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Last Updated Date - Oct 15, 2022

Of the many options you have for trading, you can choose Profitmart Securities as your stock broker. They have managed to spread their services across the country, in an attempt to look out for its investor’s needs. So, there is a fair possibility you will find Profitmart Securities Office or even a Profitmart Securities Branch nearby.

Look out for the services and products the company provides, as we have the list of its branches here. Total number of branches stand at 184, of which, 11 are self owned company branches and 173 are the franchise units.

Branch Type – All Branches
Own Branch 11
Franchise Branch 173
All Branches 184

Profitmart Securities Offers

Find out Profitmart Branch Office – Profitmart Branch Locator

We have dug out the information on the total number of branches so you can find Profitmart Securities Office Near Me. The extracted information is stuffed into the Profitmart Securities Branch Locator, which can be used to know about the branch availability in your city.

Check out the locator, which is absolutely easy to use. You need to simply enter in your city name, following which the tool will ask you for the company you wish to search for. Enter the broker’s name and you will soon enough find a branch nearby in the next page of results.

Search Branch by Broker and City

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    Profitmart Head Office / Profitmart Registered Office Details

    Profitmart Securities head office is the hub of company’s operations, and is located in Ghatkopar East, MUMBAI. On the other hand, the registered office is situated at SION, MUMBAI. The table provides the detailed information on both the Profitmart Securities office.

    For further reference you can check out the company’s official website. Also take notes of the various helpline numbers provided by the company, which will let you get in touch with them when necessary.

    Profitmart Branch Office Details
    Registered Office
    Phones 022-62360931/0-9833944001
    Fax 022-022-62360932
    Corporate Office
    Address Office no.12, 2nd Floor Nilkantha market, MG Road Above Pooja Hotel, Ghatkopar East MUMBAI-400077
    Phones NA
    Fax NA
    Corporate Email info@profitmart.in
    Website https://profitmart.in/

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    Profitmart Branch in Top 10 Cities

    It doesn’t matter if the company has fewer Profitmart Securities Nearest Branch as compared to the competitors; it has sure managed to set up a branch in each of the 10 top most cities. The only city excluded from the list is Hyderabad, and if you try the Profitmart Securities Branch Locator, you will see zero results here.

    The highest rank is earned by the city Ahmedabad, which is the top most chosen city by the company for expansion. It has 19 branches, whereas Than has 9 branches, the second highest.

    Branch Office – Top 10 Cities & Metros
    City Branch
    Mumbai 1
    Ahmedabad 19
    Delhi 1
    Thane 9
    Pune 3
    Kolkata 5
    Surat 4
    Bangalore 1
    Hyderabad 0
    Vadodara 4

    Profitmart Office in other Top Cities

    The company has tried to touch up all the major cities of the countries so investors from different parts of the country can have access to at least on Profitmart Securities Office near me. We wanted to put a brief information on the Profitmart Securities Office forward, and so we have constructed the table with top 40 cities list.

    If you see the table, 12 branches of the company operate from the city Nashik which is the highest attained number. Rest of the cities and the number of branches they got are included in the table.

    Branch Office  – Other Major Cities
    City Branch City Branch
    Chennai 1 Bhopal 1
    Jaipur 2 Coimbatore 0
    Rajkot 4 Gandhi Nagar 5
    Indore 2 Aurangabad 4
    Nagpur 0 Ludhiana 1
    Lucknow 12 Faridabad 0
    Nashik 3 Allahabad 0
    24 Parganas 1 Mehsana 0
    Patna 0 Chandigarh 0
    Navi Mumbai 2 Anand 0
    Ghaziabad 1 Ernakulam 0
    Gurgaon 0 Raipur 0
    Jodhpur 0 Thrissur 0
    Howrah 1 Ranchi 1
    Bhavnagar 0 Dehradun 2
    Kanpur 1 Guntur 2
    Jamnagar 0 Jalgaon 2
    Hooghly 5 Junagadh 1
    Kolhapur 1 Noida 0
    Ahmednagar 0 Navsari 0

    Find Profitmart Branch in Top 50 Cities

    Profitmart Branch Office in States

    We suggest you also view the Profitmart Securities Office in India state wise. This will be possible through taking a sneak peek into the table provided above. The information on Profitmart Securities Branch in India state wise is necessary to estimate the state which can be referred to as the hub.

    As per the records, Gujarat is on the top of the chart, with a number of 46 branches in total. This is followed by Maharashtra and West Bengal, both of which have 9 branches each.

    Branch Office – Top 20 States / Major States
    State Branch State Branch
    Maharashtra 9 Haryana 1
    Gujarat 46 Telangana 0
    West Bengal 9 Kerala 0
    Uttar Pradesh 2 Punjab 4
    Delhi 1 Bihar 3
    Karnataka 2 Orissa 0
    Tamil Nadu 4 Jharkhand 2
    Rajasthan 2 Chhattisgarh 1
    Madhya Pradesh 6 Uttarakhand 2
    Andhra Pradesh 8 Assam 1

    Profitmart Branch / Profitmart Office – Conclusion

    Should you be interest in this company and its investment policies and products, we suggest you proceed with the same. Now, finding a Profitmart Securities Office Nearby is easy as well, given, the assistance of our locator. Use it and search for Profitmart Securities Branch Near me, and avail for their services when you please.

    Branch – Unique Pincodes per City
    Own Branch 11
    Franchise Branch 149
    All Branches 160

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