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Best Stock Broker in Thane – Compare Top 10 Stock Brokers in Thane

Last Updated Date - Nov 19, 2022

Investors like to invest in companies that have a steady image in the market. There are criterias, mandatory to carry out the transaction and for that, we have enumerated the Best stock broker in Thane.

Precisely, investors are in search of stock brokers who would be able to provide a steady balance sheet, at the same time would be able to diversify their investments and also, promises to offer a higher return on the invested amount.

Thus, we have thought to include the Top 10 Stock Brokers in Thane and discuss all the facts related to each broker, so that you can come across the right one for making the investment.Open Demat Account - Offers

List of Top 10 Stock Brokers in Thane

The list of the best stock broker in Thane incorporates some of the most known names. Each of the broking houses bears a certain kind of specialty. Indeed, they have been offering the best of their broking service to the clients over the last couple of years.

In fact, traders also praise them for their useful financial products and services. Therefore, follow the list that includes names such as Sharekhan, Zerodha, Angel Broking, MotilalOswal, Upstox, ICICI direct, Profitmart, Shriram Insight, SAS online.

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    Rank 1 – Sharekhan – Number 1 Stock Broker in Thane

    Brand NameSharekhan
    Phones022-61281700 / 022-61150000
    Corporate Emailnamita.godbole@sharekhan.com
    Branch OfficesSharekhan Branch Office
    Branches in CitySharekhan Branch Office in Thane
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    The leading stock broking company Sharekhan is the Number 1 Stock Broker in Thane with more than 160 years in India. Talking about the facilities, the company influences the traders and investors with a range of services such as currency trading, equity trading, mutual fund, bonds etc.

    Coming to the super effective trading app of the Sharekhan, that too excels in many aspects.You can get features like smart tools, technically updated indicators etx. For those running out of time can easily place the trading order any time through telephone.

    Besides that, the Trade Tiger is a useful initiative from the Sharekhan. It is also quite liked because of the robust interface. The company has a corporate address in Mumbai, visit the official website to know more about the company.

    Rank 2 – Zerodha – Top Share Broker in Thane

    Brand NameZerodha
    Corporate Emailinfo@zerodha.com
    Branch OfficesZerodha Branch Office
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    Zerodha, one of the oldest name in the field of stock broking is the most desirable Share broker In Thane. The company offers a user-friendly online platform where you can invest in mutual funds, derivatives, stocks, etc.

    The company is the leading one when it comes to shaping the notion of discount broking. In addition to that, the company always bears transparency when it comes to their pricing. They will never charge any price beyond your knowledge.

    Once you decide to trade ,you will come across a utility section where you can access the brokerage calculator, margin calculator as well as the holiday calendar.

    The trading App Kite is known to be a  smart investment platform. Therefore, to get more insight from the company, visit the corporate location which is in Bengaluru.

    Rank 3 – Angel Broking – Best Share Broker in Thane

    Brand NameAngel Broking
    Corporate Emailcompliance@angelbroking.com
    Branch OfficesAngel Broking Branch Office
    Branches in CityAngel Broking Branch Office in Thane
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    In order to experience easy and fast online trading, try to explore Angel Broking, the best share broker in Thane. The trading platforms including mobile applications will offer instant notification on the market status.

    Apart from that, the experienced research team will customize the client’s needs. In order to help the clients, they will fetch the information from the Artificial Intelligence which they will use to offer suggestions to the clients.

    Talking about the procedures, you will see that it is completely free of any hassles. The account opening procedure is easy, paperless and completely seamless. Even you can access the mobile app anytime and from anywhere.

    To get to know more about the company, you can look up to their website, which reveals its corporate address is in Mumbai.

    Rank 4 – Motilal Oswal – Share Broker in Thane

    Brand NameMotilal Oswal
    Corporate Emailneeraj.agarwal@motilaloswal.com
    Branch OfficesMotilal Oswal Branch Office
    Branches in CityMotilal Oswal Branch Office in Pimpri Chinchwad
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    While counting on the names of the Share broker in Thane, we thought to talk about Motilal Oswal. Now, let’s see why you will love to trade with the company. It is because the company appears as the one-stop trading hub because here, you will get the opportunity to trade in any genre starting from the commodity to equity.

    In addition to that, you can trade across any type of device whether its mobile phone, smartphones, desktops. Talking about the technology it is fast, secured and powerful indeed. The company professionals are ever ready to give you all essential advice and support concerning the trading.

    You can also avail of the call and trade facility as well. So take time to knock on the company official website or visit their branch office located in the city, or contrarily their corporate address, which is in Mumbai.

    Rank 5 – Upstox – Top 10 Stock Broker in Thane

    Brand NameUpstox
    Corporate Emailhiren.thakkar@rksv.in
    Branch OfficesUpstox Branch Office
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    Among the top 10 stock brokers in Thane, Upstox certainly holds a definite position. It is because the company offers a professional trading platform for professional traders. On top of that, the trading platform is based on HTML which makes it easiest and super friendly to use as well.

    The trading platforms will let you analyze the market very smartly. Also, the friendly charting tools will help to identify the price trend in the market, so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to investment.

    There are more than a hundred indicators that help to customize the charts as and when required. From placing buy order to order of selling, is just done with one click. So, to know more about the company just refer to the contact information provided in the table.

    Rank 6 – ICICI Direct – Best Stock Broker in Thane

    Brand NameICICI Direct
    Phones022-40701320 / 022-40701125 / 022-40701000/1125
    Corporate Emailcompliance@icicisecurities.com
    Branch OfficesICICI Direct Branch Office
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    While talking about the best stock broker in Thane we added the name ICICI direct in this category. It is because the company is at the forefront, offering unbeatable benefits to the clients. Like you can access the demat account, trading and banking from a single account only.

    Coming to the security terms definitely, you get the opportunity to pay only when you wish to trade. Traders will also witness vast product ranges like overseas trading, derivative, IPOs, mutual fund, life insurance.

    They will also get the chance to trade in both the BSE and NSE domains as well. The research and advisory team of the company works diligently to show you the right path when it comes to investment. Also, note that the company has its corporate office in Mumbai.

    Rank 7 – ProfitMart – Best Demat Broker in Thane

    Brand NameProfitmart
    Corporate AddressOffice no.12, 2nd Floor Nilkantha market, MG Road Above Pooja Hotel, Ghatkopar East MUMBAI-400077
    Corporate Emailinfo@profitmart.in
    Branch OfficesProfitmart Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    ProfitMart is the best Demat broker in Thane because the company offers you three important parameters like easy accessibility, flexibility, and researched advice. Coming to the technology used, the company incorporates excellent and world-class technology.

    It always adheres to the market standard and maintains transparent methods. The products lined up in its offerings include equity, commodity, currency, wealth management, depository, Stock SIP etc. In the meantime, you don’t have to pay anything as the account opening fee is zero.

    The easy mobile trading app allows users to trade while traveling. Get the proper notification in regard to the trade through the SMS. On top of that also take the privilege of staying updated with real-time prices. For more get to the corporate address of the company which is in Mumbai.

    Rank 8 – Shriram Insight – Top Demat Broker in Thane

    Brand NameShriram Insight
    Corporate AddressCK-15,SECTOR II, SALT LAKE, KOLKATA-700091
    Corporate Emailhelpdesk@shriraminsight.com
    Branch OfficesShriram Insight Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    Among the various top demat broker in Thane, Shriram Insight is known for its outstanding contribution. The first feature is that it offers 2 in 1 account, which means you can access both trading and demat accounts from a single interface.

    You can easily transfer the funds because the company has a tie-up with more than 40 banks. The dedicated customer team works on toes to offer support to the users. You can contribute to the mutual funds without any paperwork.

    Besides that, you will also appreciate the concise offerings in regards to its services. The management team is effective and strong, always on duty to manage any trading related issue. The company is also a member of the NSE, BSE, MCX, NSDL, and NCDEX. Also, know that the corporate office of the company is in Mumbai.

    Rank 9 – SBICap Securities – Stock Market Broker in Thane

    Brand NameSBICap Securities
    Corporate EmailCompliancecorporate@sbicapsec.com
    Branch OfficesSBI Cap Securities Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    If you want to know more about the stock market broker in Thane, then you will have to pay attention to the SBICap Securities. The company stood out from the race with its innovative range of products. In addition to that, it excelled with its top-class investment solutions.

    You can take informed steps because the company lets you stay updated with the market whereabouts. In the meantime, take a look at the wide set of products that cover all range of customers like those in the retail, institution, and NRI.

    Also, you will like to explore the product categories including equity, derivatives, currency, demat, Mutual Funds, home loan, car loan, etc. Thus, also note that the corporate address of the company is in Kolkata.

    Rank 10 – SAS Online – Share Market Broker Thane

    Brand NameSAS Online
    Corporate AddressNA
    Corporate Emailinfo@sasonline.in
    Branch OfficesSAS Online Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    While making the list of Stock market brokers in Thane we decided to throw light on SAS Online. The company followed a discount broking model. Coming to the benefits, the company follows superb trading interface called the ALPHA.

    It is known for offering great quality, speed, and it’s enough easy to use as well. Thus, the company has designed the platform with all necessary features that will actually make the trading easy for the trader.

    Besides that, the traders will also come across the real time information on the price that will help them to stay updated. In case of any kind of doubt, you can expect full trading support from the team.

    Stock Broker in Thane – Conclusion

    Therefore, now readers have got the complete list of the best stockbroker in Thane. You can consider each of these worthy of your investment. Simultaneously evaluate the parameters of the broking houses at once.

    Also, collect all the valid information pertaining to the broking houses hitting the count of the top 10-broking houses.

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