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Motilal Oswal Office Near Me – Find all Motilal Oswal Branch Nearby

Last Updated Date - Oct 15, 2022

Motilal Oswal has earned quite a number of customer bases, dominating the stock market up to an extent. This has turned new investors or existing investors in the company’s favor. This being your motive, you can search for the Motilal Oswal Office and then choose to avail for their services. It has a total of 3463 Motilal Oswal Branch.

As you can see they have a lot of branches in the country, and so it is absolutely possible to find a branch near you. Self owned branches of the company are 28, whereas the rest of 3435 are its franchise units.

Branch Type – All Branches
Own Branch 28
Franchise Branch 3435
All Branches 3463

Motilal Oswal Securities Offers

Find out Motilal Oswal Branch Office – Motilal Oswal Branch Locator

Make a call to get associated with the company and you can easily search for – Motilal Oswal Office Near Me through this section. Our Motilal Oswal Branch Locator will guide you to the nearest branch there is, from your place. Also, it is absolutely easy to use.

From the list of cities displayed, select the one you wish to search for and then choose your stock broker, i.e. “Motilal Oswal”. This is all; you will be redirected to the page which displays the list of branches in the particular city.

Search Branch by Broker and City

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    Motilal Oswal Head Office / Motilal Oswal Registered Office Details

    This section is focused to show the registration details of the company, including the Motilal Oswal head office. The company is registered with the trade name MOTILAL OSWAL FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED. You may check out the further details via various regulatory bodies.

    Furthermore, the registered Motilal Oswal office is located at PRABHADEVI, MUMBAI. The corporate office is as well present in the same city, and precisely MALAD (WEST), MUMBAI. Check out the official website of the company – https://www.motilaloswal.com/ to know the service and product you can invest in.

    Motilal Oswal Branch Office Details
    Registered Office
    Phones 022-39804200
    Fax 022-30896842
    Corporate Office
    Phones 022-30801000/022-30801001/022-30801048
    Fax 022-28449002
    Corporate Email neeraj.agarwal@motilaloswal.com
    Website https://www.motilaloswal.com/

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    Motilal Oswal Branch in Top 10 Cities

    As according to the system stock brokers chose, their prime consideration is a metro city. Being a resident of the top 10 cities you will assuredly find Motilal Oswal Nearest Branch sooner. You can make use of the Motilal Oswal Branch Locator to dodge the process of search for a branch nearby.

    Delhi residents are highly likely to find a branch at the nearest location given; the company has 234 branches in the city. People living in Ahmedabad, Thane, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad will as well find a branch quicker. Take a brief look at the table for better understanding.

    Branch Office – Top 10 Cities & Metros
    City Branch
    Mumbai 44
    Ahmedabad 151
    Delhi 234
    Thane 152
    Pune 178
    Kolkata 118
    Surat 79
    Bangalore 138
    Hyderabad 117
    Vadodara 53

    Motilal Oswal Office in other Top Cities

    People living in the other top cities also have a fair share of chance to avail the company services at a nearest location. The table is the general draft you can see on the Motilal Oswal Office near me, and check out the city you belong to.

    Jaipur has the highest Motilal Oswal Office in this section, i.e. 71 which is followed by Chennai which has a total of 65 branches. This however, doesn’t change the fact that you can avail for their services from literally anywhere.

    Branch Office  – Other Major Cities
    City Branch City Branch
    Chennai 65 Bhopal 16
    Jaipur 71 Coimbatore 46
    Rajkot 2 Gandhi Nagar 12
    Indore 52 Aurangabad 1
    Nagpur 3 Ludhiana 8
    Lucknow 54 Faridabad 25
    Nashik 3 Allahabad 14
    24 Parganas 3 Mehsana 3
    Patna 6 Chandigarh 6
    Navi Mumbai 2 Anand 8
    Ghaziabad 27 Ernakulam 27
    Gurgaon 42 Raipur 7
    Jodhpur 1 Thrissur 6
    Howrah 16 Ranchi 14
    Bhavnagar 5 Dehradun 1
    Kanpur 17 Guntur 16
    Jamnagar 4 Jalgaon 13
    Hooghly 14 Junagadh 7
    Kolhapur 8 Noida 6
    Ahmednagar 12 Navsari 7

    Find Motilal Oswal Branch in Top 50 Cities

    Motilal Oswal Branch Office in States

    State wise search of the Motilal Oswal Office in India is always better as it is easy to location. So, we have also stated the state wise number of Motilal Oswal Branch in India for a better idea. The company has truly expanded its services and covers almost all the major parts of the country.

    They services are also top class, which makes them a great option you can go for. Maharashtra has a huge number of branches, i.e. 939, and then comes the state Gujarat with 416 branches.

    Branch Office – Top 20 States / Major States
    State Branch State Branch
    Maharashtra 939 Haryana 13
    Gujarat 416 Telangana 148
    West Bengal 238 Kerala 67
    Uttar Pradesh 242 Punjab 39
    Delhi 234 Bihar 28
    Karnataka 235 Orissa 4
    Tamil Nadu 262 Jharkhand 32
    Rajasthan 135 Chhattisgarh 22
    Madhya Pradesh 19 Uttarakhand 13
    Andhra Pradesh 124 Assam 13

    Motilal Oswal Branch / Motilal Oswal Office – Conclusion

    This article was to serve you the information regarding Motilal Oswal Office Nearby. It makes your search process seamless, so you can easily come into contact with the Motilal Oswal Branch Near me. Our locator is absolutely easy to use, and the number of pincode this company has reach to is, 1314 in total.

    Out of the total number of pincodes, 25 pincodes belong to the offices owned by the company, whereas the remaining 1289 pincodes belong to the sub units.

    Branch – Unique Pincodes per City
    Own Branch 25
    Franchise Branch 1289
    All Branches 1314

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