Sectors Stocks in India.
    • Their revenue grew at a CAGR of 19 per cent from FY18 to FY20.
    • This company has gained profit since it was started.
    • As an online travel agency, they recorded a positive average RoE and RoCE.

    How to identify good Service Stocks for Trading?

    Searching for a perfect stock is very necessary for investors. If the traders invest in the wrong stock, they might face huge losses.

    Thus Trade-in Service Stocks need equity research and analysis. Here are some tips on finding the perfect service stock:

    • Analyze the market to find out if the company is growing steadily.
    • If the share prices are low, then it’s a perfect time to buy the stock
    • Check the growth of the peer companies. Compare with the price of other companies to find if this company is doing better.
    • Keep a tab on the debt to equity ratio of the company.
    • Keep an eye on the PE ratio to understand the company’s market value.
    • If the company pays out a dividend, then the company is more stable.
    • Check the leadership because strong leaders make a company stable and long-lasting.
    • If the company has a diverse portfolio, the risk factor is less.

    How to Invest in Service Sectors Stocks?

    Here is a step-by-step process on how to invest in Service Stocks-

    • To start investing, you need a Demat account and trading account. Then, you have to choose a broker and open an account with them to do so.
    • Then download a trading app or the trading browser of the broker.
    • After that, you have to go through a process of setting up your account. Once you have completed setting up your account, you can go forward with trading.
    • You can create a market watch list on the mobile trading app. You can also set up notifications that will help you get notified about the price movements.

    After all the steps are complete, you can start your trading journey. First, research and analyze the market properly to find good stocks to invest in. If you follow these simple steps, you will quickly get good returns from the market.

    Top Service Companies in India – Conclusion

    Previously we have discussed top Service companies in India and their share price. We have also talked about their investment benefits. You must combine your research with the information provided to find out the best service stocks to invest in.

    Analyze the stock market to find out more information regarding service stocks. Good luck on the investing journey!

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